Dana & Jayson - Asking For It

Friday, February 23rd

Dana & Jayson were a little surprised when they saw a new statistic that suggests that a good portion of women WANT pictures of their dude's junk. Seriously? Jayson can't believe that any percentage of women would actually ask for that stuff, but Dana can relate, even if she can't find the courage to ask herself. Where would our listener family fit in this debate? You'll have to listen to find out. 


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All 949 San Diego's alternative word David Jason and Jason is not safe for work. I'm not because allegedly. This new statistic came out that's that's 12% of women have asked male old. To send them a picture of their joke. I'll and you had just said that you believe. No percent of women whatever Aspen any woman that I have come into contact west. Has that they've never wanted to picture of that stuff. But but but but. That's Centre saying don't I think this statistic is super high. And you wanna know if that's statistic is true here in San Diego I actually want to talk to the women and you're asking these dudes were junk pecs or maybe you are what do those dudes you've been asked and you have sent and what did she say eighty X 6195701949. Because. Dana I believe in my heart of hearts you never asked her husband for oh lord she's giving. Again we have to get even look at their vote you're not said hey hi me. No it don't be lightly. You're not my boy okay he I don't know I'm not you know he'll come over this I and you can't just go to the bathroom real. Say everything like. But then the. I OK I know that you have initiated it. Adult talk via text methods and you have sent some pictures though and response. With that over little really made me angry is that ice if you said some thing and putting yourself out there are new. Shouldn't someone send you something back or else you just feel like a weird naked person walking out. I can't appear I have naked and alone Beckett and fellow. All digital it didn't that I. I didn't say send me something I can speculate that a part of the top of that. Com. All I eighty. I was passive aggressive. And if I felt comfortable enough world than you you didn't ask for and it's still kind of expect it wasn't like it's a deep and got. Oh does that slick I don't wanna be that person. But I I wanted something. And I mean I have been asked. Knew that path to snack here see you been asked by Ed multiple marriages like one woman on it was a. View and I found it pretty strange and out of the ordinary doesn't like who wants this an okay here's a look and yeah yeah yeah yeah. I hope that you get out today to a level that I don't. You don't wait how tough she passed. Com I think it was pretty direct don't like she is well actually I want to send its army guys see it with like one of those like oh you know you know it was brat. She was sitting around with all of her gaze is now gates took the followed that's what I I'm gonna get him to a sudden the. They're taking the female power away I was just thinking about how I wish I weren't that confident I wish I was adhere to your club. Hi my solo renewed its. And I'm 570949. Are you part of the 12%. Or are you a man who has been asked or as a woman are you somebody that has asked for a deep peck. And honestly. Okay well we can get into the. 12% of women apparently asked dies for deep tax pictures of their job. It's Tiffany of mourning for Oceanside. I am pretty and to tell you guys what really happened. What are you don't do that no one. You know man hey I'm running late for a meeting and I realized they didn't forget and would you mind I. And that man read it or hear it here and hey I really wanna pay you understand Glen and me well. Mix interpretation of them both they've had. That so Tiffany you never asked for one's got mad they know what the in my either. I know you'll just but he might as do groups through your. I got us meetings straight day you only. I don't know I don't know what he could. Have been broadly he just got scared. Yeah I hear in my mind stuff. Activity thanks for dogleg. Right and Cassandra from alcohol own urine the 12%. I am. I believe that we have a stigma against Clinton running exactly what Matt my. You asked now can you can't if you're gonna give a lesson to someone that doesn't have the boldness or confidence to say 88 Tina this is what I want us less like do a role playing situation here at physics and that's straight man. They you're interested and so he's go out syrup. To initiate conversation. OK I. Hate the B what are you wearing. Blue what you Mary Cooper. Don't let your ass let him finish then finally I had here in months and as she your voice is killing my. And it's great yeah. It's to I'm not only just got dead at the gym so I'm sweating. And I'll call this yeah. That may harm yeah. Comment from our little a little yeah you love me didn't you some lifts so. The color yeah. Now look to right jocks are. You know that may be bigger than that every guy have a better word quagmire still live with it and no I think you're. Not literally it okay. I'm giving you high and the other. Baby why don't you know become some fed. Mike. At any prior. It's got a hold out there who you like your like your answers title I want it's not that good night it may be and company pop up. Prior. With two meet straight. I thought I made it clear cut. I come. Just answer OK so you know let you just threw it right back in and then I really feel inspired vocal hook up with a pretty cute as our director a lot of people are a little partly for that sounds like a threat what you think. Cloak. Yeah. Back you don't. The knee was called yeah can do. Anything you can advocate that you wouldn't be a part of this demented morning show. Now I love I never call and let that you're not edit public Eric if they are very thick and but they're the object at the law are. Op I didn't that. Pace since it's your first time calling and we want to if you put tickets to see Smashing Pumpkins is not cooler. Argued there you just did it impact our topic Jason adds. He did not. Like we're pretty incompetent and yeah he has Serena. And worn out old and any. Who who hang on 12 OK okay.