Dana & Jayson - Beer State of Mind

Tuesday, July 11th

San Diego is a beer town, and everyone knows it, but what beer represents the entire state of California? Dana & Jayson got their hands on the list of each state, and their official beer, so we gave you a chance to guess what beer would represent the Golden State. Whoever could pop the top off of California's top beer was heading to see FM 949 and Bob Radio Presents: Dirty Heads and SOJA this weekend.

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One bear represents the state of California that's a lot of pressure on one BR Messina and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative though apparently a list just came out of each State's official beer okay and I'm wondering if you can guess which one California received two words the crowd in California at 6195701949. Yard prize although let me but let's compare it. I love when Jason hosts the shell I should give them their aim is more often. Stir up I mean it we have. Dirty had soda. Tickets you have one of those things that determine the banner yet home this weekend yes July 14 in the sticky bun given me had presented by Bob radio and a fanatic or nine if the if that they're okay. Though each one of the peers have differ apartments to become the State's beer okay basically so each one had to be originate in the state enjoyed by the citizens who live there and you may only see disappeared during certain seasons and it's widely available those are the ramp. Perot dug those are the parameters parameters Carolina helped me. Somebody take that Jesus take the Leon Jesus take the wheel I love when Jesus is being called in the middle ocean at all I mean giving you that hit the a conspiracy to be in charge is so hard and here at the Dell I'm not a beer drinker. Larry Oscars. Look it's. We have no vote for either Jack and it paid out. I'm not a beer drinkers though with leg Dana would like to gas because she lives through the craft Beers they waited to craft theory insane that. I think it's the craft beer and somebody help make a case so it was creating. California yes you think it's a craft beer. But it's widely accessible. Crack because some of the craft Beers the ones at the brewery is there are only available in certain areas yet so this must have been. A craft beer that stuck mass distribution. Cracked but it's still holds true to its craft beer origins. So I wonder if that means that it. Wasn't bought out by one of the big companies I guess that doesn't necessarily matter it's just okay you have no information you look at me like a deer in headlight I say certain things IE I don't think I've ever. Have seen you drink deaths. Why its yes so ballas points skull open and it's not that bad it's not the official state beer of California bows point grapefruit. Now we'll say it's not outlining how and where it it's an AL. Panel I don't know. If. IRI and if you want to involve yourself and it's show a still at this point you're still listen leg and you wanna gaffes what appears the official beer of California. Give us goalie got dirty had decided tickets if you can guess the right answer you wrap that up really nicely Dana. That's an idea that's like you get top bill Legg dad and the site peace teeth and the beer that represents. The state of California. A crafts theater is state NG sent up a 949 San Diego's alternative so let's just came out it identifies the beard that represents each state. Jason has the list in front of them. We our job is to guess what should be here it is that represents our state it's X and I'm 5701949. K Rachel good morning from a mall. Hi OK so the deer that represents. California. I guess. Could be done IP. That's a good one and bringing stones and is it that your fear Brad. Really decide to Garrett like I think you'd prefer I like cream will break. Shelley Freeman yeah that's good. Are you reads relief from San Diego. And it may get born and locked iron and land. And I look at that jail. I feel like people who are from San Diego Ed who are I mean people who just live in San Diego they have such an array of Tway says yes that it's kind of hard to find your niche because it's like OK maybe I'm filling mess or I can go to any other direction. I don't think you need to find and it's you could just enjoy a San Diego Beers and the array that and it's actually am noticing it's hard for me even think outside the San Diego Bob there toward this quite specifically it is unlike clearly needs to be one of these. Yeah because you don't know what those bulls and LA are lobbying I don't know them that no no way of knowing not at all no way of knowing it do you even drink beer up there and Clinton hippies I don't seem right continued slowly. It would oppose it Daria I'm sorry Rachel's down and I think it is not right now. Oh hi all that high now but I just love her she's a warm and inviting. And I married thank you Rachel. Appreciate it. He core all they reported hey good morning from Kearny mesa de Beers that represents the state of California. I think it's got to be the year Nevada pale pale. The is that your arsenal need grant let one that they record very helpful for all that. I don't think Dana has averaged Lionel I've had entitlement you don't love all of it it's really popular I think there's so many other ones that are batter but that's does meet that some other bruise that they put out I guess you like but the and I don't you know like I wanna be that struck out okay well you're in the minority because that is the correct answer. Mom corps on those who think they also say that it's a goat to be here for almost anybody. Act kind of bridge the gap. Well labor Cuba albeit it at all although. Yeah at the hoppy nests and that's true and they're saying that you can find it and any lake small country market or you can go to Ralph's though it's wildly available on that way as well ICI get it when I'm desperate as the only one I like an eye on Catholic for a beer yeah. Are you got the it's gonna the match is Amanda theaters this Friday okay right. And I into your wife or girlfriend in the background. Have girlfriend hang you have the time I looked up here and elegant even needing is that the year. How people who oppose already built. Or they're trying to imagine golden. I haven't you guys seek. They let. Florida thank me later.