Dana & Jayson - The Cold Shoulder: Jayson's Frozen 2 Surprise

Wednesday, November 13th

​Jayson is really bad at keeping secrets. Mostly, this comes from a good place, with Jayson simply unable to gather the patience to spring happy news on friends and family members, but this morning his desire to deliver is manifesting itself in a negative way. Later today after the show, Dana and Jayson are checking out a screening of the all new Frozen 2 with all three of Dana's daughters, but it's a surprise. Even though all that stands between Dana's trio of bright-eyed kids and this big surprise is a half day at school, the suspense got the better of Jayson this morning on Alt 949. Rather than biting his tongue and biding his time, Jayson dialed Dana's home number and hopped on the phone with Dana's oldest daughter to spill the beans. Would he be able to get through an entire conversation without giving away the surprise ending? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.