Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Tuesday, June 12th

We take news, then we break it. Dana & Jayson hop back in the anchors chairs to provide thoughts and commentary on three of the top stories you need to know about on a Tuesday. Fast food restaurants have been throwing massive shade at IHOB, we talk about the silver lining for Game of Thrones fans after the end of the final season on HBO, and... well, mostly we're talking about IHOB. All the stories that fit in one segment on Alt 949!

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And now it's time for eighteen. It was written. When they don't change soon on the all night before nine news network. Through stories let's. Still remember war. I'm starting to feel bad for I Hobbs. Why. Now they're being cyber bullied. Well wore out yesterday the most disappointing news to ever be reported broke the Internet when I hop changed their name. They've put in. To international house of burgers after sixty years. And now other food chains are coming for them to meet him and at first I was. Kind of smiling along with every gun god please note Tommy have sympathy for about what India is is the Regina George in mean. There are what India is come may and four I ha but so yesterday they treated. Remember we knew like sad then any dot change your name checked under bears start would be super cool I'll. Look like that but our cheeseburger there's still batter that's true though. The quiet I hop is going to turn identity crisis as and they deserve to be called on that own and and they followed it up I was deep in the Wendy's speedily got into the deep cut. So me and I. You followed up with a tweet that said here's just spicy version and not really afraid of burgers stroke play is the decided pancakes virtue hard. I. So we'll meet me they I don't feel bad for them though because it's like it is bullying but it's the kid who wears the mommies Angel T shirt in the Fanny pack the school your current. Asking for I mean maybe that's why I identify with I hop through the back. I don't know Iowa yeah I didn't ads are Olivia had the Fanny pat but I did decide to do a mullet and a spiral permanent. I am I'll bet you. Story number two. Doctor Bradley is a. Said game throws bad as weep no lawyer no you that had been crying and whining over the end of the game of drones error after this. Final six episode season that's coming I don't like your toner your judgment bulge dry your I his mom would drag fans more game of throws dynamic weight yeah. Send this series. Know there's a prequel on the horizon. HBO made it official. I view the moment with that pointing it out there are. But I don't free quell. The hot story number. I didn't tell you about the bride and it sure you'll origin of Whitewater's. Still remember it right fine now yeah it. So imagine this you walk into a restaurant but instead of sitting down and looking at the men. It. It's just that keep. About I thought yeah. They all get a hug that they do. It is it about. And into. I love that I have been filled back at your. I feel so bad. Yeah. Did at all. Odd man Jason Giambi all binding embargo it means not lower revealing more commentary on. I seriously doubt NPV. We're looking at the CBS. And I saw. I thought. I thought over the thought. That I don't like to break up. Tomorrow night. I wonder if they're gonna use the same little B. It's just aren't. Here's. Oh my god you're alive I'm iPhone is so bad and I was just like this is a mistake. To put your shoulder to lodge suit.