Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Tuesday, May 15th

Information for those with short attention-spans, Dana & Jayson hop back into the anchor chairs for another round of ADD News. Today on the Alt 949 News Network, we talked about why one famous cross-over star agreed to his first big TV role, what uplifting information Oprah has for the world, and how you can guarantee to get more action at home. All the news that fits in one segment on San Diego's Alternative!


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And now it's time for eighteen. Rick. With Damon and Jason on the all night before nine news network. Our mantra. On those stories now we've got three in another trending right now. Still remember why sometimes the IRS makes you do things that you don't wanna do and for Will Smith he had to do that's so why don't we just to get over Roscoe chicken and waffles. No no I could get to the state where we're trying to raise money for the clinic and I were there probably what do you do. I'm a doctor. Will Smith did Fresh Prince of Bel Air that says you're saying he did it to get out of money trouble I yup he did it because he was broken in trouble with the IRS I'm sorry Will Smith that launch your career you full well Smith and DJ jazzy Jeff I don't know if you remember when they release it there on break out single parents just don't understand or over allied bought accident he blew thorough all the parents just understand money so he started hanging out near the Arsenio Hall Show. Like where they record it have one day he bumped into Quincy Jones OK and so then all of a sudden he charmed his way to Quincy Jones. Friday a whole lot yet sex of them doing an audition in the naked for Quincy Jones. Situation I let all of a sudden then landed the roles of fresh prince of Eleanor. Once again another gay sex scandal were built by dean indeed and make up your own I'm dying. Story numbered CO. So bra she had in spy story number three. We don't need to hear any Oprah know you need to hear that she just gave a commencement speech at one of some university. Story number no. Tear that's so bad you make a choice every day to exemplify. Honesty because. The truth. Let me tell you something about the truth in story number three. Now I didn't. Story number three the truth exonerates. It couldn't fix. It dissident sex. It galvanizes. This jewelry number refine that you're the one missing out. OK okay. Monmouth. So if you wanna deal it more with your significant other there's one thing that you can do to make that happen and slipped it sure is the evenly without another person cell apparently according to research couples who split the surest duet wave more often then it couples where one person is predominantly doing all of the housework I guess I never dimly then you're never get it now and I. The data in the same boat with you Jack because her husband does every bag. I a lot of they lie who claimed on the what do you mean by clean hit I thought I. I went back they even got that back by the thing that matters the most important question who does the dishes. He went out there. This is bin ADV. News' live. And Dave and Jay sin not the all by any of our guys using that word. And that now I was surrounded by people who don't have sex for about proposed via.