Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Monday, March 12th, 2018

Monday, March 12th

​This just in on the Alt 949 News Network! You might have lost an hour of sleep, but you've gained all the news Dana & Jayson could pack into one segment! This morning on ADD News, D&J tackle the blockbuster A Wrinkle In Time, and we talk zoo animals wrapping it up, and how awkward sex scenes are going to get even weirder. Who needs the evening news when you have the Alt 949 News Network?!


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And now it's time for eighteen. We've. Went big then Jason on the all night before nine news network. Were good enough for us. We have three stories and we rundown for you very quickly story number one a wrinkle in time may not be worth your time. This is the personal tax according to critics not party's name one critic actually called the movie a great disappointment while. While. This is the personal tax because she goes on fun day out. Instead of helping with the cell either way it's a whole recall yes I was trying to plan a show and texting him and I saw they weren't going through and I said that queen veteran Glenz. You what are thought that since there was such a big budget movie 150 million dollars that you know it would pan out does something great. Mom but according to critics that lacked an original vision. About delta illustrating the book yet never found an emotional essence. And it's pretty painful hum get only brought in 33 point three million Jason thank you for your contribution that all twelve dollars of that and I think that it does give me mild pleasure zoom report this because Jay says. This film is. Was so pumped about the super movie. That he Ameren are you ready. He read the book. A few months leading up Sarah add. Big debut a little bit this past weekend and our Jason what I turn the tables you the critic. By the app. Could watch an oversized Oprah and the day of the week and I enjoyed my double buckets I will point out CNN that a according to the critics also it was really targeted for eight to fourteen year old yeah. I don't probably. I didn't read that book when I was in fifth grade that's another side note that dogs that takes awhile for me to catch up with everyone else story number chew. How'd surveyed would it be if you went to the zoo and went to look at the animals and they are all wearing condoms. I'm tired at the. Well that's that's weekend at a zoo was forced to put all their mammals at contraception. Will it. Yes it started because of a tuberculosis. Infected bad loan though. The badger already infected eleven antelopes poll that debt for that catcher so desperate times desperate measures so the zoo is in England and it literally had to put sixty different mammal types. On birth control injections. Implants birth control pills and IUDs even lions and tigers spent but to those animals are so moody and probably are breaking out like god. And so much weight gain and our breath. Story number three vaccines and movies are about to get more awkward than they are the I can't even imagine what that would be like. Being completely. Naked and pretending to get it on what someone who's basically a stranger in front of everyone. So because of the need to movement they're putting these new rules and plays and one of the rules and is. You get to bring a friend with you a lol I love getting a rabbi and little bit of a bit and so it is it's like a lifeline. If the actor or actress would feel more comfortable. There always allowed to bring someone to stand there and watch. Maybe might be on there with like that says yeah he wouldn't wanna stand there and odds are you an idea to bring up frenzied life flight hardware in a car into bit tired all you want a lifeline in the background. I now because it though is like a medical exam exactly that's why they usually have a nurse standing there. You would need a support person exactly to support a therapy dog you wells. This is bin. TV news live saw. I'm Dave and Jay is this not be all lining of our time means men were.