Dana & Jayson - Crazy in Love

Thursday, August 16th

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. Nah nah. Sometimes ending a relationship can get a little crazy. On both sides. Dana & Jayson know that everyone has a little flash of spite in them, so this morning on Alt 949, we invited you to #jointhefamily and out crazy the crazy when it comes to getting dumped. What did YOU come clean about when we hit the phones to get your true stories in exchange for tickets to see Jack White? You'll have to listen to find out!

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On Monday for nine San Diego's alternative ordain and jays and producer Jack woman breaks up with her boyfriend. So he steals or toil let. I battled a teacher all of them. So this is story that's making national news and it's just that headline alone ages of reeks of crazy. But I know that when some umbrage summit this week tend to lean into crazy are crazy side comes out like we're not normally crazy people bowl and some land at. Destroys our hearts yeah. We may still there toilet. I want it brought a challenging Kenya how crazy the crazy yes that's pretty extreme in it is making national news and maybe you've done something crazy maybe you have the craziest story in San Diego got 6195701949. I'll say craziest person winds from. We've got to get to Jack White the house arena. That's Tuesday. Details on the story so this woman breaks up and her boyfriend he was still packing up his stuff that was gonna leave and she went to her room to go to bed because she is just over and they were just fighting. So she wakes up the next morning to find him an Alice stuff guy and and a gaping hole in the floor was just a pipe. I apparently her boyfriend is a plumber. And so like I guess this is something that is within his skill set and she can't say that she was completely unaware that this could happen because she when she was threatening to break up with the and he said. I'm stealing the ethic toilet if you do know. And then he followed through with that yeah. It felt like that's crazy and that's making you know national news okay. But I know that there is someone in this room back and now crazy they're crazy with. I ended and Jack and not talking about you of all I didn't think you were juggernaut in the U Jason yeah what did you do oh. When your now husband out broke up with you will around the age of college times. Because you two have been together since high school or very long time. Which time the I just played the specific time when you change the course of your life. For a person who had ended the relationship with you. I might have gone into. 86000. Dollars in debt so I could transfer schools specifically. His school about he went zero to get away from day. Can you imagine a RI and it would be if you're the person who ended a relationship you broke the rescue walked away. And you left Jason in Texas and then all of a sudden Jason decided to follow. His ex boyfriend. And the big city to New York. Feel that's where he went to school so you were so crazy the year in fact now you're married to him you're still. That it was going to happen and it's a marathon not a sprint even though you're sprinting to get away for me I know you will get tired. Run fast and it comes to clean Kelly's. Scary was it floor and I would wonder went home was flooded he's walking in his dorm room at his college and a little late to be there. Yes. Like really know how did you find out. You can tell him namely what does the wounds that I told them I told them that I'm following you targeted transferred schools and the west and what these eight. He was happy for me because his school has the very good acting class he just didn't realize it's my other intention. If they don't go there for me because we're making America got all your account and now of course not I think okay. Little did he know I'm gunning for you and delivery up. I think about how crazy is the man just all the toilet. I'd like to give you Jack White take. If you can Al crazy they're crazy just what is the thing that you did when somebody broke up with you or maybe you're the victim of someone's crazy. Craziest story gets to get to see Jack White what it. I didn't think things CU I don't know like when you try to break up with me I just followed you know that's true. Well maybe we can learn about that later. And I 701 night Ford. I can you have crazy good crazy. I just realize you're so crazy that they actually made a shell on the CW network based on the premise of what you do. So this person. Who broke up with a guy and then he stole her toilet yes that made national news. But they made an entire series that lasted for four seasons based on what you dead called felicity so in your case your boyfriend broke up with CO. And then you followed him to his college. Across the country and across the country you're in Texas that's where you are supposed to stay. If you at the new York and he broke up with you went and why use a venue transferred schools even though you worked together yes. That's like crazy criminal behavior crossing state lines so personally I would also like and CIA asset Jewish and a while blonde daughter and this morning we're asking can you out crazy to crazier to craziest story in San Diego wins 6195701949. Tonne married they're from Imperial Beach. Hi you can now crazy that crazy yet here. Now let's abruptly ending in a okay. I think they Baghdad where that hole is the X they it is today went ahead and meet a big girl I will let you live down being. And hot and email are that they urged the thinking it was another Karl. And basically I didn't let up on that date and it didn't allow it was me. You're going out there like my. Did you show a lot note core. I mean you put it that might be up. Oh yeah. OK because where would have gone to the next level as if you're just hang there. No added up but you know make a better rate in the right people I. So yeah. And how old were the real curry is that you were there watching from a distance that Lex street can't be like a pizza there stared at yet about. Yeah I see you lower fake person persona. And I would like to raise you different grades they've. Because I was dating my now husband while we were in the clot that when we first started dating back in high school that you broke up with me again another time another time. Hey everybody started dating this girl I like that then what IA decided to Daytona. To become best friends with this girl and. Yeah. Don't inherit stabs. At what time April evening two different time become the third time that seems to be at brands here yeah. And I got all this stuff that reminded me of him and I got a trash can that I sat it on fire. I add that Matt got a yeah. You closed down. I mean I Andy they like that. The craziest thing I've ever done is in the X didn't even know about dad is when I was a teenager I went out and I bought the perfume of the ex girlfriend saw all slab. Sentimental. Jackson romantic and it's never knew about it and I think he really didn't. Yeah. And I got a romance and we're all so much up a bit and yeah. Great Jenna from Carlsbad this is actually a fresh. Bout of crazy that you were in the midst of less than a week ago with your axe. I broke up what this guy is told in the move out you bro black. Everywhere and then took the best man in Latin. Now how did you get out of that Blake where were you stuck. Oh man I was stuck on the carpeting but I couldn't get it in the front door. I'm still finding god everywhere but I'd let them shoot on got out of their body that man like that they ask a warmer warm. I like that the Kryptonite to his crazy wish shoe sock and a. She knows what I was sitting their long string of how did you ever made that. Are you still there there should be sent home opener like AT and. I'm well via cell. Being that belly and I got a restraining order and that guy you show that might play it out 4 AM on Friday and you can my patio very neat and wreck battle might mean. And thrown everywhere. He stole a link and hello and threw it up and that union. And then he came in hot water here are you inside the war is about realizing sir I didn't have any hot water because the chairman Holland Peter. I mean those are creative idea is yeah I mean and then those plans didn't deserve that now that the plane that so mean my. Friend who has a landscaper was your breath that Greg Norman about. I don't let them down how long were you digging this full two and a half here. My original brick that's. We're here in general crazy and I think it's kind of romantic you think all the throw masses. That might look what I though or break our this is okay Janet you have to look at it like this yours love comic itself is and rate that it drove a man who madness. And more powerful he regained Jason you're the old man on the views that I. And good.