Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Wednesday, June 13th

Throw out your traditional newscast and find out what Dana & Jayson have to say about the three news stories we jam into one segment. We call it ADD News, and every day we give you hard-hitting commentary on everything going on in your world. This morning we talked about a lineup shakeup for a BIG Alt 949 band, we found out how Snapchat is letting you eliminate some awkwardness, and the story gripping the world, the skyscraper raccoon. All the info that fits on San Diego's Alternative.

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And now it's time for eighteen. It was written. When Dana NJ sit in on the all night before nine news network. Or three stories to run down just to remember why. Did he tell all the guitars from thirty seconds to Mars equate it. Totally shocked by that he didn't with the band for fifteen years fifteen only if I released a full steaming yesterday. About how he was leaving the band and not an emergency because it was and for short inconvenient time. They just came along with their album. Plus they are on toward. Did you and we actually got a comment from her letter on the story like that I'm mental. Doing whatever and wanna oh thank you Jarrett. And again method in the Brothers would be hard to work with two Brothers it's just a three of them. Oh my god and Jared let though is already of noxious on a different bubble. And then with his leg brought there in tow ideally you guys are exhausting I kept up with you for fifteen years I got to go out. And I will tell you that I was looking for more information on this story and they've already scrubbed him out of like the official band photos oh my god and right now it looks like awkward family photos. Dot com. Yeah. Catching up to his brother's shoulder longingly cold yeah. You guys should change your ban it. Story number two please at this time say hi if you've ever sent to snap and then immediately regretted that. Days it was always too late because you couldn't do anything about it. Will now snap Chad has announced that they have a delete button. So that you can erase an unwanted snapple for the person you send it to even knows that they received it I wanted to be excited about this but it's a little C two away it's now. Just can I delete unwanted snaps from Jason or perhaps them doing tonight that leg that kind of I. Lot of toughness to worry number. Big journey has ended he officially arrived to the top. An update on their act crew on the big glad it's captured the attention of Americans with no light but again I'm so we as a nation can breathe a collective sigh of relief because. There was a raccoon I don't know if you saw this of course you. Otellini Internap network. A raccoon who was on a two day journey out the side of a Minneapolis building in their downtown Saint Paul area. That pour it little rack June for two full days that. On the balcony of this bill do not hungry and the thirsty with no water because blood of society we live and I can't unaudited your windows anymore the civility and open up the wait until two free that wreck crude. So that record on the only thing he he knew what to do a client that talk a it I don't artists did up there clients. Dark it make dark apartment sitting there drinking gallons of why does waiting for this empty our act cute to rethink. Calm it down. But it's all good now the rack units they've been captured so. You literally have my heart rate elevated from the emotional journey you just coming on. It's got to be really saddened we all find out that Barack Herron has rabies. This is bin. TV news live at all. I did manage. You sit and not be all by any of our nightmare using that word.