Dana & Jayson - Dana's Addiction

Friday, February 9th

Dana has an addiction, and she needs help. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, so Jayson was proud that she came clean. What dirty little secret is she hiding that threatens to tear her family apart? Check out a 'very special' edition of Dana & Jayson on Alt 949, and join the family!


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When you receive something in the now that's like an invitation. This particular said the invitation I believe there is no option ours VP now. Oh no option RCP now. Yesterday I received a card in the mail oh lord agent them welcome back it says in big bold others. And it's it says online offer now both Sri EU to 40% off one item of your choice and free standard shipping. And then it says on the back long time no see I feel like they just forgot to put my name but they are talking right to me that. As so I have not until I have until the nineteenth. To use my invitation. What you do if you got this in the mouth. I have received things like that in the malware they go here's that offered that we want you to expend money on. And then I just instantly throw away you know that trashed and that's that's right next to our mailbox and our Parma company you're giving me actually heart palpitations throw that crap. Away. LeBron James that Nash forty. Percent off one night down one night and free standard ship angle debate thank you for this gift they give me a personal code to used just for me. I thought I am I gonna use that I EQ you can not use this so bad for two people. By. Your husband I now on Al. I do I have a record shopping cart out that H&M website because we've got people talk I am somewhat of. I've been getting through the addiction. 82 Nam purchases I lacked that they even like you have did and that's a long time to their online store that they have you have to send you this like promotion and yet pretty impressed that it is impressive because I've been really trying it's like to write January of Oreo it was it's doubles it's been dry 2017 forming. The bottom line is like I buy has and I've had this whole thing about not overspending. And whatever whatever right now will you be able to only get. One item I don't know I haven't looked at why you don't eagle I don't know like count Q did not right now anyway drug. It is it's like a bike dealer reached out to me after I already am I'm big clean. And I being clean your dealer is like then dealers like you're gonna give you some free smack just ahead there. Well I won just don't you. It already got you can taste yeah I can't pay resident I know that it's going to be you for XQ I already know that it's going to be euphoric to what is the feeling you get when you'd hit that check out. But something goes off in my brain like pleasure I'll pleasure pleasure and I camp when you get the hi I yet and I actually more of a high to hits. The final your order is complete and get the verification. And even it that it is said get the package them up. Because there's a it's an addiction and I got into an upgrade your gonna Elway thought why this happened to me you're gonna always because they know your week. I know I'm weak luckily for use the third no. Kept producer Jack and I are weak and do we are here for EO now Ed though I'd wanna. You know that song about one go to the lab rats are just keeps hitting a pleasure but yeah. Pleasure pleasure to either life you're living here eight White House comment. I'm going to put a. Well we've been did I hit a lot of core I. All right okay. You guys that food bank and opening new. Go take a cold shower. Best.