Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Tuesday, May 22nd

​Hold onto your neurons and check out another brain-busting edition of ADD News! This morning on the Alt 949 News Network, Dana & Jayson broke down the three stories you NEED to know about this morning, including a HUGE alternative artist judging a competition JAYSON thinks is out of his element, a classic party anthem has been covered by a pop artist (and the original songwriter isn't pleased), and a weird trademark from a classic toy company. All the news that fits in one segment on San Diego's Alternative!

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And now it's time for eighteen. Rick. With Dana NJ sit in on the all night before nine news network. Three stories let's run him down I still remember why. This one's trending reason number 8952. Why all artist star the absolute best. David Grohl of the Foo Fighters it's such just judge the world championship barbecue. Cooking god does. Just sat there being cool leading all kinds of barbecue oh. Chilling with fans. I hate this story T nowhere that ball that way yet this story heal what and and commerce off. Barbeque at the very serious thing and it's very precious okay. Do you know where that boy for few fighters is from fewer fluke you know and a thing where Ohio. Okay Ohio that down for it Barbeque. Carolinas are Alabama Texas meant that if you short break I want on Memphis this company and I think he was not from them that. They're saying he's not qualified cracked it's like you judging a talk show my contacts you don't know good pockets do you think every top of the gets knocked out a way to guy like Dave Grohl he's been all over the world you re the guy I mean the guys make me a little wont you just islands trust -- yeah just speak you've been all over the world that mean that you Orwell burst in Barbeque and just because you're not from Texas does not mean that you cannot be well versed and barbecue that you're saying that like I can coming here and be like oh I'm from San Diego now so I admit an expert on talk got to shut the front toward I don't know anything extorting effort to date row many people you don't that are -- at extent. You are numbered seed. The fact you got wind did over the Dave Grohl barbecue Ahmadinejad. Well dried rat. No plug about Mel got blown. Reason number 8953. While all artists are better than everyone else September. By Taylor Swift Sox according to the lady who are. You know some might earth wind and fire that they plan all the land legs. Man I was about to let that just keep gallon a Ayala and outlawed got hacked anyway. So I guess Taylor Swift did did a cover of it and I guess it was an acoustic version that. And no woman who wrote it heard it for the first time and she said that. Quotes. It sounds of lethargic. As a drunks shirt old Jose under the sun flower. After ingesting a bottle of now he. Let's go to that place shall we. If you literally atomic arms around the should Schulman added. She didn't run over you that are an eighth day Obama because she did try to very calm somewhat boring T. A lot of that I had fiesta habeas. I'm not popular song on them it Larry I love that have finally to get seventy year old woman to call how bad jailers that. Story number three. Jason producer jacket this time if you ready your best description of the sense of play del delicious yeah I was when I needed to. Salt he gets kind of salty it's like you're joining the taste I'm asking about the sat a isn't into Easter tied together. You want to and about blotter. For kids it's like to smile when you smell beer being brood now. I'll move up. I haven't. Just schrader marked the sense of play Dell now the way that the queen is that has broad describing yours is a little off from their description sweet. Slightly muskie. But now light fragrance with flight overtones of cherry and the natural smell of salted wheat based Dow now who's tasting and a bad. It's. A. It's knows a meal like all the yoga mats said the GMC I was about to say that sounds like the perfect man for days now I don't know I'm not yeah. This is bin. TV news live. I'm Dave and James and not be all by any of our it means men were.