Dana & Jayson - The Cost of Gratitude

Monday, November 20th

​Dana & Jayson couldn't believe it when they saw the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner. $49?!?!?! Okay, that can't be possible. There's no way. To make sure we weren't the only ones who think this is impossible, we hit the phones to ask San Diegans how much they're spending for turkey day. What is the average price tag for the people in America's Finest City? You'll have to listen to find out!

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Mean music discovery from walk the moon is called one flight where Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative it is commercial free Monday. 49 dollars that's all people spend. On their Thanksgiving preparations that you're a liar the host a Thanksgiving this is so there must typo in this research. I don't understands but there's an article that came out but says Thanksgiving dinner should only cost you 49 dollars. And twelve cents. And that's if you're hosting ten people you think ten people for 49 dollars that's like one trip to Taco Bell offer made by. Yeah that's the really scary that's for a sixteen pound Turkey what it stuffing sweet potatoes rolls with butter. He is cranberry is a begs each ray why it. A pumpkin pie and whipped cream coffee and milk. That's what it says for 49 dollar 49 dollars this cannot feature out okay. At 61957019. Brian how much are you spending would you guess you probably don't know it's the exact dollar but not in the 49 dollar range and that's for hosting ten people. See I'm not hosting anyone. That thinks giving and its going over to our friend's house and I'm buying however much a gallon of yellow tell Chardonnay. Wedges eleven dollars eleven dollars and I'm ninth that's. And that's all I'm spending on Thanksgiving but I know that data this Tuesday. Your home being happy Thanksgiving dinner. Or are you are home less frat friends. Is she does that every Tuesday and this is. Tuesday you promised a feast that thinks giving beside over promised. How much he's got back foot. I don't wanna say that. Meyer he texted your husband that don't worry about that I don't feel comfortable with and with calculating. How much you're prepared to serve east at about you prepare for about like thirty people I I'm hoping for forty this week. A 193. Dollars for ten people. You are gonna have a fan I feel little things giving pretty that's. I go to your home with friends don't even know what's gonna hit that. Why I ball I want them to have I wanted to be a feast you're so sweet I don't know how you can even do it for cheap it would give it would be very gut. If you're doing it I wonders are overspending. Too big turkeys. Got forty dollars apiece. How do you know although I've got a I got a breakdown from her husband. I yeah I mean that's how much a call us that if your hosting Thanksgiving your spending yet because producer Jack and I were not housing were to bring you over cheap wives. And I also have a whole list of people bringing other sites that are helping with the feast. So I mean it's as a path that you think this is broadly. Yeah it's a wrong. Were I mean not in close of 49 dollars added it's not going to be good if it's 49 dollar oh I don't have probably is I think some stores like you. Earn enough points to get a free Turkey they can't be paying for the Turkey and a sixteen pound Turkey. I don't know how this is even possible this is like the hardest word problem ever thought I can't I can't even fathom spending 49 dollars. I don't wanna spend a little more on Thanksgiving now let's hear from you you are spending any money. Exactly give producer to acting US led war on bigs giving no I think you know you're gonna break a twenty combine all I. You're just happy someone else's stand meg and invited JO. Six and I by 7019 point nine you've probably spending a lot on Thanksgiving there's no way to do it for 49 dollars bright. 49 dollars that's how much people spend on average per Thanksgiving dinner. For ten people all I'm Michael re reading it to make sure I didn't read about it. This cannot Beecher we are Damon Jason had done Andy for nine San Diego's alternative. On this commercial free Monday 24 hours no commercials how to use spending can anyone do Thanksgiving for 49 dollars. He Linda. Pace from welcome home the morning. First thinks giving how much you could never do this for 49 dollars could GO LA. I and what's wrong with this research it's makes no sense to me I couldn't start giving that. Excellent how much you think your spending destined. Okay and how many people are you hosting. A that sounds delicious I don't even know what you bought but that's a lot of food and I love and Monaco at a July bit. And street Joe's is not overpriced either so it's not like you went somewhere were your pet overpaid. That's just how much it cost to do. It. All I. I. Maybe it's because we all like to see over eats yeah they a vague I'd still work calculating that its its like okay like. We're gonna go back for seconds may be this is just like a reasonable amount of alert the ads and. You're not being eagle nests and this. Oh. Yet they let you back to you you can't do a sixteen pound Turkey for ten people have left overs now so and also I am actually finding the flaws in the street six and as they said cranberries. So that to mean means a plastic bag of those Barry's you have to figure out what to do went. So that's one flaw there and that's fairly cheap but then it also said pumpkin pie with now asks. And that's a flaw not because. Get it there are a lot of desserts Orion Matt so those are your choices. Though at happy pigs gimmick that both got up and make you lead out there. Hi Tiffany from Oceanside. Hey are you hosting Thanksgiving I'm thinking hitting OK and what do you think about this 49 dollar total so I think the people who wrote that are on drug. Yeah. And I hope people come to mind how we expect inherent in that the bank at a forty thank all right so yeah that Ellen opening. Know these people all that. Are spending 49 dollar art by her history again. All brand the box potato. Bob you know this is how durable it. Yes to avoid what they know they didn't even include at the potatoes it's just. Knows sixteen pound Turkey stuffing sweet potatoes. Rolls with butter peas cranberries a veggie tray and a pumpkin pie. That he created elephant. Right twelve dollar. I now. I strap this major upset when they throughout research like this you start feeling insecure because you're not in line with what everybody else is doing but this is unreasonable. Yeah and absolutely ridiculous I guess I can't. Jean how much you spent so far so I go shopping and rain tomorrow and every year I came and I. And at least eighty LA. But I budget out hundreds. Smarts how many people are you hosting I have about 1012 people. As if you're writing going to be about our. Honestly I think producer Jack and I are gonna head up penis homeless in there and that's he's there to be. 193. Dollars worth the move to ten people all know it's I know there's thirty. 32 now. I'm not cut. Tiffany we love you happy Thanksgiving from happy Thanksgiving I that is. I BO. KG elephant on a some money for nine San Diego's alternative. We are commercial free all day today business how we got there Monday is no commercials for 24 hours on I 94949. Dollars. 49. Dollars to feed ten people for Thanksgiving that's how much the feast is supposed to cost us according to research. Is anyone able to do it for about much really K Jessica good morning from downtown. Apparently no worry you know where is he tiger. Bit eight bit and AMP. Yeah I think I'll I'll eat yeah it. Green and no one wants undone just pass them along. I understand we will be understandably they didn't read the data and then there's two had. Cranberry apple wanted to hand that people like respect that panic at the one barrel make that. I want your anger to just keep going I don't know how to say interrupt you because you're hilarious. Any inkjet. Intricate yet I have had my lack of any. You up or I'd read that did not act he would not every week not concede that many people do you know they went. I think it's actually insulting Jessica like this research is insulting Yale book tour or this board make it you think it looks to the damn radio yet they told me don't blame us only about slavery searched. I got it is just ridiculous and I don't you know that example. It's the American Farm Bureau Federation. Or get out our product uninformed. I know you do use sister how much you think it's gonna cost you this year. Well thank god I'm going I'm glad that it from my boyfriend and without and I know that it's gonna cause though 300 and backed only. But they're like twenty that in itself. Yeah I got him an instance of that's going to be enjoyable than there are looking at our highest rate com home here you know. Just don't appreciate it needs though they are calling.