Dana and Jayson - Mud Jeans

Wednesday, April 26th

Nordstrom is selling jeans with fake mud on them for $425, so Dana & Jayson thought they would hop in on the trend, giving you a chance to win their own DIY versions, stuffed with Kings of Leon tickets. You're SO lucky we're not charging for these!

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425. Dollars 425. Dollars is how much Nordstrom's. Is selling. A pair of the mud covered genes for where Dana and Jason on FM 949 San Diego's alternatives and he really looks so well when he stopped I did I saw this the story. Is February now and it when I sides. It seems silly to me so I clicked at a level that click bait situation reflect. And as soon as I sign a pair of jeans those like Al I would want that state UN Feyerick has you don't have 445 dollar I would imply and it's but see. This is going to be a big trend now like Nora Sims is the first ones to come out that so there really expensive but still like forever 21 all have them for probably like twenty dollars. So then I'll buy it. But it's so the genes are basically just. Normal looking but it's they have this fake mud all over some and not splattered like the eighties. But it looks like you're out working. Heart. Why don't you go out and go work in ago gain those stains on your chains that's like saying you have to earn the Rex if you go at the ripped jeans trans I don't want ripped jeans with us unless they've earned drip chains and I feel bad how would you or non wealth by fives are revving together and the only time you've ever. Ripped jeans has when you tried to drop it like it was hot and they split that's turnout in early to go to a tailor in no way of ballet class I felt bad for the people have dirty jobs you're in them who are really working hard the construction workers the plumbers well that's dumb I mean if you just don't like the look of the now be one thing but I don't think anyone's protective of their mud while you don't know that at black all 425. Dollars is ridiculous it's budget Blake up but. Rich people who think they're above it all who won a look like they're down in the dirt with us that real leader just try to sell off far fashion that we have to actually where. PS doubtless I think it. Saying it for 92%. Of your day and it chair. So I don't know what yours talked about the voice of the people the but the people don't want you representing about measures however I knew that we wouldn't be approved to abide these genes thanks in on. I play on there that I did something better I have two pairs of jeans to give away. One of them who do you recognize these. Why are you holding my pair of Gap jeans in your hand because I got them. From who your fiance. Why are they covered in my side because my girls had fun outside and I they did such a phenomenal job that they look identical. To the parent Nordstrom's. And we're giving them away for free right now and also a pair of mind. No one's gonna 1000 miss me brands that you allowed that you Thacker I think it was like highlight this segment thousand thought. Right they look exactly like the Nordstrom's ones sell it you would like the new women's hair ornament spare or if you're a couple and you're driving right now a new light bulb you don't wanna match you have matching got them. I'll probably not. It's 619 by 701949. I mean. If we get a lot of calls lots of just got a caller fourteen to make it fair. Will probably get Mayo calls and my towel I'm got my genes are now covered in mud. And class. Side note there's a hole in the crotch so enjoy he kind of gave us a week pair up but that's the only pair I have had a bad hole get Eric shake things out lenders sorry you could see the picture of us in our jeans reporting them on Arafat 949 ST dot com McCall now do you want to machines. Go to lined three college for peavy. Content from PV OK were you interested in our Jeanne. I am. I like to invigorate you know so we have a Jason what is that size on those Gap jeans that are covered in mud. Slim think TO PI I'm so sure there are no good. Now here's the deal collar and before she rats me out about decides it seems that where you. Are just a wanting to win on the radio you don't necessarily care what you went even if they're too lightly used jeans 32 by 32 am bread. There'll always used jeans wouldn't be bad now. Or a pair of missed me jeans covered in mud pit pogo stick death. They'll thank Allah and Atlanta. There is a hole in the cried out which could be helpful and I mean you live in PBC you know what goes on down there also it's a good ventilation system as well. Fighter and I drew a truck government and vote Obama all right okay good you can add these to the collection congratulations. Weld notice we got Jason's hair given away our rates Colin thank you for calling. You're high demand. Hey Daryn you are calling about the dirty jeans. And a mouth you want to vote. Yeah nudity being okay and would you settle for a pair of women's dirty jeans because we are to gave away Jason's that you're who call yes. Do you know what court. Sitting with each other well we were in the century weaponry we will not on nine. How big guys let me I like that you're both there and it's a way that and I like this is the first time ever in my life that two grown ass men are fighting over my Jeanne. Has rallied in the last time so relish in this moment hold. Up. A hundred. I mean OK Daryn that's fine I mean I'm not questioning anything of that sort it's not IE you are saying and I'm all for that I did with your people am glad that heterosexuals are somewhat whatever he wants to associate him out of tax. Let let us tell you there Ed. It this is the most enjoyable thing that's ever happened to be in my life and think you for sacrificing. Your own wellbeing yeah. To provide this sport made all along and they hero you guys thank you grow up so I like this team. So we ID. I'd usually you're a lot harder at. Colin and Darren I Philly used to should be the real ones of the morning show Jason and I should be what are trailer here and. Yeah yeah. Jack to let it become indebted to you haven't I don't. So he's smile and he's the first time they'll get that here. Who they're going to be two pairs of dirty jeans sitting up front for you woke tanked it act you. Because they're hilarious at love that you guys thanks a lot and have a great thank you Syria. Are we really Kennelly of them two pairs of sad mud covered jeans at the front they're not tiny skinny they are nice but pool and are you would did you wanting to surprise them yelled let's put something in the pocket because my gosh at some Verisign. But we have Kings of Leon tickets okay. So we disconnected with them but Darren Collins from PB if you really do come pick up our dirty jeans there might be Kings of Leon tickets in the pocket for your just sank and a little bit of mud a lots of my eye and it won't be back tomorrow hope you have a great die.