Dana & Jayson - Booze It or Lose It

Friday, February 23rd

​Jayson is rejoicing as a scientific study says drinking alcohol will help you live longer. Dana is cautious, because another study suggests drinking will cause and worsen dementia. Who will get the last laugh? Hopefully our listener family.


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There's nothing worse than when someone in the media pushes their agenda on neo oh. And Jason. I can't Stamford on this shell while I because you sent me an article yesterday. You can do that and said I think we should talk about this for Friday's show headed into the weekend said Friday killing and the headline. Massive study proves that the key to living a long life is alcohol. A it was just so interstate what I saw that because I was on my own news sites. And I saw what that says. There's another reason to avoid injuring TA. Study finds it's a risk factor for demand shot right so I'm really just about them filters that you like about John yeah. A bit of a little longer religious won't remember. For Iowa and I thought do you watch out like well I ever had to call you out on that because I just didn't feel like it was Farrell what what reading pleasure I don't wanna you push your own agenda I can't push it I was just giving Sarah about how did you don't push it I just didn't choose sides of the story. What you did was he gave by headline yep and you did it say Helen makes you look fit like how makes you live your leader does a study people like you did on your hand use that might here's my headline out of that oh ill give you dementia. Ari so. Jason's a massive study proving that it's seen a long life as alcohol. It says that. People who drink two glasses of bureau wind today or 18% less likely to die early and they followed these people over a period of years and figure this out. Think yo. Now it's a fair and balanced comparison that. But I mean honestly I was I was drunk right now because you just brought up to mention how well I can say trying to give us and ninety Ford guy. And I did is G instead and dementia. Lord I have to drink because you look at it looked. A bit of shake up. Ought to feel that if we're going to encourage drinking and that's what you want you'll encourage dementia with. I'm just gonna present the truth of the matter at all right now is that I will literally do you go blast a living person. Good habits is to let the line I. The only other guy got us are getting it secondhand I wish I had an answer right now. Out there that a.