Dana & Jayson - Cyber Spying

Wednesday, March 21st

No, we're not talking about spying on your ex-girlfriend on Instagram, we're talking about the rise of the machines. After we learned Jayson thinks the Russians might be spying on him through his smart speaker, we wanted to give our listener family the chance to #jointheconversation and #jointhefamily and share your paranoid fears with Alt 949. We're going to pay for this.


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You're technologies spying on him. And it causes fear inside your hearts. Technology conspiracy theories. Do you how wide at least Wyden actually this is only conversation you can have with your friends so I heard it at 695709. For nine serious like. Is there something in your house like a piece of technology. That you are honestly feel like. Is in some way spying on the Al and night you literally. Think about it all the tying him and maybe you have theories about where your information is actually going. At 619570194. And I'm Jason. Key men in a state of pure paranoia this morning. When he shared what happened yesterday at his house with a piece of technology that may be in a lot of people's houses. Alexis working for the government can be. Elects. Amazon act go situation and don't trust her if she thing your health that the one thing. Yesterday. I don't wanna say his name but there is this Russian man possibly use the very evil and not kind and he's always in the news. Pittance. It's certainly caught up like taking it all the Russian Maddon got stopped talking. So. I thank the talking about him because he was then making headline news pittance. And I just wondered did you do that against a all of us that and Alexa turned thought. Now you're lying to your lying you you never sat Alexa never that elects not because then you said oops. Well look I think she turned on when you said this should wait a minute at what happened she turned blue she turned left. She recorded our conversation. Because the FBI is looking for people who are Communists or Alexis working for the KGB. I don't know what that is but it's terror. He should Google that all I know is that IE in a row to be an American oh yeah. Well at least I had it created. And and a. Yeah guys guys if I give a rat's dead. You have to be my witness all lies a few up and say no he really is that trying or every time health food nuts and she is funny every time any time and everywhere I twelve hives and it's still funny it's. 6195701949. Jason adamantly believes. That Alexa. Is working for the governments. And identifying Russian spies in San Diego I am not the Reston. And I wonder iron and a what is yours theory. About how technology is spying on you while actually I don't know if this'll do anyone any guidance is gonna heighten our parrot. Giuliani pulled across the word go. Wanna hear from you anyway your technology spying on you is that I thought that's popped into your head before. Do you have conspiracy theories abouts the technology that you have in your house and where that information is going to have robots are turning their backs on us. Jason feels as though he was betrayed by Alexa last night and she's a traitor she as. I was talking with my fiance about a certain Russian dictator Vladimir it's. And all of a sudden my way Amazon Actel elects turned on. Without even saying her name from the question is who's the real trader is it elect sir that Jason Smith and at a fixed on I'm 570194. Nights you have your own conspiracy theories about your technology hey Terry good morning from mall. Well I believe that we are watched wave more than a Wii now well and speaking of elect Barack yellow hat I like Aaron how. Get got a pair and a court them elect a way to kind of music elected via the yen one day it like playing music monopoly and that dot. And I don't let that what he's doing bad and getting you know you. No she did an ally your role that's when you burn how could well. Well I tell it like what. And why am plundered I'm glad your back you and. Terry I'm afraid to unplug her because I feel like she will now. Look up. Yet few months longer than you're more of a suspect I betrayed you betrayed the country. Number I feel that there might be I hadn't battery and I don't. Are all your answer like a dog was flee I exit it's good literally giving me hives and I know it you know let you know what you're probably right because if you're actually guilty you would unplug her. And so you don't know what to do now you want we can now talking to Terry whose suspect as well and so now you guys are in cahoots with. Coming or you hold on Terry utilize all we're nine is the problem because we were giving out like that's what it we will. I I did not know and a flag what if we are working for the government we don't need that. You're gay you may be we're working for Russia. You know it really dark really fast mate TR Boston that may lot of shots. Jack you don't talk about the opinion daddy you know not bit rhetoric here. Although we had sex in the office and that is all and yeah that's actually that he hey how ya doing just fine on me and I want them. So are they so much for calling her out on how to do it hey Tiffany good morning from Oceanside. Well let me just tell you okay 98 and it correct. I think I want that is working for somebody I think it the government well I think it Ellington Jenner. I. This was that the something. Watching Alan Caribbean today. All that and whose election turn on an eagle eyed the company that school. We and no one settle lacks that's that's one here you weren't bad but they don't know Lynn is working for the government backed out there. Are back. You can't don't you dare she steal likable Vienna show you don't trust anyone that you like why I can't Bain and they've done. That's right yeah Abdel trust those.