Dana & Jayson - Double Feature

Wednesday, March 21st

​An off-air conversation turned into a topic this morning when Producer Jack learned that BOTH Dana & Jayson have movies they have paid to see MORE THAN ONCE in a theater. Movies are expensive and honestly what films are actually so good you can't wait for them to come out on Blu-Ray? You won't believe what movie Jayson saw FOUR TIMES in ONE WEEK.


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People do this I know that this is not. Something that just I do award Jason does seem this seem movie at the theater multiple times now treasury as a villain. So far back up. We're just talking I don't even know all this came up casually. Well we were talking about data has this weird love. La La situation for Adam Sandler. Bush thirty weird enough I have beds he elevated at site saying highway and saw big daddy three times in the navy theater. It was so funny. To me that I wanted to experience it again aisles assault wedding pressures multiple times in the movie theater because I have the same similar thing depends on which is really weird because you're into kind of shall be dues and then you married late and chiseled good looking man hello let's look at the line you can find a slump he did not representing for the quantity I don't know. I. Don't know like employees of like a weird thing in Renton sailor but on no I think that. When you know that the experience is going to pay off another one I thought I saw super bad in the movie theater twice. That was another one that I felt equally passionate about third super ended Jonah Hill as well allegedly oh my god doesn't. I don't. And I and I won wherever you yeah alert us about the Saturday yet. I barely broke even though I mean no idea your sloppy here I like about us. Dealers over regulator and I mean OK so I think that the common denominator. And all those is that I had a really good experience laughing so hard yet play during Superman I Pete. In the seat like the light is a little bit by a group to get out sorry NC. I put it out that it just came out. Producer Jacqui can't believe that anyone with the any movie multiple times no because I can barely force myself to see a movie once in the movie partner you don't wanna have to wait for it to come out again if you wanna left out hard again or if you wanna go through that emotional journey down. Well I mean it's partially that but I also think all the movies that you're talking about it was back during a time yeah where you had to kind of wait a year or something no movie was in the theater before you get to see it that these days it's in the theater in six weeks later you can buy and I'm Blu-ray okay so you but I wouldn't even want to wait six weeks eleventh hour. Well I want it might feed him the following weekend like the closest movie to that forming as I saw the latest Star Wars movie and a lot of people kind of were not that I'm I'm but I loved it and I even I and I momentarily. Considered like maybe I'll go back and see this again with an quickly dismissed that idea and said. And I'm gonna wait a wait six weeks or beyond Blu-ray I'll give and watching at home because the experience of watching movies at home if you've got a flat screen and a little bit of a sound system yeah that's like why don't need to go and spend 23 dollars to go see that movie again in the feel. As not to say he can't afford another thing that's another part of an amazing you've done it yeah idol is the one minute Avaya it was it was a comedy yeah. Although I was super bad it is and as I in his suburban Booth call a little movie called the passion of the Christ have you ever. It is as a laugh riot you saw passion of the craze tomorrow warp appliance for time. We're now what was the whole motivation. And I was a very religious. Child growing up because my father was the southern Baptist preacher and and I was all in it to win at Ford's chief that's cry and you said I'm gonna go I get a. What I saw it on him and it was very very hard to watch it was very emotional off I was super and genetic. But going to see it four times as Blake what was that I went wit. My parents. My youth group from my church praise might Catholic neighbors I love that and my eighth atheist friends. Can I ask a follow up by the math yeah. So these four V Ewing's. What amount of time was that in I was as a matter of the week's Nissan is four times like at 20 I think was what anti. You can't open the tour is out of seven hours spent watching the passion of the Christ well. Oh my goodness. Okay. X and uncertain 01949. What is the movie it can't just being myself and Jay. Now stands just do you do well there aren't people say oh. Have you does seem the same movie at the theater and multiple times I wonder if anyone could be due. Jason sixty. He did.