Dana and Jayson - Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 26th

Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day, so Dana & Jayson turned over the airwaves to you hardworking professionals to tell us your horror stories, with the best one taking home a pair of tickets to Kings of Leon this Friday!

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73%. Of administrative professionals don't like her job. EU. Happy administrative professionals I don't know I think it is him and gave them on about 98 or nine San Diego's alternative that's in bad statistic that. Definitely. Juries itching this gives you heights yet because I don't know what administration and professional as its person at all OK so it's the person that basically represents the company they're the ones sitting up front they're the ones that managed the offense. They'd a pretty important job because they keep it all together T think our administration is in professional clients has done with close neck neck. We'd have to ask Mac I mean nick seems pretty happy mix seems pretty happy nick is a spot of sunshine I think he's the perfect person to be sitting up front when people walk into it may redeem their prize as I am all about neck yeah. And so maybe next in the 27%. But what about the 73%. What I think needs to happen this morning is that we turned the airwaves over to the 73%. The so if you are an administrative professional and you've had a rough of go now you've had a difficult boss that you don't like working for. This is your opportunity to look. One up each other how bad is your situation. Because that person at the worst situation decent we have Kings of Leon. We've Kings of Leon tickets they're going to be at the match a charming and the theater in Chula Vista Friday nights the person who has the worst situation with their boss and can tell us why is getting hooked up this morning going to seek Kings of Leon that's a good Friday night that it's a Good Friday 6195701949. Now. I don't want you to not called because you're afraid your awful loss is gonna hear you on the radio that as we have a little Salmonella it's called voice to skies. And we are happy to voice disguised yell when you call and so we can still hear your story or can be anonymous you can be totally anonymous but if you're even that afraid of the boss there's no need because we can voice disguised you know this is what we do on administrative professionals that producer Jack Kotnik on the line from the front desk and I can't stop thinking about the fees matter how Mike got pushed too quick hurry. Pain neck. Hello can we be the first to say happy administrative professionals day friends. Oh my god you'll probably be the only. I don't agree that there aren't cool is that how you feel in the work place. I didn't want pod kind of play at all well and it's a. Oh now I love my job you love your dilemma. Do I love my OK I didn't think what that little oil in Europe would be admitted it. Open it up I couldn't. Ice say that I've never had a better administrative professional in charge of running the show around here. Bad as early early night that you and I. Seoul share. Doesn't he sound like a warm hug on the radio the glitter we I would pick up my price army you know you are my prize day prop 8 o'clock. You guys they're meeting you guys have like total in May or. Prospects look at this your gifts for being on our shelves that are hurt. Okay yeah deaths nick we're giving you big hugs when you comment friends. I cannot wait our mobile prayer and I got to like it currently treat. How addictive like console that. 73%. Of administrative professionals. Hate their job. Do you fall into the 73%. Because we just won a sang happy administrative professionals day today. It's David Jason on FM 949 San Diego's alternative. And did you know what if you are in a bad situation now where if you have the worst boss. We're turning the airwaves over to the administrative professionals at 6195701949. We wanna hear your story with the worst story were hooking up with Kings of Leon tickets anonymous friend you there. And you are an administrative professional yet. And it hasn't been easy. But Athens what's tell us tell us the worst of the worst that's why we're here. Well I mean you hit job but in doing or your back a vehicle location and how IR. And first let her stay at the start. Lol why. At their coworkers giving addicts you achieve that we don't question but it should. But he about their attitude toward me don't you think it through pretty in I like oh my they have no idea that people are. That era. Bob and then in the second week and what he wants to walk and emailing during work hours. Only can. Try and I'll report you find out who are. Or else. Who who lean white week wait a minute later is their lights on company email what do you mean she filed a. We did like company's email Carrie at people I work quit that we're in the he'll aim everything like at a track activity outside of. Wire clicking no offense but you work for the Pentagon because he cares about your view now that. Back here this. She dad because they popped her character her every night and day it Heller what do you mean now. Every time. On that issue just Jimmy typing in to give me a look at that match. You know what. The situation is anonymous friend email gate. Well black good god that's severe I was it's got to compared to mean girls and perfect your bottle is Regina George yeah. 100 current CPU bipolar as you like what you mean that time should tell that things are. Why Lindsay Lohan heads off that you really aren't I don't know with a compliment or not now you mean it in the best way possible that the Fed is so okay we're officially submitting you know as you're in the running for those Kings of Leon tickets okay they're. Yes. And we are so sorry about we know you're on your way there now but it. You can do this. And I didn't know bringing them. There happy administrative professionals that thinking out. Morgan's online three. More again. You don't wanna be anonymous now. Oh well Morgan don't. All right well let's not do anything too hasty about our well I. It doesn't don't want a cloud anybody's name or anything like that will not say our town so but you're in a bad situation as an administrative professional. I'm a people think is a good job I'm a manager Jean great to make my own schedule but let. Don't tell you is like I'm not try and employee on duty we apple worked with no Willy. Africa scheduled I'm I'm one employee not jet black belt to do all of the job of all the employees and not only about it and get my doubt about flash eat human upon. The bank ourselves to ourselves open a store to all the crap all the clothing which would beat up if they didn't pay out. 12:7 I am angry and no overtime I would work in our spirits company we our acute need to be part. Spot with a two year odd. While you're fired what about an hour. We don't want you over something and make you stop earlier fired at each pick GQ article we're not gonna pay you for it. Don't forget to open it don't forget it digging into richer lives every day cable about the album art to the bank in Chicago we don't take up sport. Out OK I feel like I'm breathing through this whole thing yeah I'm feeling about that because you had like she's gone through labor before says she does have agreed to pay. I feel like I'm giving birth to an awful job and I've been Blake and you're in transitional labor right now exactly at its heart I'm hurting I'm trying to get it through with you more again. So why am I not I don't know I look spot on a leadership position by example that the turnover rate for managers in my certain companies it about. Six months. Decent you can relate to this because you weren't management that the gap that I knew it. Oh yeah I just thought I. Sorry edited to bring up the difficult but you said it was the hardest time of your life it was the hardest job writing in the closet and working as a manager that the gap with a really difficult. Was very difficult I worked there for seven years that I would go home crying. I actually hair and I would never understand Mike Mike Vick said that you love telling people how great they are looking khakis accent or not really I. It was so much more pain so much more pain. It's up front all day is I love customer survey my love life you're meeting people and popular and enduring story unibody apple and and it made me hate it. Yep exactly because you have to be fake you can't really you it. And leaving anything you have to put out of the near because really your intention is to sell short I like it up and dagger story quickly as possible. So you can't enjoy them as a human being and you thought that's why you're getting into it now I thought I just needed a pay attack. Annals of 40% discount from gap until the that we have you in the running for the Kings of Leon tea so patty. Now I thought Obama wave there and I could be their last night until about one and they expected me to do here in the morning. Like six but it. Happy about it I can hear you smiling through pain and it's really helpful to at least have talked about it maybe this morning actually. Baghdad or you could go it like it something that also helps or drink will devote. I would dollar and all okay we're always here for you and you didn't cause any Daniel way to work if you needed talking out thank you guys so much sooner certainly ahead we're gonna get your information in DC when those Kings of Leon tickets yeah port.