Dana and Jayson - Too Much Tech

Thursday, April 27th

Technology is amazing, and it brings a ton of power right to our fingertips, but are we too glued to our tech? Jayson sits down with Dana's daughter to find out if mom is on her phone too much. It's brutally cute.

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Parents are spending too much time on their phones and their children are calling them out on and David Gates and on about 98 or nine San Diego's alternate according to a new survey. More than that. Third of kids are having to tell there parents to stop checking their phone during family time so of course. I had to find out if this was true for our family. And when they say our family I mean Tina Stanley that I just so happened to be apart of IE an end to our oldest daughter's seven year old daughter's. Thatcher right now we're sitting on her but bad. Prince sustained and I'm gonna do little interview or are you ready mr. one thing. OKMR I have to ask a really personal question you have to tell me the absolute truth OK. Okay. Do you think your mom. Is on her cellphone. Too much. Yeah yeah oh yeah let's win this year on herself on and ran and the current Bloomberg. When it's the most annoying time she's on her cellphone when you're trying to talk to her her own. He leads parents into Iran plaguing you really need to do something in plan in the. T get paid Noah is a load she ignores that it's because she's like what FaceBook king sits on Twitter she's replying to a text message what can I. Can't think. Like only is it. Now if you could tell mom. One day and about her being on the cellphone what would you like to tell her I would like Intel act. Don't stay in this cell phones to lunch Corey when he wanted to do cry either. A bankruptcy and. And that your love gov. I mean the deal OK I called Hewitt and we had an intervention and mob has entered the radio. And say oh well let's just see this like Maurice style OK mom I'd add this might be some hard news thank you use your cellphone too much in the presence of your seven year old daughter. How do you. I have been feeling like I diss it too much on us for a. No I didn't get so quick play. How do you feel about that throughout that month is that it that it. I need you are allowed to test my three kids I teach you many text messages right maybe. I've been thinking I need to stop using the cellphone as much so what if when it. You get home from school I leave the cellphone in my room. And did when I'm in the living room the cellphone Campion all of Ingram warm. And I can just use it and other times when asked her gotten Pelosi thing. Wait until that's really unfair to me because that's going into my talking time with your mom. And so I think that we should re arrange had that mom can only answer my text messages do you agree to that. I. I was actually going to mention Joseph well that I think part of the main problem is. Now in its entire thing is that who calls mom the most days. Who's constantly emailing mom Jason who texts mom the most games can now lay it. Wait it's unfair so July I think the problem is that it's Jason X he does still hasn't pol like almost every day so Powell that he mobile texting sending. I slang easily is that that's that's the question why you always sexy to us and you're always at our house ID would put that surrounds them how what do you think about that has your research now that inning of the land limited account the fact that.