Dana and Jayson - Bring Your Kids to Work Day

Thursday, April 27th

It's Bring Your Kids to Work Day, but that doesn't mean Dana approves of having her kids in studio. Always finding a way, Jayson makes sure her daughters are part of the show.

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Right around 5:30 good morning welcome to this that I'm sorry can't stand it any longer what date did you wait. My date as the worst mom ever. Today is bring your kids to work day. You know not have them here I doubt that have played the Jason good putt and I aren't funny though the Vatican Erica kids to work day I mean I get it. But but you don't get that and how disappointed your children read war when I interviewed them behind your back like. Jeff I did a little interview session and discussed saying the whole topic of pulling your kid to work day with his three daughters who live pretty well I would say that they almost all talked the littlest child the three year old refused to speak its name but I it was OK with that he had no comment on the situation and what do you don't have them do that's and I while you were cook Kate why. Got started with their seven year old so chill out. Did you know today is that bring your kid to work day. For now let me. Would you who loved to go in sued the studio with us when little skid out you know to our morning show a law. Yeah I eighty now that would be so much fun grey yeah. Well month that that you can't have sheet. Up up up up. Seats that they you have to go to school. I can't the elbow. But he also said that you and your sisters might be a little bit of a distraction do you think you'll be a distraction and now I guess plan tonight. Yeah and that's kind of what ideas they might be better than me. So if you were at the studio right now what song would you want to be played on the radio. And. Our I take eat and I gave it out acts and our team PPP PP PPP yeah. That's the deadline that students go lie and up and here do you know that they're going to be at our clubs there. Are you gonna go see them that's Piaf. We're saying well that's claim that eating mom's gonna allow you to come to that concert conceded allow you to come into the city. Had probably Sewell a lot at the middle about it how's everything going over there and and it links out Joseph I don't want you to be too disappointed that you didn't come into radio if you had a messes her mom. Next time on bring your did it to work today what should she now. Yeah and you can bring them all if you want to know and I'll stay home all. Nothing that I think it's a I've got out of me in charge and doing everything about B rob you're the one who decided to have them not made it up a hot spot that's Jeff I can't help that at the national holiday I'm just trying to be good not. Unlike the banks are close let's come down Ankiel but I bet the banks have their kids there with them there might be a few more surprises coming out. If you bring the kids and that the threat.