Dana and Jayson - The Red Button

Thursday, April 27th

Rumor is that President Trump has a red button in the oval office that alerts someone to bring him a Coke. Dana & Jayson wanted to let you wield that kind of power this morning, and had you call in, press Jayson's red button, and make your request. He'll be hitting up five lucky listeners with their requests today! Stay tuned for the video!

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There's a red button in the Oval Office not knock. Button a different red button that Donald Trump has installed and if he presses this button someone butler's tem a Coke. Like a Coca-Cola cracked. It's stated Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative. Personal I don't like that there's two buttons under the same color I know a lot of. Maybe it is like a yellow button a button to add anything besides another red one. But apparently this is actually a thing that he does he has someone deliver Coke anytime you wanted apparently that's his favorite drink he's proud of this is probably an endorsement deal I don't like any of it first of all but he drinks that much Coca-Cola much co there's like your dream actually it's true okay. Your eyes are so wide right now I never knew I had anything in common with Donald Trump you guys are so similar in this lag but then it doesn't fill I would never do this if I were president I would feel too bad. To give that job Heilman I like that you have the opportunity to be president in your weird hat I in my weird head to this and it feels like a misuse of power feels like a little bit of a Bill Clinton's situation like sedated flaky with a different kind of intern hit oil leaking the intern go get coffee I Lebanon. I always tell us how he'd probably get the paycheck I don't think that he should have that job I think that it is your telling me if I said well. I have this red button. And you compress that. And then when you press that the door will open or whatever you want will come through that doorway if it was like magic but not if it was a person that had to do that forming goalie Todd you would be agreed that the you'd like solve hunger or gave shelter to the whole bloody as I all of then if that button happened yes OK okay pageant queen coming down of America. Yes but there's no I mean I would still too bad so I would never present even if they insolvent I would say. You can disable that if I don't like what that stands that I don't want anyone to serve meek spoke the I would have I would want multiple buttons chilies that nuclear arms race. Once per tackled the purple it would be for Taco Bell that's ridiculous red blood would before and then now and then I'll have a yellow ones from yellow telstar today. The crowd led would be for poppies. But the sad thing hasn't played all these things they're just so broke down in cheek. I'd love in an out Donald bell of lovely but I love that is just like low budget request. So you wouldn't feel bad for the person that would have to bring in the talk about the the get a paycheck dual put yourself on people's shoes and I don't like get neck can't be bothered. I would not you had to be dead person bringing it. I want you to being. We are that person I've not that part that you are the person now please you have to feel like what it feels like to be them woody if and you're listening right now and you do once summing delivered what does Jason delivered a TO what he's talking about you can deliver things for people did you bring your cart today yes he did a get. If you. Want something delivered TOJ symbol Glover tee this morning. I'm becoming that real life red button yet you are this is the real life Fred button at 6195701949. You couldn't. Choose something that you would like delivered used to it's almost it's like an imaginary red button and as long as it's a broke down requests that are radio station can afford them. Jason will bring it CO. Like a five dollar and when that I would say ten night volley at ten approve them pushing it a little bit and our boss like that good of a. 61957019. Point nine what do fights take three people are thought maybe five. How all five people. Jason we'll do five deliveries today he is the red button you've always wanted now it's your dream it's your world your Donald Trump you don't have to be Donald Trump he could be anybody going to be but none of the press a button. What do you want delivered. Because we're gonna make that happen for you this morning. This morning it's going to feel like you're the one in the Oval Office. Did you hear about the red button that Donald Trump had installed the not dull red button don't worry about that it's a different red button we're all he has to do is press sets and upon pressing gets. A personal and stir into the Oval Office with a Coke for hadn't. But this morning you're in charge of the red button. What would you would like delivered to yield. If you had access to a human being that would bring you anything you want because this morning you do have that Jason is going to be doing five deliveries because he has no empathy for the human who actually has to bring in Donald Trump but Cote could be admitted mistakes and on about 949 San Diego's alternate and 6195701949. It's your button and Jason is your delivery person. Alina aftermath indeed help. Pretty good morning so. There's this fictional red button that we're talking about this morning and Jason is at your disposal. Yeah Google think yeah. It is learning to correct by saying I absolutely agree with you Monica anxious that I I don't think there should be here at button. I don't wanna be political entity but it seems like a civil liberties issue. A light that it's a misappropriation. Of power but hey I am all about now when it comes to Jason that's so pretend your president and it's your jury name. What do you want. Where would you like that from you know way. Or in 88. It very caption Taylor I'm long and I get them I'm glad I'm. Not actually Emily short break out hit people are delivering it to work. Oprah effect do you prefer is also very day or do you like the red Solso medium my head over there and coming out now I wanted to give her what exactly what she wants it's her button. The green button I'm gonna go out there a little retail always all day right Jason so that's our first sauter were getting February don't deliver it. That's right in the wheel house of the budget to is that he turnout and it hurt at keeping it well I get so now we're gonna get your information about where exactly did you give us the town new work insular we get a general idea so can map out our groups but I can doubt mark a perfect socal I love a good North County. Little trip so we'll go right there par fact you gonna be paying for gas Dana. From 949. That's an exit at a navy will take a station vehicle oh. Pulled on a guy hey Larry thanks. You're in the ultimate position of power this morning this is actually what it feels like to be president of the United States is CNN Jason on FM 949 San Diego's alternative Donald Trump had a red button installed in the Oval Office I wish you just tweet a photo of this or something for proof that it's really there next to the other red button that we all know about. But if he presses this new red button a Coke is instantly delivered to the oval office for him no human being should have to be that person. Who have to deliver that Coke that's almost worse. Then the Starbucks are being assigned as an intern job. Jason though has no empathy for that person so this morning he's become that person he's delivering you. Whatever you would like. Within a ten dollar budget to wherever you would like it delivered you have the red button this morning at 6195701949. What would you like. Hey Allison from best fast. Yeah how case so. This morning you're about to get acquainted with Jason on a new level because he is your Butler. Out then you sound really warm and I can't wait to be the F apps so. I know and I'm actually woke up on the right side of the bed. And I'm having a bad day. All I look at that now I hear really bringing it this morning Allison so now I want you to feel like you have power and you're sitting in the Oval Office and they're installing the button. What is the assignment for the person that is just going to deliver whatever your heart desires. OK so my two favorite that'll hold underworld as they're an you don't get an RI. There. I've wanted to go there so bad it's on my list. I. Only know Jason you've been to the San Diego doughnut bar and what was your doughnut of choice when you plant. It was these sultan Carmel okay now what is your doughnut of choice Allison might happen and that my favorite. Birdied the paths that we don't have budget for you to get it done up for yourself g.'s advice you're gonna get Allison seed. Salted cardinals what you would like Allison. And it's happening so congratulations. Yeah. I'm well the tell us what talent we're gonna be delivering that doughnuts you know I'm actually out we're pregnant out of our that. Carl's a perfect we're going to be in the Del Mar area delivering a buried now all of slowly enough that a south. Oh. Yeah. She works in Del Mar yeah. Our product is. Eileen. Politicians and as I had the perfect so Alison you're going to be our second stop okay. It cost them okay hang a much like we'll get all that information and pretty pay area out the EU work at the Toyota dealership an El Cajon. Jason this is gonna be a homecoming for you Jason was born in alcohol and so this is going to be a really nice reunion so now aerial you've had a little bit of time while on hold to think about what you'd like. Debt Dominique de wit they achieved. Then sub like that Papelbon everything emanate don't make Donald Wright an I copy it. I'll done and done I mean Nazi like the eyes of French Fries. Let them in the vote no and what size of the coffee and how do you take yet let in Europe copy. Or not the. See I think that she should be the president honestly I'd like that you actually have a budget I wish our politicians could take after you know. But the reality that I at a dealer and alcohol we will see you ASAP you are one of our stops along the way this morning. It's the red button that everybody's talking about the one that Donald Trump had installed to the Oval Office are all he has to do is press sits and Coca-Cola is delivered. To the Oval Office by human being but this morning you get to be Donald Trump. Or do you want to somebody who has access to a magical red bottom is David Jason on FM 949 San Diego's alternative and it this morning because Jason has no empathy for the poor person who has to be the Bakken call Coke deliver. Jason is going to be your red button. He's going to be making five deliveries so let you know what it feels like to press a button and just have your wish granted we have two more on the line right now Jason is 6195701949. Your wish is essentially his command Tracy from Kearny mesa OK you've been holding on and you thought it through. What would you like to have delivered to you oh you are the one and a power position. I would like to have delivered the brunch electorate there turn Jack in the Box. But I felt any bacon on it I wanted to made on this. I look at you like searching him polite net and just throwing down request which is what you're supposed to DO CU followed the assignment very well Jason did you get that idea Tracy you're Seles there a bug scary she pressed the button that you press the buttons are you finally seeing what it feels like to be that person that has to deliver read I'm pretty sure that Tracy is not as bad as Donald Trump and now. Tracy okay so where are you working this morning. I'm turning into a right on the road from ES. Well well I love when it's right down the road from may now will you give me a hug when I see you Tracy. To actually hug you did I'll be your friend. Well I love the elements of this building thank yo for its fifth without food that would I. I sell my. Welcome and oh yeah Stacy Sobel CEO we might have to readjust our math I mean why don't we just make Tracy our first stop though I per. The brunch burger bacon and tomato definitely is right OK fine what a nice ring. And a lot of emea at. Okay party guys allowed it to be really hard to be in pulling it down because he's nervous that he's gonna get Iran tracing eight. And that that there aren't funny yeah I'll do our back as hard a table on today's big. Came Maryland. Yes hey are you from Kearny mesa till. Yeah so this just can be two stops in Kearny mesa this morning what would you like them red button is yours. And I get a pat embryo pro growth they. Don't know it down but he doesn't. Oh where's the stop a shot at Claremont I think that the near one or Matt. What did you want specifically what's your letter. Pat Brown burrito hash brown buried at some still assess Connecticut and on the now this is that you're the servant and a hands certain aren't and who aren't I. Yeah thank you Maryland you're bringing it this morning how can it doesn't feel very powerful they just give Jason that task and he's going to faction and no I don't know about that I mean that he's still ordered like right. I kinda feel bad but I'm still gonna get a pass from Hillary. Let notebook drive declaring a I love to hang on sack but it seemed a little that.