Dana & Jayson - Aliens Exist

Friday, September 20th

‚ÄčAliens exist, and you heard it from Tom Delonge and Jayson Prim first. With all the buzz around the Navy's admission that footage brought to light by the former co-front man of Blink-182, and the Angels and Airwaves and Boxcar Racer singer and songwriter, it was only a matter of time before Jayson starting fashioning his own aluminum foil hat and freaking the funk out. This would normally just be a normal Friday for Jayson, expect this time he's been attempting to bring Dana into the freak out fray, and she is still resisting. Is the truth out there in the form of a lovable furry creature like ALF, or are we destined for an Independence Day style war of the worlds? We hit the phones to find out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.