Dana & Jayson - ADD News : Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Tuesday, March 20th

Nobody has the time or the stomach for the nightly news, so rather than suffer through, Dana & Jayson bring you ADD News. We run through three quick stories to keep you informed, but also able to face your day. This morning on the Alt 949 News Network we talk about another sequel for a classic adventure franchise and its aging star, how you can take a road trip to Las Vegas to see a huge local band, and how basketball madness equals free pizza.


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And now it's time for ADV. Win today then Jason on the all night before nine news network. Itself. These stories to get to it's hard to pick three but we're gonna run three down for you very quickly story number wise so Blink-182. Oh. Is doing a residency in Vegas this was just announced yesterday. Sixteen run show starting at the end of may and Palms Casino Resort in the pearl theatre. Does that still weird bell. Because I know a lot of artists do Vegas resident season but it feels more like a Celine Dion Britney Spears Donny and Marie at. Donny and number that's on the I argument. Oh you can put Blink-182. Down the street from Donny and Marie media that would do you enjoy a good big show you at all. Oh I love that. I've seen Donnie Emory long. I mean the thing that in my area and heading back. But it it's Regis feels like it's supposed to be for people setter and too old and tired to go on tour anymore they probably are there'll bad. Well like they sued so bad I have you know are modeled on like there are just basically Baring themselves than their thing it's over but is it that would Vegas residency -- yeah this is my finals. Tired Iran and its gonna stay in a nice hotel and putt on a show and call today and drink from a most of those guys do not drink from a sleep. Can someone convinced me otherwise like producer Jack is this is is thirty potential for Vegas residency to be bad house at all. I think it is and the other thing is that unlike a lot of these other stars they are remainder senior guys are local guys who play so it's not that far of a trip out there it's not like you're abandoning their home and their families and they're just going to live in Vegas now I think it's a good idea he literally made it sound more boring. Okay I'm I'm not I thought that a oh so worried about liquidity goat story number two all another thing I'm worried about his Indiana Jones oh global life and I think a ticket there's gonna be apart file because she's actually worried that the Harrison Ford may break to have Versa then heard a concern is that they have no the only during early that's your concern that is my biggest concern on inch when he nineteen is coming out there are a lot of questions I mean the first one being is Indiana Jones up for it if okay. He's 75. Harrison target 78 times that the name of the movie Indiana Jones is the oak forest. Wisconsin chased then not see us. Awful pull over I'm so worried who I'm really worried and the tribal man. I'm sorry I'm picture museum who wears the word the guys in temple of doom Rick it's hard out there more to check your cholesterol and then. I hitters of Tehran about Google yeah. And I hope you. This is don't make fun of him side biggest he should be just left alone to rent musical Groupon now to pick up it. Well I'm gonna tell you the bad news oh they're gonna cast a minute because George Lucas is the one is doing messed. And I know what's gonna happen to Harrison Ford his colleague and I am too much pride to say no because he has to be Indiana Jones skin and he's gonna go Lott Eric. And then put the brokers are strolling out of guy. Yeah I think what he's dropped his glasses and you can't find it and stuff yeah. Story number three the little Caesars Hosea pizza but yes CO so if you think of the NCAA tournament and even if you're not you know about the huge upset that happened on Friday night when sixteen seed at University of Maryland Baltimore beat the number one seed you VA right so that's actually never happened in the history of the NCAA tournament we're though number one. Was beaten by a number sixteen so this is history that was made will prior to the tournament starting little Caesars. It's slated to put out what they thought was a harmless little topical week so I got yup. And they said it free lunch for America. Stop that. Trip freelance matter I'm Kelly. Of the impossible happens if sixteen seed beats number one. Well they thought it was a safe bet Vienna maybe get a few reach leads a little good PR. Until it happens. Until it happens and they owed America a lunch room. So write it down days and had April 2 hole. Between the hours of 1130 and one okay and you can go for your deep dish personal pound plus a bottle so. Of your choice oh my guys know really did that come with a drink. It does come though I like that that's the thing that makes up for him when he comes to the jury asked (%expletive) and I didn't get an additional thing that comes with a drink in the average down the good news all around and has all locations new eve vents huddle actually there's law and if you look at the and it's there's one right on El Cajon boulevard right near my house. Done a sign of I eat there quite that. This is bin. TV news live saw. And they match. Jason Giambi all lining of our I mean men were. No wonder they just have liked irregular like hot readies I would rather have that than the deep dish. Are you doesn't help that I.