Dana & Jayson - A New Day: Jayson's Affirmations

Friday, December 6th

Jayson is really leaning into self help as we all barrel towards 2020, and the recent piece of the puzzle is a new daily morning routine. These days, the irresponsible twenty-year-old Jayson has been replaced by a healthy eating, personal training, soul caring, therapy attending, still generally irresponsible thirty-year-old Jayson, and it's starting to show. If all those positive life changes weren't enough to give you a positive outlook on what Jayson version 2020 will look like, this morning on Alt 949, Jayson revealed the latest thing he's doing to help get his mind right. After learning the truth, will Jayson's friends and the rest of the Dana & Jayson show family ever look at him the same way again? We ran through a trial run this morning on San Diego's Alternative.