Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Wednesday, May 16th

With everything going on in your busy day, Dana & Jayson know that catching the morning or evening newscast probably isn't going to be part of your agenda, but you're in luck! Every morning on San Diego's Alternative, we bring you ADD News! The top three stories you need to know about include a workplace prank gone terribly wrong, the audio clip that is polarizing the world, and the latest reason millennials like Jayson and Producer Jack are stressed out. All the news that fits on the Alt 949 News Network!


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And now it's time for eighteen. It was written. With Dana NJ isn't on the all night before nine news Matt Moore. We've got three stories he gets you two of which are giving me anxiety so let's just start. Us to remember why I imagine if you are trying to be hilarious and that led to you getting fired sounds like every day for just. That I've been to a woman. So a side note to all jokes here's don't bring laxative brown used to work with. Would you like that demented America. So obviously in Michigan. That. Is done. Some lady in Michigan brought in a laxative laced brownies or co workers going away part yeah. Okay. But I guess she works at an office that is like a literal no fun zone which maybe is that they major overdo it but I. They quote seize the breath out. I've been and then called the police. They called the police come on now and then the lady what I had to be questioned by the police. And she lied to the police and said they work lays out there organized. But then at. That and the police said what we're going to be doing forensic testing and the brownies had images okay there place yeah. She wasn't charged with a crime but she was why years and now wired it to squares. You worried. Mean that you look at that prize and eat a Laker star. Story number two Allah lord millennial. Year complaining again no. About but apparently you guys are stressed out. Well they did some big survey about stress at work. And millennial. Who were big group most likely to have stress interfere with their work lives you know 100 apparently you guys are worrying about the future. I actually. Story number. Yeah Andy vs galore all is that current trend that's breaking the Internet so there's that little clip of audio if you haven't heard about yet but everyone is losing their full live big minds over it. Because when you listen to it. Half of the population hears the word yeah Annie and the other have a people listen to the same climate. And here it clearly saying the name laurel the question is what side of history are you I don't. We're going to fight club I hate the debate. I'm gonna tell you right now that took us almost ended our friendship over the blue and black vs the blade angles your the at that time. But this as the moment of truth. OK. Okay. On the count of thirty you are going to tell me what you hear and if you hear anything other than what I hear me who I am going needed going away our. Three. Su won that yeah me home. Second baseman. Well I'm the help him. Produce you heard laurel hardy guys not your Loral debt the last accident. This is bin eight. And Jason on the all money or I mean the men were. Did you.