Dana & Jayson - The Chris Cornell Aftermath

Friday, May 19th

​It's been a day since the news broke that Chris Cornell is dead at the age of 52 from an apparent suicide, and as new information keeps being released, Dana & Jayson knew it was important to speak to an expert. We invited Joyce from San Diego's Survivors of Suicide Loss to join us and help us talk about an issue that is often too taboo to discuss. Find links and information about the resources that are available at fm949sd.com.

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Something wasn't right during Chris Cornell is final performance. We're Damon Jason an FM 949 San Diego's alternative so this is the latest news surrounding the events leading up to Chris Cornell suicide. His true actually noticed something wasn't right with him during his last performance they said he was staggering back and forth across the seeds and seem drilling week and they said the show was in bad by any means. But it was like he wasn't mentally presently he usually was in the past he wasn't singing all the words of the songs that he usually sayings that and said he was playing with crowds saying man and it David no because so like one of those are parts that he usually sings he usually doesn't do it so it seemed a little off to them the 5000 people that we're in the audience at the sound Garden Show loved it they said that he also seemed agitated at times he would walk off stage for several minutes. Before he would play certain songs one of London a way too long and they also said that his voice often wasn't seeing exactly with the music they just said mentally on president. Really sums it up and a mean one thing that I thought was really interesting is that his wife also said that she didn't realize. No one knew that he was at the point of depression or that he was thinking about suicide. And I don't know if you've ever known someone that has committed suicide. But it's I do and do. There are moments we can look back and say like I knew he was off them I knew that he wasn't being himself. And you have to live without and that's so hard and I think it's probably hard for the crew because. They knew that he wasn't mentally president but it's one of those things just like in the example I'm thinking of from my life. We knew that the guy in question was off but he wasn't acting depressed it just wasn't the normal way he would act but do you address facts. And I I remember after my friend committed suicide thinking. I have to say something in the future. And this was a sobering reminder of that because it's not like I think about that all the time but this reminded me of that action. And then they're like the people who did it say something even though that they. Solve something a little off duty of making your case data specifically did you feel a sense of guilt. After the in the aftermath. Yes and all I always think about I remember that that's moment where IE. Didn't say something or and I even discussed it later be with my husband because we both saw an acting a little bit weird. And he even said to me did you think everything is OK with. His name's Mike Mike and I and cause she was acting a little bit weird I don't know I don't know. But yet I always think about why didn't I say something when it we say something what should I am done you rolled that over so much in your mind. I really filled that this is some playing. That is not. An easy discussion and it's very hard conversation but at the conversation that needs to happen and excessively Winston all the breaking news that is around Dane. Crest. When somebody tragically takes their life the way that Chris Cornell dead. It leaves a lot of people wondering where their signs. That maybe people messed ordain and Jason have a 949 San Diego's alternative. His wife spoke out to even say it I saw no signs of depression anymore and no signs that he was considering suicide this morning. What are the signs that sometimes. We miss. When it comes to those. Even contemplating suicide we really thought it was important set have this discussion and this morning the executive director of survivors of suicide laws here in San Diego Joyce younger man and she's on the linemen us. It very common irk people not to necessarily even dying because we don't talk about them. Yet people aren't educating that you know what they are what we do know is that. In 90% of people who diet I cute I haven't diagnosed mental illness. Clinical depression and being the most common. Though that it. A significant sign the other side would be that he would probably struggled with Chad in alcohol issues second Al beaten up sang. It sounded like his lack that he had a very morbid thought yeah. That was really focused on Jaffna when people become yucky when you're in somebody who's struggling with depression. Maybe had checked in pollen and you see another sign that it's being preoccupied with death you that would be a sign that they're not Ali and obviously let. We think they might see you. Go to somebody could start giving away their prized possession. They could start talking about the burden to my family. They may have a triggering event. That kind of twisted them over the edge I didn't read that in that particular case it's right but usually people like to. I would focus on that last thing happened to beat Hillary Clinton but the recount is under neat solid it says he compensated mental and emotional state that they're dealing. My and then something happens at the intent they don't have to coping skills. They handled. Scary first handling to think that their loved armored contemplate Indian airline excel in natural. I think there's a piece of us. That not an attachment to wait that there's something eight about it that we panic at night that possibility. Because it is frightening to think. Pray more on the phone right now with Joyce through government she's the executive director of survivors of suicide loss going over the signs that. A lot of times people mess. When somebody decides to take their own life. Strongly in human being picked Eli is still so angry at that at being in fact mean. That may want to end their life because that. The only way they basically feed it in bringing it unnatural. You have to sell and comment when I talk on and and chairman story. Tried it out people. If you can't understand that suicidal mind be grateful because that means you're healthy and means that you have a healthy. Way of thinking and and your motion tourniquet placed. I think at Harvard grad from the outcry. In half under and the Buick titled my. One thing that I book I imagine. And I note to be true is that way in net this happens. So person takes their life. Then people start looking back I think the close people to that person will start thinking about. While this seemed off night yeah I noticed this and I do know. That guilt comes with that. Can you speak said that because it mean now even chris' crew is saying that his set was completely off. The night before he passed away and I imagine they're speaking to that because it maybe it's gilts and maybe it's just like white and we say something and I've been in that situation too and it's like I noticed something why didn't I say some thing. Yet know again it probably the most universally motion experienced identity and a behind after that I EM. As we do go back only scrutinize everything up and Henry king. Creation I would ask if only I had. It is an and and conflict. You're left behind I come to understand the work that I do. And also part of our healing. Listen to go through those struggles. And says that play our organization actually exists. We offered three groups throughout the county are people that come. And to be able to talk about those things. That's been my mission to let people now. That he's vitally important that if you have mom someone to do so that you are struggling in the aftermath you talked about how the people are left behind. A very minimum and implement it speaks people. I deeply impacted by that he would die from that people have an increased risk to fight and tell it they can attend Q. Healing that term debt including that big experience. So it but it really important for their mental health to deal wit. That reach out and get how. That there is help available. Joyce we cannot tell you how much we appreciate you coming on today. Joyce through her man she is an executive director of survivors of suicide lost here in San Diego all of the resources about her organization are compiled at ash found that 949 ST dot com. Thank you Ken Joyce. Well thank you for having conversation appreciate it.