Dana and Jayson - Good Lorde

Wednesday, March 29th

As a guest on the BBC leading up to her Coachella 2017 performance, Lorde was a good sport about singing a parody of her new single Green Light. Dana & Jayson take a listen, and you'll never sing it the same way again.

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Lord it was asked to do something that a lot of our desks don't wanna do you know did you hear her sing a parody of her own new song green night no. So that happens. When lord went to do an interview on the BBC. Radio channel she had tweeted out it's. The fact that she was about to enjoy Cadbury cream made which is the best tree for this time of year. And this is a totally separate saying a couple days prior to this interview she'd treated that. So when she got there then morning show I've written a parody to her son green light it and it was all about Cadbury cream aegs. And then you have a choice in that moment as lord do I do this song. Or do I say now and then look like I'm Elaine why and who didn't wanna sing that song. Because those artists one that most artists get. Upset and angry and there's demands and it has to be arranged in advance. They have to act like daylight get if they agreed to do it but sometimes they just flat out say no because they board too hard in their careers still. Butcher their owns the hard work I thought there blood sweat and tears fell like large sample aboard dead it. Her hit song no longer dreamlike but Cadbury cream aegs. I really Brussels will slow graceful guy leaves this job. The public about the may think it is. And waited all this time and now I just can't stop you know what you've assistant. I'm collect. I need them all year round I wanna scream the true. I like his weird interpretation of I said I have just one insists damned I had. Otherwise screaming kids safe zone series. When you die it is. Essentially we had to make an ass. I'm just face it if I knew how you always see into the lungs Islam alone I feel mum mom. Okay. It's great reverence. In my mind games. Are you enjoying it right now is your lord or are you mad that's what I was thinking to lake I'm trying to be in the space of lord it she's like these I'm want to chill yo U think she's a sad yeah he's just being super gracious and or maybe. That was enough but he kept going down now. We saw. He's like that friend who's trying to force you to try something new but you really don't wanna do like the time where you can force me to keep sweet potatoes. And I have done things you know I don't like and I don't like get but I can't sing but if you try nicely big tea does you will like can I make some this land exactly at the end I did like get kind of like lord lord's. How does sound like she's kind of having fun the exact way. And maybe she'll do that performance fly back Coachella abbey a made that putt and coaching will not.