Dana and Jayson - Drunk Girl Street Smarts: The Coachella Edition

Tuesday, April 18th

Dana & Jayson are helping you ditch the FOMO from Coachella weekend one, with the second of three chances to qualify to win weekend two wristbands with another round of Drunk Girl Street Smarts LIVE from this weekend in Indio.

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John girl street smarts the Coachella addition this is a game where drunk girls from weekend one of Coachella have the opportunity to would you sold out over spans two weekend two of Coachella not to mention an RV parking pass his stay in and day sun FM 949 San Diego's alternative our office nick jury Amy he was out at Coachella weekend one. And he ran into a lot of drunk girls in this game he asked them general knowledge questions. All you need to do is predict whether or not this strong girl will get the answer cracked or not two out of three gets you qualified to win those Coachella wrist bands and automatic tickets to see dream car tomorrow night in little Italy. Right we found another drunk girl for today Coachella what's your name him Mac and Byron no other no I mean. Bryant again is this your first time of the Basel and Manning and awesome men who are you looking forward to season. Studying on time. How you see nine. I'm a little nervous about that strong girl. We see heading on the trainee at. That's what I was wondering and that's right by UN into silent mode because you're getting a little jealous over that because he is our office make dreamy there's feelings that no way of LA. At a volley there was chemistry because he was supposed to ask how many drink she had immediate meaning get that information can be tried got nervous probably blocked out producer Jack you have more information. I spoke with him mr. may treat me personally and he said that he. Personally Federer at least three Beers so now we know he at least and that he bought her three Beers at Coachella that's like twelve bucks the beer down your mad about the money. Served them to necessarily buy them okay that's a hope. Can we go to our player please the touch from Carlsbad frank Pena Tosh yes so are drunk girl had three beer okay her name is Rebecca. And we're gonna listen to the first question that make dreamy Astaro can I contact plus a number one yeah. How many milligrams are and one gram. How many milligrams or and one ground I cant even answer that so what do you think that drunk grower back is gonna get that right. Yes she's she's going living yes there's some face. I'd like into the streets and not dwelling and migraine. Yeah yeah. But you know yeah. Yeah you got it. But we are all items prior to talk that he got it right but. Do you think with that drum grower back it's hitting on our office that dreamy. Either your die each of the real psychic. Class and. Question number two what is the world's largest ocean. She I mean if she knew the milligram thing she's gonna probably known this I would think yeah I generation American frontier. And yeah around the business and you know all about it. She got. Yeah. Yeah I learned an island Walt congratulations a fashion because that just makes you one out of three qualifiers in the running to win those second week and sold out Coachella wrist bands plus an RV parking pass. We also have dream cart tickets for you to see them tomorrow night in little Italy okay. We appreciate you playing drunk cross street smarts yeah I think there Jason are you OK I don't.