Dana & Jayson - Can't Let It Go: Jayson's Oscar Snub

Monday, January 13th

The Academy Award nominations are out this morning, and Jayson has a bone to pick with the powers that be. Now, Mr. Prim isn't too worried about best picture, or best director, or honestly most of the main categories, he's worked up about the nominees for best animated feature. To be completely accurate, he's worked up about a film that DIDN'T get the nod. Since one of Jayson's favorite theater experiences this year was to take Dana's three daughters to see Disney's Frozen 2, he can't understand why the brain trust at "the Academy" wouldn't see fit to nominate it for an Oscar. This morning, fresh off of the nominees being announced, Jayson is full of venom, and couldn't help spewing it all over our Dana  & Jayson listener family. Could Jayson find a way to just let it go? Probably not, but a good pun is a good pun on San Diego's Alternative.