Dana & Jayson - Bad Santa: Jayson vs. Jack

Friday, December 6th

​Jayson is stressed out, and he's blaming Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack for most of it. There are plenty of things to get stressed out about in the month of December, with holiday parties, family visitations, and resolutions all hanging over everyone's heads, but for Jayson, Jack is the reason for the stressful season. Knowing how much Producer Jack enjoys gift giving, and having a few years' worth of birthdays, Christmases, and special occasions as reference, Jayson is stressed about having to come up with something special for Jack, and this morning on Alt 949 Dana addressed the white elephant in the room. When asked to side with either Jayson or Jack, would our listener family relate to Jayson's anxiety, or would the spirit of the season jam our studio lines? We unwrapped it all this morning on San Diego's Alternative.