Dana & Jayson - ADD News: Friday, April 13th, 2018

Friday, April 13th

News for the easily distracted, Dana & Jayson are back with another fact-filled edition of ADD News! We break down the top three stories we feel you need to know about heading into the weekend. Today we found out two secrets to help you live a long life, what to do when you just get too freaking high, and why your dog literally has not shame. All the news that fits on the Alt 949 News Network!


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And now it's time for ADV. Rick. Quinton Davis and Jason on the all night before nine news network. Or three trending stories for your Friday we're gonna run down for us to remember why. If you want a little long life which I assume you don't have him there are two things you need to do I love and old people speak is according to the oldest man in the world he lives in Japan and he's a 113 to allow. A 113. And he said there's only two things you need to do does what he does eat desserts. And tell people off. He says he does both regularly and I see that you looked despondent. Because the only two that's. Apple that. That that what it's a 113 divided by 820. Estimates from I'm here. It lawn because you don't like sweet I hate sweets but I tell people law. But I am obsessed with sweets but your team nice you would never tell anybody off little I don't know not now. Well I yes you're right you're right with our powers combines. We may live past 55. Story number two have you ever heard of someone vomiting because of excessive weed smoking. And I've ever once what do you mean no no I know. He completely opposite I'd never heard of a single person vomiting from that's not. But apparently. People who smoked twenty times or more in a month. Had been reporting cases there's actually two point seven million cases. Of what's called a Canada no laid up. Hype Paramus says syndrome when it's apparently they used to start vomiting from too much wheat out of your system and if you do know somebody that has this there's a really easy cure that's the story that came out. That if you take a hot shower with a lot of steam it. Then all the setting the vomit stocks and they have no idea why people are vomiting and they also have no idea why hot showers work but doctors are speculating the connection between high levels of TH senior bodies teen system well. I'm glad that you are giving this suggests and yes. May be to help meet someone you might hypothetically smoke weed maybe had athletically times some months yet might hypothetically developed that's the thing Kiefer. Giving this tour to anyone who might hypothetically do that in the. Grow see that's ridiculous I do not smoke weed twenty times and because there are thirty days and I'm. We've thirty days. In a month and also I'm kind of curious about the scientific research it do for this so many to read Osasuna match mineral. And let the man. Story number three. Dog shame isn't real. There's just they got in sic granted Twitter or not you guys and see that word dog owners post pictures or videos of their dogs once they get caught misbehaving. And the dogs will be like. Fat tail between legs sometimes shaking and shaver right a lot of video wall below the dogs may appear to have Shane. It's not true research says that the looks of shame from dogs. Are actually just a submissive response from the dog don't tell me that's just know your dogs lowland Felix. Feel no remorse. Harding need that what's really depressed or get something once again that I love your calling out and think it's fake you love dogs shame I love those videos. Oh you you know about them. Death Dana I know about them I know about all yeah I hash tag dog shaved hash tag all day every day I love those videos words like them all that is who got into the trash can have one dog assisted him Merrill happier than there is another dog at fault that. I'm literally concerned. For the amount of time. That you spent. Doing. Deep dives into the bowels of the Internet you don't really have to go very deep. The fact that you know what I'm talking about and you sit there and use time on your day to watch dog shame videos. And well now why does it still another not even real I don't hear what you just that I hate when you mumble when you're saying hate crimes. You're gonna continue to watch. Fake dodge anybody I wish you could speak clearly because we work in radio and you can't zone you're going to protect you know we only government told her saying I don't understand English and I meant Jack up my ankle LA and get our facts. This is bin ADV. Live. I'm Dave and and James and not be all by any of our nightly news network.