Dana & Jayson - Contrabanned

Friday, January 19th

Just because marijuana is legal for recreational purposes in the state of California, that doesn't mean the organizers of Coachella are letting it in the gates. This isn't really an issue for Dana & Jayson, but resident low life Producer Jack might need to step up his game. We hit the phones to find out your best tested methods of sneaking in your contraband.


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The organizers of Coachella have release an official statement. And I wonder how this is going to affect your. Festival experience because I'm assuming if Coachella is making this ruled out all the other festivals are just gonna follow suit. We'd will be banned from from Coachella. No I know you may be thinking this is nothing new like they always bandit but I think people worse thinking OK well now that it's legal recreational day. Why wouldn't they allow it at an outdoor festival of fun. And I was thinking right so. At six foot nine by 701949. My assumption is if use not get in before. Your still gonna sneak it in. But my concern is that now that they're making it all essential that there banning it. Dead they may be a little more heightened. Awareness wise yet because in the past it's kind of been like rule but it's a look the other way kind of rule re all wondering this year they're actually going to be looking at right and so my question is how do you sneak it then you what's your plan what would be your way of getting around the rules and have you ever snuck it into another place where it's fan and how do you do it. At 6195701949. Perry getting them throw attempts this morning idea sharing if you while you vigil one we dispense the area look at you know look at me now let's ask Intel about my idea was on the with all that credible crazy out and all the candies that are available are. Oh okay so there's one line and add doubles that it comes in those sour strips. It's a sour ships that are covered with like granulated sugar. I am. What you can Jill is switch out the package it. Some food. You'd be used to road that little Sauer sharp with your teach seat on the what right did you see her a gummy bear packets it. I may be sons are crashed and and in the dock and a guy now. And they carried out and what about that I hadn't I thought of it because I know that I can never bring add doubles or anything of that sort and to my house because my children letting them see I don't think they let you bring outside food into the festival Nikkei every penny packets. So they want you to buy their can be at an all star of the movie theaters but how many times and we all got not tired of the world. I just. But PO I know affable very. Well leave though what help that doubt what. Still mr. we even though with the idyllic enemy I guess I'm mister we'd go. It you know I don't wanna be trading him made deeply held secrets but this normally write down the front of the pants is the way to go. Right on the front of the pan right on the front of the pants under the belt too because I Wear a belt that way if they. If they run something over that area Ruth if I have something metallic. It's not surprising that he beat in my general belt region. Okay wait a minute wait a minute Whitman I'm sorry are you only putting a bag of weed Darrell are you putting any other necessity is. For using the weed it depends because of course these days you can go the whole vapor route so that's just a nice concise but then you're embarrassed segment your rape and a little faith plus there's no smile with a vague threat keeps you away so you would have like one of those date pen than you would tenants just stuff it down. Under the belt line there because you know no security guy is gonna go feel on around my belt region depends on the think yeah. The oh. Don't look at me IA could do what it now like to deal I would be the why you would be caught red handed and be like oh there's usually illegal. Why does that matter Coachella Krajicek. So all the attention of him this year I'm not sure if I'm not to step my game. So do you have a secret at 6195701949. How would you get your weed out there and as to. Eight and needs and found it more now I would still stride might movie theater tactic itself pleased that thing Coachella doesn't want you bringing your we'd. They made the official statement so nothing is changed but a lot of people thought well because now it's legal recreational Lee California. They're probably gonna green light that. Now but if you broke the rules in the past you're probably gonna continue to break the rules how do you normally break the rules at 61957019. Porn and hello anonymous friends. Are. During dead okay like this anonymous situation enough back so we're gonna get the real story where do you hide anything that might be considered illegal. Jack's gotta gotta be down in front. You got a credit in Jewish sunglass holder moved it around your belt buckle and drop it down. Ha. So vying to blow up nine until because that's like booby traps not happen. O'Neal and at that fixes because I've had a couple of really really awkward situations where while I'm standing in front of a security guard ha things dropped out of my pant leg out. Of heart trouble securing it thing is always an issue yet a that would make me really nervous unless you taped it to yourself but I really like put anonymous friend as saying yeah. You got your Butler held there to change our little necessities bladder. Out and play a you know you might catch to dive from a little lady it is though works yeah. There is a great CEO of their double sports why they. OK I mean an anonymous friends these are the ideas and this is work successfully trio every crime if I have three times. What what is it about my candy swap idea moon natural break. Well not so I'll look at that tales are an anonymous front and can't tell the volume bringing your we'd go. Even if it's legal the festivals it looks like are still gonna ban it even knowing California. We've legal for recreational use people thought that they would. Amended that rule but they made a statement did just came out that Newton still not allowed to. But if you broke the rules before you're probably gonna continue to break the rules. What's your tactics for getting around the rules at 6195701949. Hi anonymous fronts corporate. Hello. I proud teach me teach me so what do you what is your number one favorite plan of attack in those moments. You cannot have this same idea that problem then I looked great and it just so small you just it will just earlier shoots. I wonder though if they'll ever at Coachella getting down with like airport tactics. And have you start removing the show. Last year one love the whole and Long Beach. I have any other security. I have not been my fox then. He goes he probably go on any current the crowd my dog like what it's still there is in fact. Have a good day sir it's that. But it bumble would you have done in that moment if he actually called you out be like don't touch like two hour into the here Jeff her name thank god you don't break the rules state that can go so embarrassed. Yeah how much would you do tell anonymous front. Well up and cool part I don't know what are loaded guns pluses and houses in the territory. I had it became where I was. The ball hard and it Rosenberg at my belt and. Blow or any that I don't. That's myself meaning it's Peta. And ended and you can do cried her men or man has tagged me two out Alex yeah that it or thought. It is. Actually anonymous threat that is actually really get duke because nothing makes. Straight bad fill more awkward yeah pointing out the fact. They are the speaker kind of tally up. Which is why that hole under the belt region is the perfect place to hide. OK but we're talking from a man's perspective what if the ladies won it do you eat I'll get a little bug the odds are wearing they're gonna put it down fronts they've gotten you suffered a brawl are something I imagine. You have no brought everybody back to draw. Dana Dana notes. My project got a lot of free real stated that is incredible they couldn't Padma I do like okay you're like really excited about Coachella here. So I'm about to ankle this year double worked for Ross thank you so much for calling anonymous and with your insight and wisdom that brought. And speaking of formal pleas perspective I'm so glad you called an anonymous friends. In here what is your tactic that always works. In the underwear there's like an actor Larry likes secret pocket and actually get cut key and the if she can't yes and then if you put your hair in a gun shop. Is in your hair yeah. Never now oh my yes yes slow class manner. You're body and your so much more invention of the women being yes what do you think about the men suggestions that putting weeding your broad. No that's fine but you sometimes have a lot of security that's at Attica beyond the count street apparently jumped at banner. Like the clip shaped I didn't make any Ukraine by. The body is next level immediately yeah really. Because the male equivalent of that doesn't work because I tried to hide things under a baseball cap and they just make me take it often flew around grave and all love good as a magnet and and drug holing out the I would trust anonymous frightens need more than Jack's B has. We'd within her hair his lead was next few hit man part. Damn you better hands sanitized that situation and. And it's it's placement Bath & Body Works kicked at you so much an auto mechanic or call leg or had a great.