Dana & Jayson - Calendar Invite

Friday, March 9th

Between her crazy hours at Alt 949, and helping her husband raise three girls under the age of 8, Dana doesn't have a lot of time to get it on. Rather than continuing down this sad path, Jayson is springing into action to help her... get some action. Is scheduling intimate encounters something our listener family has to do? This morning we invited you to #jointheconversation and #jointhefamily. Mark your calendars. 


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When you have kids doing it is part. Your right and as Dana currently had that problem right now. I had a problem for the last. Eight years of my life and you know but. I didn't realize that well that's being a bad friends well I mean your anniversary worth this past Tuesday and I thought that you would celebrate it by enjoying your husband's. Yeah and the ways that only heterosexuals can't. But that doesn't happen on Tuesday and the united it doesn't matter at the holiday because things have to line up correctly. Sue. Be able to do it it's when you have as many children as I have. Sean stepping on you've been asserted yourself into my bedroom exactly today. 4 PM we made an appointment. I think that's the point about. And I'm taking her children somewhere that will last like him how long dean. Well here's something and 95701949. I never saw this as some and know what happened in my life I never thought of myself as a sex appointment type of gal. Because I like spontaneous. Thing things. And I never have scheduled it ever. And I don't want for my life have you ever gone to an extreme measure to be able to do it with your significant other. And is it more extreme and then it scheduling a sect appointment late wouldn't really. Extracts the sexiness out of the appointment is the fact that it's in Jason's I found as a calender update. You sent out a Google alert that I had to accept the assistive. And I all parties involved and putting my husband and your fiance had to accept because if right down that about half that anything happened yet but I even feel like this scheduled. Sex appointment at 4 o'clock. Is like more of a walk in on an appointment because. I haven't had enough time to a range. All the things that I need to arrange like we'll make your bad. Well strikes. Go ahead and understand and outlines just I don't know what goes on lying to you and I have other responsibilities. In my house it. That normally would go on at that times it's not as easy as. Don't to the betterment just do it. I want to know but. And it it can't be that easy but you're not making a right or your life to pick my kids very you don't even know of the struggle like what's keeping me from doing it is. All of the responsibilities. That I have in my life. So we have to pick my kids up like I think I'm gonna be home by for her but we also need to get a couple of groceries is up at the stores. You can grocery shop after the fact and then you'll have a nice little glow as you're walking through aisles the bonds routes. But this feels really each dream and I don't want that for my sex life. Why don't we just try okay you pick if your kids the then. We live in the same apartment complex I'll be waiting out front at my health and you just drop them always ask questions go. Did well they're going to be hanging out at me. And then that then you'd like to drive home and and your dad like it yeah I had no way on that that have rose there's a leopard print some things and hopefully you're involved in my life sex life now. I had to step then. Because. You're anniversary. Was celebrated by hosting a homeless are and you take someone to rehab. Which is very kind yeah. And nice. That's what we wanted to let something else needs to be fat. So okay is it a flexible 4 o'clock or is it out and. They'll be another flexible or any. I haven't 01 night for a nice have you had to go to an extreme measure to be able to do with your significant other and I feel like the most extreme. Deserves something deserves. Adding thing a display you cannot paramour tickets and T Foster the people what that meant mattress romance and theater in July or at Manassas and Lindsay sterling. They're gonna be a magistrate navigator in August that those tickets. 6195701949. I can't be the only one that's suffering. But because of children with the. Almighty par and I and San Diego's alternative board Jane and Jason's sometimes you have to make a sex appointment in your life I am not that person I never was that person I've never had a sex appointment. But now you are not personal I mullah. Today you want me to be that person because you made a sex appoint actually you've made us an appointment with the uneven path. Indies is weird phone is a sex appointment for me. Not together now. Jason just is planning you remove my kids from my apartment. So that my husband and I can do it without Disney erupts on average two times her time yet. Removing them sounds like it's pest control. They're really move from an it department and have you ever had to go to an extreme measure to get it done at 619570194. Not pay Allison from Imperial Beach. On the planet and yet struggled because I'm totally fine for making sure that we. Friday and Blackberry you're going to be. But now are not. Yeah I mean I would wanna know if that means but how do you make sure it and it happens how you act acute the mission. Because I actually take that I'm directing the fact that I take tiger out carefully I don't spend hours the date and time for my kids. My lovely with the and I need to make sure that I think I'm perhaps. And I'd say okay. It is the leak I know that at some point in time on Wednesday and Friday I need to. Whether or not I want you not archaic don't get me wrong about like you know your had been and you have to serve at the he provides he's a great man he loved me and I need to make sure that I love in the late he's been in return. Well you know wants to do that idea and that's the that's not the issue here is an issue is how to do it without the kids interacting. DC a young children and so deep sleep in the that and they can't ever find the time to deal. Sometimes if I mean we're not and the greens that we don't agree I'm you know I'm a bit. Please survey data and that he's. Our. Or though he did you know there's just angry. For some reason this exchange is giving me anxiety out there can be no that's. I I I deserve to be yelled yeah and I want the experience the love language of touch like I I. I think it's a crying about why it's so like I hear you're I want doesn't. Like Wednesday and Friday or whenever I like the kids are ruling yeah that kids are destroying it look the thing and I don't they may be listening right now he's a guy. Proving every. Day I get it done do you have to go to any extreme measures Allison. Honestly did that can accommodate allies you know as black holed an eight year old and I take care of two year old and a six year old the weekend so we get past the. They can happen to think because the priorities OK so is my priorities are not in an attack check them. I am. Lake you know. You got at you you'd like I'm real you make pretty. If I don't I'm also suffering music. Yeah. I can't hey Jennifer good morning from Powell I. Marketing I feel pretty Dana I can't get in that situation clout that it did not work out helped to turn out to support him. And you try and like Utley lockers there. Well OK yeah it is playing not to handle as you have this experience. Robert you ran out of don't and we certainly feel like it and the attitude that yeah. We tried out and Wear long Iranian or are bringing in you know at certain that we. The situation better protect the Pentagon being ridiculous and that you'll as it churned up and joked and thinking and income are all like godlike lives easily enough let's. That lately. In the morning wouldn't you should be another thing. And I will tell you I mean I don't have that. Any of those too lazy reference says I don't have and eat food but I don't have any. I do have Andre but I am a warning in light years because is Blake. Here's what point. You're speaking. Literally at her blocked speaking to eat or thinking. Yeah. I don't think. They tell you women are so complicated at some time. Because the thing is is that I'm telling you right now her husband is always in the nude and we don't always get it collecting data just needs to do is a rapper had around that and again at the LA you're talking about death I can yeah. Yeah. They heated the lady I see David with her husband right now started getting high every writer. I love her as saying that we did a good idea that there are out in particular track and didn't learn alien that at that I'd let. I would try aren't try to militarily and I'm gonna work. Oh yeah because Dana wakes up at 3 o'clock in the morning it. Yeah. Right Laura your choices are you 45 or not I am. Really solid that day lord high Mariah good morning from mission valley. Now I can't bet by you know Earl YL where. We where there are these. Incredibly large. Screens all. Listening I'm leaning in. And all I can yeah I have talent Italy from the. People are saying it's unreal man take if I take the kids out of that situation and that and a point Matt but like that through. Pressure or like eggs cited performance. Yet debt I mean I've what I've done is set up a Dora the Explorer episodes that means we have 28 minutes from start to finish including that. CJ I. So take joining and a. I know that ends and then they get a little boy or are you wanna use the up and Arab and that's when you. But Mariah this is like the anniversary. To do little. You able yet they still need to celebrate our anniversary on Tuesday GAAP and I think that she should have. Leisure. Amount of time. It's like if we can set an appointment where it's like okay app. I thought I. Come get the kids and then you have two hours to war. Then get it whatever you guys deal whenever you heterosexuals dental bills Brussels where. My. Why do that here eight yeah eight. I figured it LA Nina and I got a hot it really that. They did away. Yeah I don't know my I don't know I don't well why don't we do best. I have performance anxiety and why it is your 'cause that mom it's me at the fountain L a Y you can whatever. All that hair. It won't get you don't care if he always like he doesn't care I know. I'm now but it. And everyone actually our entire all 94 and nine atlas air sampling now with that Dana will be doing get up 5 PM so I think. Coming up going on and he found out about the numbers and Asia. I'll iron yeah. All I got I can't do it. You do I don't Mariah thank you so much for calling you look at.