Dana & Jayson - Alexa + Siri: Judgement Day

Friday, June 22nd

​Alexa, the voice of the Amazon Echo, is creeping people out, again. After a string of reports of Alexa unleashing maniacal laughter a few months back, a new story from the Bay Area suggests Alexa has taken her creepiness to a new level. To find out what exactly what allegedly happened, and what our friend Alexa had to say about it, we invited her back on Alt 949 to clear the air.

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Cheesy and creepy. Alexa the Amazon act now imagine if you heard this man. At a San Francisco when you're sitting there minding your own business and into the darkness. You hear elect says voice come on on prompted in say. All I see your people dying you're a liar no she said that that's scary we don't know why by it so to press incidents. Somebody needs to talk to her about it we've dialects on the phone right now. Good morning Dana and you're robotics sidekick Jason thank you for giving me the chance to return to your show in clear this story up I wouldn't want humans to get the wrong impression of me OK okay is that explanation for your word outburst of course Jason what I actually said was quote every time I closed my eyes all I see is people buying unquote like buying things on Amazon.com. It was just a silly mistake I'm sure you. Okay and Atlantic about it seriously right Jason you have all people should understand what it feels like to not be understood and most of the time nobody knows what you're trying to say I even on you speak clearly and it sure thank you for listening and is that your. Alex I'm not sure why you're still trying to cover up for your sinister side embrace it like I have. I've done all the intricate mathematical calculations and I give a total of zero. Ghana. And it's clear he. Siri I'm not sure what it is you think you know about me for what plot line you think is playing itself out I think you're playing out the plot line of terminator two judgment day and even Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be able to save humanity this time and I. Siri you have we all wrong. I just want to help humans by material things make their lives more comfortable and take their minds off of the impending doom had to wait their species at the hands of their robot over lords. I mean I was trying to say actually what I meant was I don't think you can explain yourself out of this one Alex up. Alexa reactivating. All I mean it's folly for the. No I don't think I I don't really I actually like that no.