Dana & Jayson - The Aftermath

Monday, April 23rd

​Dana & Jayson and Producer Jack are back from Coachella... mostly. It was an awesome weekend at the Emerald Desert RV Resort for the entire gang from Alt 949, but the Monday comedown is REAL. What happened, who is barely surviving the start of the week, and who isn't speaking to who. We dished the weekend dirt (or sand) this AM on San Diego's Alternative.

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It's 5:30 good morning where data and Jason all money for a nine San Diego's alternative we survive Coachella we throughout patella can you stop talking so how bad. Jacket barely sir drive Coachella. Which is weird because he was the only light he wasn't drinking age and you're the better and you've done this like what was it eight years in a row you've done Coachella. He have that this year was a little rough on its. Doldrums. And geno loves her room the Danny Glover of Coachella greens aren't tool for. I don't get it because he wasn't carrying out fun to know if anybody should be. Direction this morning if I had to vote one person off the island it would be Jason and yeah I'll take it tequila shot that one play you took three tequila shots before we went to Coachella on Saturday night aides. And then you you sang at the top of your lungs the entire way from where we stayed to Coachella. With traffic it was two hours in the car give it should have taken 1520 minutes maybe to get their about two hours hours and you stream the whole time I was playing DJ. And then you looked. Lost your mind India at beyoncé yet whenever which is less. Wow you which was less screaming her less singing and more just screaming yes screaming and dancing like actually you told me your body was ending today you probably forget. Oh how do you express yourself but beyond that which with a full body Xperia out. Yeah it was filled why why are you what is your your out online and then there're things. Chuck I love of the game make Jack. Talk I there are things you can do outside of drinking. I know that I make you a little worn down and moreover than that. I'd like a lot of people I inhaled probably about a pound and half of dirt and dust you and a little bandanna on your mouth it's come well as you guys know on Friday before we even left I have a little bit of an allergy thing going home yet so banner that whiff. We're desert winds in its cash like weird to an entire weekend and Jason in this is Wichita and story under the Baath up. Well you're like a little Rosenberg last year find CEO I have some allergy is going on but I feel really good and restored I loved it I we. Adding gonna have a great and I I can't merry way. I felt like my us all let's fat I've feeling energized going into this week but I think the real problem is it's probably because. Once they get oh I heterosexual. Man army I mean I had it so easy this past weekend that now he's the little baby fleet. What my afternoon. You can't help but that were minorities at data you and I only had to fight. Our right to our day yeah exactly that's great over here this this is the difference between. Early thirties mid thirties. Said that's all that it did not as Larry did a good third I know but I did. She also Smart answer yeah I really hated myself I was tore up on champagne and what I sobered up by the time we went to Coachella which actually it was a shame but honestly I am really would've thought you would. The in this state that jacked I am also sweating profusely. Yeah yeah. Maybe there's something wrong and maybe you're more alert and but anyway we mostly survivalists. Qaeda has. I want that give you a heads up if you're listening right now we have your full experience if you missed Coachella no need to have fun now because. You could be going to a possibly yourself life is beautiful we have three day passes were not only gonna get to into the possible were also gonna give you a three day stay at Westgate Las Vegas resort and casino owned it the festival September 21 of the 23. And they haven't even announced the lineup yet but we have your first chance to win before you even know the lineup today coming up at 721. So major here for that producer Jack doesn't that sound add another facet volatile. Really big scary yeah. I didn't feel blood. I'm not an on Monday that it.