Dana & Jayson - Christian

Thursday, May 18th

Chris Cornell. All morning long we played his music, and took calls about his life, and how he touched so many people. Christian was one of the callers that really stuck out, having gone to the same high school as Chris, and being permanently changed by his words and his music. We wanted to share it with you this morning.

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In my time of dying I want nobody to more and all I want for you did do is take my body home. Those are the opening lines. Of a song that Chris Cornell sang onstage it was a cover of Led Zeppelin in my time of dying. He saying now last night and in the middle of the night he passed away. And he's 52. Bears rumors of suicide. That's what's out there right now but did that hasn't been confirmed yet. And we are so sad as are so many of our listeners. It's just taken over the Internet right now the story. On the Chris Cornell of audio slave sound garden Temple of the Dog and it passed away this morning. On FM 949 San Diego's alternative this morning we were just so thankful to have someone on the air with us who actually went to school high school with Chris Cornell and not only did they have that sort of relationship but it's this percent Christian is his name and he's from San Diego now his life was actually changed by Chris Cornell and the influence that he had. In his life. I don't know I heard about them in my buddies at our intrepid from an unlikely. Psychic Led Zeppelin black rabbit combination thing going on the I'd definitely. Implementing them any condition and that didn't pick up and I got a phone call on my own sort of blown up last night and I. You know it's it will flatten that he didn't in my life I don't think I would be content could be clean and sober today and I don't think that he claims. And I think would be alive today. You. He didn't hit on oh. Wow what a lot of lot of young people. The way that he impact did you is extremely powerful. And what was it abouts him. That you said things like you might not be sober you might not be playing music you might not feel life what was it. That he did that really inspired GO. Well it worked at the I'm musically it was inspiring. And when he got over and so we are at Oakland. By the you know. I don't quite know drug and alcohol would you had to be that way in order to feel OK and the plane and went nuts over like. It won't be just he inspired and I did this thing and it is a particular item I get the Clinton did today for. The Clinton the days of people that are suffering and I get into the environment where people are calling that they'll burn and sure the level of liquid people and I. I wouldn't be doing a little quicker court. I work for a company called rock the country that was counted by. Well from the band Korn and that we go though we're from two wounded warriors we that if you weren't there that. Uncle who are having trouble. With his show that you are you form that people. Of course now that you are my whole political desire. For more on the phone right now with Christian and he's from San Diego and he actually went to high school with Chris Cornell in Seattle Chris was a huge huge inspiration to Christian in his life. Right now if you go and check iTunes on all the charts all of his albums are skyrocketing to the top ten what do you think. It is about his music that win now since he's gone that people just flock to add and I had what do you think is a part of that movement. It magic it's magical it was able to compliment but it things internal and beauty and another suffered. It won't suffer from questions and boom they're in very open about it. Open about it struggled with. Chemical dependency. And walked through that pain you're able to Britain yet it. Thought through the fire come out the other side with your you're stronger install or won't be able to share. He wouldn't you'd you would slow going lot mystery and question. Quote. Absolutely we're. And I have to tell you Christian I mean Dick Cheney viewed that you're offering even through your life. That's so powerful and then taking something that. With so up. Dark before and turning it into a light is beautiful and keep doing that because it's so positive what a great way to honor this artist. He's looking down and jump up. And that you don't hear what thank you so much for your time this morning and you.