Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Monday, April 23rd

​News for those with short attention-spans, Dana & Jayson are back with another round of ADD News. This morning we covered the three stories we knew you needed to know about on a Commercial Free Monday, including a little clarification on a story Dana thinks is fake news, insight on parents with a sense of humor when it comes to naming their children, AND MORE on the Alt 949 News Network!


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And now it's time for eighteen. There's risk. Win big then Jason on the all night before nine news network. The news network and I am not day let's run and three story it's news to remember why how. How can you not drink a beer. That's called made in San Diego house and not only does this ballast point knew Bruno have a great name but I love this is fifty cents from every case sold is going to San Diego's foundation project in ershad said. Benefits small businesses locally and it's so great because they started as a small business twenty years ago and now found out about the actual beard that's about to be released a golden L. Toasted this red and I YA YI common down palace point don't treading guilt me into drinking your beer. Try to be all charitable nonsense made and that's. Eager beaver. I don't know what to say. The only view would be negative about on what they want it to donate they would donate as you know like when people trickier to giving your money a you don't want a feeling guilt. Yeah like you don't try to trick just give them money you wanna give money to give money to slip minerals council. A story number CU. Oh I can't with the U outlet I toss is not good for you know what did you its story it came on about a week ago or maybe a little longer claiming that according to research pasta is really good for you okay heavily till weight off you now I wanted to talk about those were like a month canal I think you this story twice to talk about on IL and I put -- Mallon span. I have that story went viral but I don't wanna talk about it because I knew it was faking news. Like I mean okay. I think not only mean that we all know what pasta actually does but if you need to. A credible source I am an Italian woman from New Jersey I grew up on -- I have a lot of relatives like a testified that if you eat pasta large quantity you're not going to lose weight and factor going to look like Tony Soprano nova science that I yeah luckily I was in a diet hot Italian and yet know you're not gonna look like a hot Italian Republica anyway it just came out that the majority of the money that funded the study that you kept sending me that news story at the real news story was funded by Burleigh Brad pasta pasta funded the pasta weight loss study the science that it was true you're gonna so believe that science. Story number I imagine if you were born but all your parents really want to move the girl. Well if I can't suck it make you go down that are grab and old days but they had you Europe boy they might feel a little disappointed it. But can you imagine being so disappointed that they took their disappointment outs on giving you a joke for a name was so this is actually something that happened a story making national news about a family from Michigan they had thirteen sons already own or big natural birth style. Geared to longer stop going on a so literally the at thirteen boys in the family somehow their mother has it was able to have a fourteenth child so she just gives birth to yet a nod their boy a mold they decided. To give him the middle name ship boy again. She. Boy lay. Began as in she's a boy again that's naming your child I'm disappointed because we just wanted a girl we tried the fourteenth time. You go. I know I feel really bad for is that thirteenth sign because he thought he got the best position which is being the baby and no way in that OK I am the baby boy so I will always be remembered and beloved. And then the parents. Probably had too much to drink it probably did some heterosexual things in the tumbleweed thus out goes down and then boom another boy comes out but not just another boy. Another boy with a memorable name. So do you feel worse. For child number thirteen because guess why he's not remembered he's not making barrel is this fourteen year jealous of Sheboygan. I'm pest like why can it be thirteenth just enough. Like why did you have to have another fourteen child. And then give him a better name what my name is why are probably John Smith probably coming so boring. Why are you happy at all what I didn't answer is why this morning when I anticipate for you to have fourth in child that you did your middle child issues coming up for no reason that you gave that fourteen child a middle name they'll make him by go viral B of viral sensation have a good story my name is John Smith thank you for being a voice of the voiceless thirteenth child if you alas this is. Then ABC. News live. And Dave and Jay is a non B all lightning or about a man using that word.