Dana & Jayson - Bad Movies

Tuesday, May 15th

​Twitter has been lit the last few days with people talking about the movies that are SO bad that they get you to walk out. Jayson and Producer Jack both have one that was that bad, but Dana & Jayson didn't want the misery to stop there, so we invited you to #jointheconversation and weigh in. The worst movie of them all would get to pick their prize from our Alt 949 Prize Vault. 


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The worst movie you've ever PD go see in that theatre at six tonight at 701 Knight rises is trending on Twitter yesterday. And I just got into the deep cuts I was just following along with everybody's the submissions. Because. I couldn't think of Andy I couldn't think of one movie that I've been disappointed because some soul Psycho. About being selective if I go it's not like I just haphazardly go to movies and be fair you probably haven't seen a movie with Peterson's 20052000. Mike gavel of somewhere not rain just. I don't love go to the movies because I wanna talk. I. Uga is asserting going off about the fact that you've actually walked out of theaters yeah. I never had that experience. I've only done it once porters a jacket only that once because the movies were so. Does that that I can't even imagine going to see a movie. And paint and then it's that edged up to leave because most of the time simply sitting in a dark air conditioned room for two and a half hours is reason enough just to stay for the movie you like that. That might with the dollar movie theater because it was that bad or dollar. But we know what you walk out of the movie you're just making a statement are you actually want your money back if it was regular price then yes hello my money back yet but I just how. How it unit had it I that no bar. I have stormed out and I wondered you went to it's it's when I'm. 5701 infinite. Do you think it should be that they have to do have walked out or they'd just were mad at AP did go see this I love to get angry dad storm out well any paying job. Anger anger and anger in general of the movie that major angry at 6195701. I'm thinking the last movie okay the good though the best and worst movie I surprised call we have a lot of rises to look out. Confessions of a teenage drama aquae. Aren't we great and you know. All with Syria to agree I don't know the smoke big well it's this announcement for okay though he musical comedy film she sang. Yeah they had this weird musical in the middle of that's I think that's when I decided to leave a slew of checkout as a that's enough but it stars Lindsay Lohan as an aspiring teenage actress who Stanley music from New York City to New Jersey knew what happens. Especially oddly compelling well. I. Okay it's so badly about that ultimately then acting or bad acting bad writing and it was. It's it was coming off her like freaky Friday. Hello hell hole arc kind of and those like Lindsay well and can do you know Rogge. That's those who made this film does an diaries of a teenage drama queen thank you competitiveness out game whenever I voted so embarrassed that they even big body that tell you that you. I hope I. I don't make al-Qaeda. I don't need to pay one dollar and I. And we'll see your Lindsay Lohan movie and that'll raise you national security starring Martin Lawrence. I've never even heard of that 101003 so apparently they were making a lot of all of us and let him that priests to mismatch security guards are thrown together to bust the smuggling operation. And what you think it is good. I thought it was going to be I don't know Martin Laurence Mark Lawrence is funny headlights aren't funny movies back then and it was him and Steve czar and just it was the most ridiculous thing and I think I got about forty minutes into it and I'm like. Now I I really do Latin this anymore and I walked out he departed I got up and walked out of theater but did you like your money back home. You just a lot of your time back I think it's a long lines of what you said like I couldn't honestly go up to the box office and say that I expected anything more from yeah. I'm an hour and he's got like a sign up for. It was a good guess six. And I'm by Simmons there'll and I'm for died the movie that made you angry I'd love if you left that even if you're just anger in your seat we'll take that as well movie anger that's or talking about this morning we're data days and all 949 San Diego results are net. The movie you're sitting there in the theater and it was making you so angry because it was so bad. And either you sat there in your seat angrily or you walked out of a movie so far we have. Chase and you're weighing in with confessions of a teenage drama queen starring Lindsay will add. And for basic check you and how to follow that the national securities during a Martin Lawrence. What was your details on 9570949. Teacher of the morning from us indeed at Miramar and how hard we are OK so wait did you ever walked out of the theater. You are ahead or data that Peter Wright should ask hollow. Angry at your seats I like that okay so what movie was that there was a movie called hot rod. Hot rod self proclaimed stockman rob Kimble is preparing for the jump of his life to clear fifteen buses to raise money for his abusive stepfather Frank's life saving our. Well at the end of the movie ease some of the power of the badger and a dolphin. And like eagle and all this crap. And it was disgusting. I remember the movie in ever sought an MDC members and from senator and a love so it should be yeah it's spread but it's not always it's not. They were trying to follow super bad. On long Nolan said foundation does and does at all. I just couldn't believe that somebody wrote that paid money had to you know created paid actors to do that and then I paid money to sit there because. I don't is there ever a point where you. Felt like I should leave by did you just hold on to hope that it would turnarounds. They would probably the first half hour I probably should have left I don't know watch out anything. Living with that burger. Hey Jessica good morning promotion side I actually last oh you hello I love when people leave I got what nobody to leave. Twilight. Twilight made it nearly. All island that before I start complaining about twilight connection he chart McQueen are so much better. I. It's a division I live horribly iconic but a lot that. Well twilight I was like they're excellent pilots mile egg and all of my friends had read the book than you've been at that end I did not. Double I was like sure I'll come to this but you know I'm getting at it I walked out when he starts spark about what it's ridiculous what. So it. As everybody and everybody animal including my friends were like on the edge of their seat the entire movie and any who are pumping out. Like in fact he went edgy they would all say it at the thing I knew I had read about. I like blue for me and a Mac but one didn't get the girl alone all at all making. All you are team Jacob on the the problem is like you're saying mask and do you as a thirteen year old there's so much cooler than I am as a hard to. There and I'm like I wish I could see now with Jessica's friends I made my bad. Not in UNN I how old light impaired Liddy back then like I am leaving him being like I. Collect some much better than. I thought I. You don't have that now that they get it now now we're violated for you to look twilight is for you love the books again though like the wind at words that your sense it's like a drug to me. I might well personal brand of apparel and like yeah shots into place old guy beats him up I was going through so many things at that point OK we're going on a journey I was just reading back to my god they had ad word and Iowa. Now all that more violent and I just that our colleague ansari were this Angolans. Thanks guys. The movie that made you angry so angry that you got up and left the theater maybe or maybe you just sat there in your C angrily yesterday on Twitter the worst movie you ever paid to see was trying to egg and it is so Jack and Jason were going off about this because they've bolt walked out of theaters before what's so. Movie that made you feel this sort of anger about. Alexis from a mangrove. I literally thought angrily through the credit I don't know it's hot out here admitted mad until the last moment that. So I'll get one that the bill in the village way eat some village that the great new V. No you wouldn't but all that I was so mad at the plot went at it like what and expecting this creepy at. Big month there and I was owed point eight. It that every Night Shyamalan movie of course I'm on whenever whenever anyways saving your own way make up your own story the village a series of events test the beliefs of a small isolated countryside village. And there's a twist. Let it to. But what we don't know when it's the. Yeah. Crackpot. So where you're Manhattan's west big does appear that the twist that just means it was probably did pretty good movie I would think. Now. I. Like more of a scary movie and it's like ready to be like scared out at night when it then like go home plate would elect a mixture of light thrown in that. And the twister ruined it Olympic. Oh I think that I will weigh in on this is that the acting in this movie is terrible but you're ball well yeah because everybody is so bad taste at the summit Kelly have an approach yet how do you feel when someone is saying that the worst movie they've ever seen is when they your passionate about it makes me speak dialects that hijacker down. Well okay. No I wanted to be. Scared I am. I'm disappointed in you you are you're really mad I. I like says I appreciate knowing that I should not have to look for the village on the net flux.