Dana & Jayson - Crazy Larry's Hollywood Homes

Thursday, August 9th

With all the buzz around the sale of the Brady Bunch house to HGTV, at least one company is trying to strike while the iron is hot. When Dana & Jayson heard their commercial playing on Alt 949 promoting a series of totally demented show biz home-ownership opportunities, they could hardly believe it. Submitted for your enjoyment and approval, check out this ad for Crazy Larry's Hollywood Homes.

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All money for nine San Diego's alternative ordain and chase and producer Jack the Brady Bunch house was for Sal buying tourist attraction houses like if they'd like for a little Lance Bass he was up against HGTV Italy on it was that little Brady Bunch house that he didn't get that gays are the worst luck. And now it all the worldwide attention at that story was getting there's accompanying it I guess is trying to corner the market on these tourist attraction Holm moose and I heard commercial for it and I still can't believe this is actually something that or playing on all mighty Ford nine producer Jack can you play it please. Call ball pop culture variants. You ought to bomb bomb when you miss out on the chance to bite the original house from the classic TV sitcom the Brady Bunch. Don't to have my little potato chips. Crazy Larry had a crazy Larry Bollywood dolphins we have a lot of properties and somebody else at apple isn't TV show should priceless song lol. I might actually be clinically years. Can you give slope sciences. So well just imagine the looks on their bright little face is when you tell that. You'll just bought the house Greg could well be talking to an apple well Steve is Walter White mr. Bryan Cranston I'm. I'm talking regular and Americans we'll look at all of pizza DV historian. Slept with opportunities you'll only get Omnimax court. And the Hollywood Hills sounds like salt and only big stuff like Johnny Depp can avoid the so celebrated. Like Doug Klein easy ranch in the original Beverly Hills I don't have severely birdies. Older you've got me worrying about the wrong with this out the fresh caught a pass and maybe this isn't kids' fitness. You feel Brian do you feel like most about right manage their friend than the. No way crazy dog and Charlie Manson I don't know multiple lanes because I bring people locked a lot of nice things and some of the most iconic movies certainly less than filming. It is the marine it's not rocket science maybe you can't walk in show business but you'll OK god got out of crazy Larry's Hollywood. I let us make us start out you'll. There is not responsible for you the following bank foreclosure nightmares meth addiction illusions of Granger trying to sway consorting physical or psychological harm you may suffer street economically to. I'm speechless. Are now all of the heart of a little Italy. They need to jog their jobs. Is yeah. And it's sick minded person.