Dana and Jayson - Drunk Girl Street Smarts: Coachella Edition

Wednesday, April 19th

Dana & Jayson had the final of 3 chances to qualify to win their last pair of Coachella wristbands for weekend two, and it all came down to a drunk girl. Check out the final installment of our Drunk Girl Street Smarts: Coachella Edition trifecta.

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The game is called drug cross street smarts the Coachella addition it's a game where drunk girls from Coachella weekend one and have the opportunity to win you are sold out over spans. And an RV passed for weekend two of Coachella ordain and Jason on FM 949 San Diego's alternative. We like you to be one of three qualifiers today's player has the opportunity to be the third and final qualifier to win Nat and we also have a qualified price to dream cars gonna be in little Italy tonight of the music box self automatically getting hooked up with that now our office that jury may spend the weekends at Coachella and he's the one that was in charge of meeting drunk girls yesterday we heard a little bit of flirting that's going on them. I do it like that and what we're gonna see how today's strong girl goes we need to meet her now she is with mixture Amy. And we have our program the day what's your name things came late is this your first time and hotel and it is. Are you like it is a part in London and from LA never events and and how much of it happening. I have had a Smart water bottle and outlook on this news. And nine another thing on my hands out there are you fan mounting you know and love Lucy is seen all right all right. She's a very well composed strong girl for having a Smart water bottle of vodka all right so we're gonna go to our player right now it's Oscar from Claire amount yet apparently good morning so you ready for the first question yes except all you need to do is determine whether or not that strong girl's gonna get it right or wrong you don't actually have to know the answer to edit three gets you qualified to get those weekend to rest fans okay no longer go first question. Which is chess piece can only move diagonally. I mean you don't know the game of chess you this is just an unfair question I mean I feel like everyone would now with the queen act. Yeah the and clean this seat no you know the dean of test and you're still not sure Erica I'm gonna I don't I feel like no Blake what do you think. Let's go without. This is a multiple choice questions. Some of peanut gallery out shots you know I'm coming out sentencing him. It was a checkers question I was nailing it's. A business. So it's like I'm. All right Oskar. Guy and I like anybody you'd there's so much she might try to get up in my state throwing get onto the house I ran it by next president. Plus two. Which US state is named on the label Jack Daniels hoddle. Lou again you have to be a Jack Daniel's fan I wouldn't know that isn't that totally SA. Now it won't be aimed at Accenture it and you and your decision you know what OK let's find out text X followers. Your friend got a right Tennessee. Five cents. It's your expertise so tentative and everything. OK okay I also heard it all comes down to death on Oscar apparently quite at the final question got to redeem yourself on the tonight. How many legs you butterflies happen. That's common knowledge I think OK what do you think I don't know I got everything wrong with. A network or that particular order let's find out the voters. Why were the I'm honest say yeah sex. Okay. Brian I. And our. Yeah I can't see you are now one of three qualifiers. That have the opportunity to go to Coachella weekends she'll win an RV pass allow I'm not so cool I your qualifying price you're gonna go see dream car tonight in little Italy at the music box okay. I think you thank you so much turn to our debt.