Dana & Jayson - Drunk Uncle Jayson

Monday, November 27th

​At any big family holiday celebration, you can always count on at least one person to go completely overboard and be sloppy drunk by the time the dessert is served. On Thanksgiving, Jayson was it. Dana & Jayson attended a blended family Thanksgiving last week, and before you could say 'cheap wine' Jayson was plastered. This morning, we took a listen to his Drunk Uncle Jayson highlights.

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Where Damon Jason good morning it's Monday. FM 949 San Diego's alternative and it's commercial free Monday which is really what you need to get into the week after a wonderful long weekend. I. How much if you've just had missing gas okay of Thanksgiving do you remember. I would say up until light five you have a look at their asses just hazy idea that we laughed. The place that sad that some things so there was like a two hour window of not remembering yeah I know that they found me like on the porch. With all the other guys who were smoking cigars just chatting away that. And you add brown liquor in your hand both. Though. So these are some highlights that happened a Jason became the drunk uncle that everybody talks about weight but yeah oh you don't remember army recording anything because that's even more disturbing language your record that no and he threw of that the specially make. And now drawn on gold chase and. High winds. And a heavy hand McKesson. He's he won't leave me alone yeah I don't want it that tell everybody what's in the case they case so it's felt that hole but the problem. And now meet and journalists. Final. Veteran veteran. Long I got its own songs from. All of my teeth and clear that that was the moment where you dot caiso on someone's phone oops I just hope. Our hosts ask us what we're thankful for her because I think there are going to be America have a lot of things that I could be faithful are. Jane and now it's not hit. Why do you push that read stupid little button on your I hate that stupid little button however carting OK here's the deal might do. OK so mind namely what they do is they do is leave out the figures and they took away the place. And the failure lot more food yet because otherwise it could get really that's it I've only did they took away they play. Candidates hit boiler plate up. Do you have any recollection of that moment on Thanksgiving. That was the one. Hi I'm actually a therapist because I guess that oh my god I like three model but like why I'm school route if I don't get more polluted be an idol. So we were with Jason Stanley we were actually spending the holiday with friends and as soon as everybody was done eating at the dinner table. Their kids all decided to just be so sweet and clear the table and that's when the panic attacks that it. It's yeah I needed second male you needed another light air. All. These are the highlights from our Thanksgiving the other when Jason became the drunk uncle left the party what are we gonna do Gergen who heard me home hepatitis droll but borrow additional. Films are I believe this was the moment right before your exits when we are trying to play as sensible game and apples to apples we played a game. And then you've got angry at the children when you're losing. Okay here that the L listen situation. Little five year old at this stage while. Here's the deal Tom truth. Now ton cruise sick every day. A new year olds apples apples. Hit this was at least twenty year old stick cards of humanity have been waiting. And then this is when they're waiting outside for that over to arrive the final moment of Thanksgiving with drunk uncle Jay said there is there any more of food. Oh my that put it. Some of the gun boat okay claims. Carried the girl I show him the high drama on your phone and. But anyway it's a Latvia and the we're at home but no thanks so thankful for their. This is being drunk uncle Jason highlights. He can do hate that producer Jack did you keep that little and Sharon out zero and higher rotation just keep them right there is I feel like we're gonna need them yes and until then ironies that again.