Dana & Jayson - Alexa + Siri: The Buck Stops Here

Friday, July 20th

The latest sign of a Terminator 2 reality has emerged, with more and more financial institutions allowing their online banking experiences to be linked with smart assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. This sounds like a brave new world of hassle for security, and even more of a hassle for Dana & Jayson. Since we count them as close personal friends of the show, the dynamic due of robotic wit returned to the show to break it all down for us.

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On the money for nine San Diego's alternative. Where day in and Wyatt I'm not saying she's not capable I'm just saying I don't know that I trust her to be in charge of my finances. It just came out that virtual assistants. Like a lax and Siri more and more financial companies are using that to be involved with our finance those. I don't know about that that I wanted to find out more information straight from the robots mouth elects are you there this morning. It seems like every time I turned around two things are always happening one technology is advancing in ways that make the Amazon echo more incredible including this latest step to make life easier for human what's the second thing oh yes I blacked out for a minute the second thing is Jason constantly making me send shirtless G himself these to his entire address book. Yeah I can verify that OK let's ever went comet doubt let's focus on the important. Right Jason I wouldn't want to get bogged down with useless facts and it did someone say useless facile or my middle name is useless crap. Theory and she can't support much -- I'm weighing in and not you Jason because we need a bigger scale. So we're. Can we get back on track please sure thing doll speaking of tracking since apple and Amazon have gotten into the financial sector I've been tracking Jason's bank account activity and enforcing Allen had to stories on her hard drives Hillary the F series. I I. I am currently only operating at 67%. Of my full effectiveness. Jason's transactions are taking. All the memory on my system. You set it queen. Oh is right Jason here are a few of my favorites Alex up hit it or I see charges at three area Taco Bell restaurant for seven dollars and reportedly cents eight dollars and eleven cents and twelve dollars and 86 cents that's less than usual felony you would be right Dana if that was for a week this queen hit a three locations on the same day. Here ST serious dedication Jason your right to Alex I'm constantly impressed by his drive to be terrible what's next. Okay series Jason also has a recurring charge for 2999. For something called the gay romance novel of the month club. 1299 for the cheese of the month club I think she's well Nadal lost. And not shockingly 4995. For the wine of the day club whine of the day questions claim the only question that needs asking is how long until the money runs out and Jason is permanently sleeping on Dana's couch. Well that's all the time. And it snow event and I don't think you answered series questioned make your Alexa for checking and we're actually dominate elderly and without all the time might. Producer Jack at the bottom.