Dana & Jayon - Gender Neutral

Wednesday, July 11th

Gender reveals can be a bit of a tricky situation, especially if you're hoping for one or the other. Hiding any disappointment is key, unless you want to see the video go viral. Exhibit A is Celtics forward Gordon Hayward finding out daughter #3 is on the way. Since Producer Jack couldn't get Gordon on the phone, he settled for the next best thing, and wrangled another father of three daughters, Dana's husband Kevin, to join the show and do a little emotional reveal.

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I never felt so awkward uh oh gender deals are supposed to be happy. And when parents find out that gender. Of their baby that's about to be born mall there's a video. I don't know where this came from labor reality show or something Sports Illustrated tweeted it out OK so this guy that plays on the Celtics Gordon Hayward at. It's a video of his. He gender reveal that his wife did for him so they have two little girls and a general deal is when everyone's surprise ought one's about in the baby's gonna be a boy or girl and people do it in different ways like. Cutting it cake and then it's pink or blue inside I've seen guys do swinging at a baseball and explodes and color okay so this one that they opened a cardboard box. And little pink balloons. Flew out of it and it was literally. These most awkward. Anti climactic. Thing that's ever happened on video because this guy. I would describe his reaction as despondent about despondent. Columbus. I don't play you a clip of it I can't say anything about. This. Eight ready. Oh. Oh birdie or aids. This won't be that happy. That it's always happy Fella that that smile hot is it really always happy I've been on at the you'd go oh wait you're lying about that they had. He that you can take like you have to take it to a higher pitch to prove that your apnea. Don't look that all the Lula from the heart wait you sure you. That hey that's like your in my past Q if you really like the sweater she's got like. And fear him avoid the question who had a good. Oh Bernie you're aids. Like legit I feel bad for the wife and yeah. It's almost like that she even know him. To put him in the situation predict camera on me like this video is so bad it is going to exist for ever like one day the unborn girl that he was excited about it. You have to see this video it's all night for night radio dot com like how bad it an awkward so that was she hoping for like a good verse. Aren't fight to the civic that's who is being like hey I'm carrying your child. So you should be excited that somebody feel bad for him for having to deal with three daughters and a lifetime. And I don't OK don't be sex that's. What do you mean deal with three daughters that a wise that is that it makes sense. Pulled the mice situation you realize so this does hit close to home the I have three daughters that's funny that you bring that out. We can get hot seat this the NBA mad and we had talked to a man he's in this position and about what really goes on at lie in the public dude quit a few outnumbered by forward that it household that I talking about data that would cap. While that's on the get teased him. Up next I'm getting your husband on the boat to really talk about what went on in his head when he realized that that third child was going to be a theme now. Well actually I think we have Dennis has been among minority. You are. Oh yeah. Oh birdie or aids. Well that was painful that was the sound of a man who is about to have his third daughter. What is his name from the Celtics it doesn't matter. A player from the Celtics it was like this video that Sports Illustrated treated and it was of the moment where his wife was doing that gender reveal of their third child. Gordon Hayward despondent Gordon had a Barry and and through its. But we're not gonna talk to Gordon Hayward that now learning we're gonna talk to a bad who's in that position and get into the mindset of what it feels like when you realized your third child is going to be a girl data's has been cap. Rowell our order we're up did you fill the spot dead to win you realize that your third child is going to be a theme now. What was the emotional response. Well. I. Mean we found out in the delivery room right so we've there are lot of mixed emotions and their. They're almost half. But mail. The line is when it comes of the gender like were you excited to. What that weren't his they weren't upset about that figure out having four women in the house. They wanna bring in a point you know that you gave up. I. Well. Yeah I mean it didn't have hated girl and not though it real well we don't wanna bring aboard this. The group met the into the net as you protect. Taylor I mean if army like your artistry action when I when you find out with a girl it's like oh wow here we go more glitter or our goals. More pink and about the best person to act if I don't early your boat in any way shape or. Yet just to keep herself sick. Oh yeah that's what it's crazy over here I. OK a cab let's go to above that where the BP comes out of the mother's womb the doctor goes and it's a girl. Right there. Yeah I mean it's like. I don't know there was. No cameras running so I don't know much facial expression but I can say insiders kind of like. A little bit of a kick or roll the more like a roller coaster did you do like okay electric says. Though yours stomach flu it two years but the route there are sure to get in trouble. Dad and get I would just as sieve like I don't understand that Steve's response because the plate dude Blake. Who cares have been the girl or boy eight. Meet some people really want. Boy from people really want a girl I mean I think for me it's like after being married they have for so long you just want to go out that looked out the door out the window. And good dog. All of there are no longer okay good big hero why aren't there anymore. There. Our wives but you are received big idea of the ones that you want to. Okay well I thank you for allowing us to get into a deep mine bit of a doubt with three girls how that how the roller coaster going by the lack. Well nobody. Cried yet there's been some minor whining but only grew out of the breed girl are await Paul. You know we couldn't find under where this fits I don't know what that up epidural. I got this dress that the great and who. Quite yet but there's still a lot of morning left to live how effective. Not that she's sorry you don't have many blond salt. We've.