Dana & Jayson - Cornell Tribute

Thursday, May 18th

We were crushed to learn the world has lost Chris Cornell, known for his work with Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave. We paid tribute this morning.

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You know we are all about the music on FM 949 and today we are all about the Chris Cornell music for shore and the songs that you wanna hear we were. Just as shocked as you were I'm sure he's hearing the news or seeing the news for the first time that. In the middle of the night Chris Cornell at age 520. Passed away last night. Right now it's speculated that it was a suicide. He played a show last night in Detroit and the last song that he played was a Led Zeppelin cover called in my time of dying and the lyrics are in my time of dying. I want nobody to more and all I want for you to do is take my body home. It's assists and morning and then reaction on social media it just shows the love that people have for this artist. I mean have people saying I'm devastated I'm shaking and crying and of course. That thing that everybody always does in these times is go to the music the music now we lived through that was the soundtrack to our life and producer Jack put together a great tribute for Chris Cornell so we've got to opry on FM 9490. New this morning rocker Chris Cornell who gained fame as the lead singer of sound garden and leader audio sleeve has died. His representatives as Cornell died last night in Detroit. The rep says the death was sudden and unexpected leaving his wife and family shot. Scored I was fifteen to the yourself. Tom Morello for audio slay the name audio slave occurred. Chris Cornell and vision. You don't stand in the way of something like that. In beautiful track. Stacey from audio slave. He's opposed it for oil as much as he is a good great singer he's a poet and he can. Fool me with a lot of the songs in that like a song like like a stone I thought it was a love song for a woman for his wife first child you know because the course is always afraid they're like to start our freedom and alone and I was like what we don't know what viewing porn and I think we need to die. Things were okay. And that changes everything in the end I went back and look at the song and I got kind of saddened by what you see guys like I waited. House of death and all his friends are down. Apparently legal back and look at all the songs and maybe go back and look at Temple of the Dog songs sound good and sounds and everything and us are going OK I get Cornell now he's. A. Whom I had no idea about that song was about to us. That's even that's really sad that that's a lot of insight that the other band member just gave him a really good job on the tribute producer Jack we appreciated and it's a tribute to Chris Cornell last night in the middle of the night died at age fifty to the rumor of suicide that's unconfirmed. But it was a complete shock to his family and of course for thingy about Batman fans so sad because it but there's so many memories attached to this music and especially when you listen to that should you and maybe even been a tough time and it's like and that's the kind of music he might have listened CEO when you are feeling low because his music was so related ball. And I don't know comforting in those times so I know that a lot of people on our audience are really bombed out this morning if there's a song that you wanna hear tweet out us that at some 949 SD. With a skin Humphrey of.