Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Wednesday, March 21st

​All the news that fits in one segment, Dana & Jayson are back with another edition of ADD News. This morning on the Alt 949 News Network, we found out how Dana is abusing emoji, we talked about the negative effect essential oils might be having on Jayson's body, and we learned what ridiculous thing millennials are trying to smoke. Everything you need to know on a Wednesday. 

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And now it's time for APV. Rick. Went Dana NJ sit in on the all night before nine news network. I'll threesome. Is that need to be discussed and we're gonna run out quickly story number one there's an MOG problem they tears of joy ia mode G. Has plummeted in popularity. Thank god. The story number two. Yeah I. I kind of got eight kids early 20s17. Tears of joy emote G was the number one most years why do you know that you weirdo who well. It's my the most use Yost. What does this mean it's plummeted in popularity that no one likes it anymore probably because they're speaking their truth and that everything that once that is that whole area where your crying tears. And I'm not happy. Okay. So and again might not be crying tears but none of those other faces express how happy like if I walk around with joy that that's the one. I had tears well none of those other ones. Think knowing. On going because it's not truthful and you're just flying and then your making people feel like. I feel when I Texas something hilarious and you send that Mike got a nail that that was awesome and then I noticed you text the same thing to like my fiance when he says something like math and so it's like brood. And it also do you stop sending hearts. But I didn't burying my colors them. Sometimes it's not happening RT artists are you eleven I don't know you very colors on the hearts all the time the purple heart you do that that's a rare bit of. Now red I don't know who. Stop I probably won't stop. And story number two. If you're dude. And has already appeared muted here under essential oil you may also be needing getting into Victoria's secrets. Why this. Victoria features Armageddon is Jason was essential oils could lead men to growing a large breaths. But according Harry's surge that explains that's what you're talking about of. Apparently there's eight chemicals an essential oils that are still on track and right now. That might disrupt hormones and make you grow not just brass but largely it just kept saying large breath some going to be competing with you now Jason please stay what you're favorite Christmas gift bluster meant to shut him. An essential oil minister news and what's going on in your house 24 hours a day lavender. All is gonna say is you queen need to comment now at the lavandera we're gonna need a little boost DS. And that's scary police stopped eleven there probably not it helps immensely by now I'm just very your rocks at a social and an evasion among yourself. We already have basically the same body type which is like a Mombasa an adjacent to get out the full blown experience better watch out for your husband is he might be straying from youth story number three if you thought tied by eating was bad. Well now people are smoking bugs sprayed again high. Whether you even say how do you smoke bug spray. I'm an expert at spoken things I have no idea so hey Jack for the uninitiated what I opens every single person that's is right out. People are taking raided bug spray and they are putting on everything from tobacco it's a marijuana. To banana leaves. And they are smoking it's. You get high in case you're wondering how bug spray makes you feel if you basically go from normal human to zombie now which generation is using this more please don't thing millennial millennial straight but the drug is known as TD. Which I don't know what she did that to be inning got nothing that would KD a side effects of smoking raid yeah breathing problems convulsions coma and psychotic behavior it's like you're doing one of those pharmaceutical commercials. The effects of a bug spray include. Can we just call this segment now. Another reason why to hate millennial I don't I mean I don't want anyone else I really wants you'd maybe this would be like a good PSA why because we'll may because if you're over somebody's house on like a happening Friday night or something like that and they pass a banana leaf you're gonna notre avoided because you listened to David Jason Cook. I. This is bin ABC. News live at all. I'm Dave and and jays and not be all lining of our not a newsman or. Braden really via together do you wanna deal where I was 900. We. I'm more you doubt that says. The more you know are again different.