Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Friday, February 23rd

You're probably ready for the weekend, but don't look now, Dana & Jayson are jamming information into your brain with the latest edition of ADD News. Rather than expecting your attention span to last more than one segment, we give you all the news that fits into one segment, including good news for Rick & Morty fans, Dumb & Dumber fans, and fast food fans of all shapes and sizes. Open up wide, ADD News is coming at you.


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And now. Am Jason is BM Henry story get I don't know really quickly Florio. You're Ripken forty families congratulations. Does your passion and made this happen. You told McDonald's. And give us the shots and they listen to get. On Monday it's coming back. Twenty million packets. Of Sichuan sauce that's not enough. No it's so much more than they gave the first time. Listen if you're a little lost so you don't understand this whole Sichuan obsession which it is the background is actually best explained by wreck of American morning. In 1988 they had this promotion for the Disney film blue line where they where they they they created a new socks for the magna gets caught sexual on socks and it's delicious and they got rid of it. And now it's gone it's still the boys are gonna be able to try to tonight memory richter doing his bit what your brain is Milton a direct direct. So since that episode fans of the show created a petition. To bring back the thoughts and back in October. McDonald's. Didn't do that they offered the soft on one Saturday but then they ran out almost immediately and keep horrible that there's not going to be enough. You say that but twenty million packets to even know what that this though it's a lot. But not enough people greedy it's gonna be right again. The streets aren't safe when they're Sichuan thoughts out there Wheldon the streets won't be safe as of Monday a great because it arrives at an all McDonald's on Monday across the nation hide your kids. Lock your doors it's not gonna be safe here at Indy. Story number two I don't understand the person who would actually pay money for weird old props from movies but someone actually did pay money to have that little motor scooter from dumb and dumber you neighbor called the scene yeah. Government for one more if you still wanna go to us. Were you find that kid back into trade demand force straight up and get seven miles of the gallon on the stock only. Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any caliber. You go and do so like this I am home do you do you self back. I just gonna keep watching minimizing their logic gate while some man decided that. That bike. Is worth 50000 dollars. Yes 50000 dollars but the guy bought it on eBay and opening bid was only 8500 which is still observe. It's actually harder for me to do this story after losing dude I don't like beta that we're not. That they are turning back up my a lot of yeah. And I'll another movie. Story number three and his story and I know that there's no way you can't already know this Jason but you haven't said anything about it which worries many. Taco bells in a circle of very. I'll still let's say eight veg can't CTO. And that's not as important CO. They're using grub how to do this up the drive there isn't convenient enough Oreo now you can order it from the comfort of your couch just like you would have Papa John's. They tested this out and Nebraska. And a couple places in the midwest and it went really well how the it's now my fingertips now now I really can't get drunk and. Order talk about. And I feel like what it's gonna lead to is a lot of secret meeting. I'm gonna abuse that power when things can be delivered to gaga whom you can't be trusted I can't teach us and I came to walk the dogs ice on empty Papa John's box anxiety and open up the Fred's. I don't even want to know it's an act as a my secrets leave them alone it's. Yeah. Miss them. And to download grab a path.