Dana and Jayson - Public Restroom Undercover

Thursday, April 27th

Another day, another adventure in a public restroom for Producer Jack. Will a millennial with a backwards baseball cap step up to the plate? Find out in this week's edition of Public Restroom Undercover!

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It's public restroom undercover on FM only 49 San Diego's alternate of the game where on knowing men in public restrooms around San Diego have the opportunity to win you prizes based on whether or not they wash their hands after using the facility is 13 of men in America don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom but this morning we find out is that surely in San Diego as our producer Jack lurks in public restrooms spy not mad and giving us descriptions of them. OK let's check one out and had to stop by his department store tonight pickups socks and underwear rock star life. So I decided be a good opportunity for me to hang out in the public restroom and be creeping up breast undercover. I have night before I. The socks and underwear. 86195701949. Make Kings of Leon tickets they're gonna lead to illness at the mattress firm and the theater. Plus meet and greet with the bands KJ saying good morning from Ramona how are they doing enough. So are you ready for your description. Of the gentlemen yes. Okay yeah. I can't man. Talk. Lets kids that's twice. Backwards baseball cap banking chains find out what happens. Honed in your way and saying yeah I'd alone I don't beg to Jason leaguer thoughts because my cuts are very specific. I'm gonna vote here or there he did not now. That's what I would think he gets life being like millennial there late they see I think they're clean. I think it's the older generation that just can't be bothered at all that the album that's just my thought what are you thinking is gonna happen today Jason. Right or you're going with the no on not one Jack. Zero Washington. No water no Washburn. Hunch they'll. I saved the set of regulations you're going to see Kings of Leon and plus me angry with the ban. Our way down to eighth. I'm sure they're our lives now they probably due hand cents hazard everything we love those meet and greet. Appetizer and I guess that's us just how public restroom area that though little creepy in both op Burnett Bingham and you break ever a.