Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Monday, April 16th, 2018

Monday, April 16th

All the news that's fit for air, the Alt 949 News Network is back on a Commercial Free Monday! Dana & Jayson know you're busy, so they jam as much news as they can into one segment. This morning on ADD News, we said goodbye to iTunes, we talked about a brand new California, and we found out what words are being added to the official Scrabble library. Knowledge is power, but for a Monday, this'll have to do.


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And now it's time for eighteen. Written. With Dana NJ is sitting in on the all night before nine news network. Are very big stories that came out over the weekend on student news to remember why. ITunes. Is about to be a thing of the past. Went Apple's apparently get a start focusing on apple music and fees at an iTunes completely sell. Havel music you subscribe it's having is like fifteen bucks a month you get unlimited access album's songs mean you can make playlist. Which I love I love apple music I gave up on iTunes along time ago but I know that one person who might have a difficult time with us what do you. What are the words that are coming out of your mouth right now Jason is the iTunes Rain Man. Hats and I are hard hit Jason sits there and studies iTunes. And like at all times knows. What songs are number one on iTunes and he likes studies it and he also loves to buy like single songs and ghostly deep cuts and iTunes. I mean I don't think it's necessarily deep cuts but iTunes this is basically telling you what's like kind of gone trend right now like Carrie Underwood at number one but they'll select rather than come to your own opinions are having your own child's sound like I stereo and on I just says that out those made it my all and I like to support the artist by giving them some money and so like apple music and fifteen bucks like how much is that could be split up but amongst the thousands and thousands of artist if I really like them then I want to give them a dollar when he night. We do wanna give them a dollar Tony night that's what you wanna spend your money on the island at present not gonna have to go hoarding like I already have my album of CD's that are still like in my caught that the nuggets can afford all these MP three's yeah. I. I. Each changed. It's gonna happen all those Good Charlotte songs and yeah. This story numbered CU. So you may soon be living in a much smaller state with a different name without even move back and so there's a proposal to bring California into three states fly it. And why. They feel like because the seed is so big it would be easier to govern and people would be better represented if we broke it down into small you've covered your ears. It saying this reminds me of like high school wanting going to the cafeteria. Why did these small states are gonna beat the plastic girls with the leased the Frank Luntz by all I would say that that would be that the central city which is Los Angeles Ventura Santa Barbara Rolls him Elisabeth go on our way up another one of these states are going to be the bully the all the jocks will ballplayers bath I've probably given that once you would northern California. Forty counties up in the north they'll be one stayed as well. I thought mentally I'll get a part of this scrappy stated that have all the theater geeks and in closeted homosexual. OK so maybe that would be us and said the southern states. That will be Orange County Riverside San Bernardino San Diego imperial power turned on like Fresno Hampton though no we are all one happy family under one roof thriving in thriving together keep telling yourself that are going to be a loser table I don't get their demo can I carved my own little place out and humbled maybe he'll have a forest owners. Erica calico. Story number 3 PM sorry but does an eighth place scrabble and he more like literally. I don't know anyone that does does that by the board like a month ago who is real it's the scrabble Saturday the it's love them yeah well. Don't invite me because I just saw this story about how. They Kuo added 300. New words to scrabble dictionary Lee. Yes so and I'll tell you dyke a few of them would be like a mode G and a lot of other island ill and show him about. Spell it beat Italy you're right and I WD. And it meant a face Tom. An accurate Illinois don't know about what let's see possible so Iraq she vessels. And as honest also rock chip and well you know they're working on the ground. Saturday Jack. This is bin. TV news live saw. I'm Dave and and. Boone doing sir rocks yeah. What that you've all heard the Iraq. Oh.