Dana & Jayson - The Dress

Tuesday, May 15th

​Jayson is getting married in less than two months, and the pressure is mounting... on Dana. She just received her bridesmaid dress, and because it was hard to find, she was forced to order it two sizes smaller than her actual size. This morning on Dana & Jayson, we did the official un-boxing and found out if Dana would fit. A little partial nudity, and a little sucking it in this morning on Alt 949.


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Today's today that I have been in the driving for the last month but the day is finally here. In my annals out of Iowa large brown not a a inside this box is. The maid of honored to rest than I'm going to be wearing full word Jason's wedding. Let's just say it was sold out and one day randomly. The dressed popped up begat in. Possibly a size too small for David's body not but I didn't stop you from buying the. She's our lips and Jason's fiance is hearts was dead set on. This shooter gallon commuter yes the colors pewter it is not sober it's shooter and honey I don't know by the way say some day. And it and it's so incredibly gay and there was no silver down on the Internet that was good enough for Jason's wedding so. I had to purchase. This shooter down because it was limited edition of the patient. And it is a size too small so I can't wait for starvation 28 team to be or you can do is to remove the red yeah. So I mean I am so scared that I'm. Oh yeah that is so pretty it's computer on boxing. There it says he's on boxing an old saying there it says. There. That's the only one in the nation. So now is the moment of truth because I need to know how much I need to starve and third of that might. How. You aren't down biggest no one wants me spilling out computer probably about a hundred and tried on right now that's the stuff they execute our. Why did you happen. But because there's fewer big yeah. So we're gonna take a break loose or and honing her now is a itself I'm gonna go Charlie you're not gonna go tread on. You're gonna try it out right here I'm good with this deal and we're gonna take some video and T and we're gonna put it up on those will be here know of ourselves not setting an address announcer doubtless feel that. Coming up next will data fed into the bright picture put a it's all money for a nine San Diego alternatives have cut the crap little weenie. Let's put the bride's maid's dress on you know tag weenie and the anything might be accurate it's like a sausage in the case of eight UT it's that I. Pat cash. This is big down that Jason had to have he asked me to be made of honor his wedding and then his heart's became sets. On this one dress that doesn't exist and all of the Internet except in a one size. And that's size is a size too small for me but I bonnet and those going to be starvation 2018 for me trying to fit into this down on it is a huge third down on maybe you're wondering. What exactly is pewter. Why villains won derailment not delay and one is one all right I'm good. Okay let me let in front of the other no more alert and I don't corny about. How we got it. Okay see now now this is a problem is that I have very large diet but yeah. I had Europe and that's where it stopped can't get well. Where do we get over the hills it really got over the hell yeah. Let's send as a woman OK we got over the hips what we did not do yet is trying zip and I hope let's put it. Okay each victory at a time okay. Small victories here this is a winner isn't it. This looks like it's happening. I mean I don't wanna count my chickens as it doesn't doesn't component and you didn't transits and ending c'mon deep breath. You are stupid and you're gonna break it noted that well you know he can't look at it. I just looked at. Yeah. The big problem it's a breath and let them continue to eighth to June. God Deanna I hate you let this is that failed this glitter like that it's really well got that. All the build up or not. They've not gotten there and look at it perfectly. Well par according go. I'm here I am in my computer. Look and feel good let's large he did it now you've dealt dubbed the yachts. And. Who Holmes who was so nervous about it. Yeah.