Casual Gamers Podcast Ep. 1

Tuesday, September 19th

Here it is!  Two and a half years in the making, Jeremy and Hamby finally launch the Casual Gamers podcast here on FM 949.  We introduce ourselves, what games do we play, what kind of gamers are we, what do we mean by "Casual" gamers and more!  Plus some Destiny 2, XCom 2, Marvel Heroes, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, The Legend of Korra boardgame, and more.  What games are you playing?  And make sure to join us for our eSports Tournament at Sycuan Casino featuring a Tekken 7 competition!

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Assailant and Yang really digging this music we have to get on this podcast yeah since. I don't rule out that welcome to casual gamers I'm Jeremy I host afternoons and have an any for an huge craft beer guy you probably. Heard me on the rock and roll happy hour and yes. I am a casual. Gamer that's. And I'm candy I know some nights and if a knife or nine. I'm deathly casual gamer except. I'm also the guy that. Covers all the gaming for the station so far you know why when it comes to casual I would say you're on the the in the more pro psyches you actually spent a good amount of time. Streaming under handy place game yeah I mean it puts you on the border of casual but. I mean don't think you ever crossed that line to their is a definite line between hard core. Pro and casual when we when we are coming over the name we established and boldness we love to play video games casually. Now a lot of this is for now we'll never be world's first. Now they're like possibly or worse yet they you know what that is going great. Because it's so true I sort of I've I've I'll admit this right now and you're gonna hear me talk a lot about destiny I made destiny nerd at. I spent the last three years in my life in destiny to I've got. Almost 2000 hours in that game. It will will move on to destiny a destiny to net as it is we get into the and it was even the podcast but. Yes and the times that I played destiny in first person shooter I've never been to the lighthouse on my own. I've had bad. I'll watch ML GO watch then do you call of duty. All day long just. Man that is so cool OSHA to do that but I noticed there's no way do I you also think of pro gamers as the guys that are winning the records or breaking the records. Hi in speed running you know and aid those guys that just play one game. And they played. They find the ways that there's like hey this levels broken here is so it allows you to skip this part and it makes it faster play the game. Like I think those guys are pros too only because. They put so much time in two. That thing that unlike Europe pro like I am not a casual like the when I when I when I speed run a video game it's like I beat the first time and I'm like if I'd done it this way this way in this way. It's faster I'll optimize myself the second time through. But that's not really that's a pro. Stratton and we they say you're not spending eighteen hours a day trying to find that exploit now now let them know I am not. But that's their that's who we are we're we're kind of casual gamers I I play a lot more variety games than you do but we both played video games. Almost daily absolutely Daley again economic data you'll find time to play. Some video games whether it's with my kids don't talk my wife her do that back but yes Al that we find time to feed my addiction. And that's I don't know at Atlantis and its. The two of us from I don't know four necessarily mobile gamers but we do do you mobile games saw salute to do and we dove into Pokemon no last year for sure ought. To wreck right now I'm digging into that advantage games I was a huge PC gamer back in the day. And Lucas arts that a game called full throttle. Well yeah which by far if if I'm playing a game and I have fond memories. It's playing full throttle it's playing daily tactical it's playing those those Lucas arts PC games. They recently reissued those. On mobile device that's awesome and pop up in elements on the toilet and I don't want to take him I'll I'll flip open full throttle and go you know. But 45% of the game because I know where everything is I've played so many times. Now you and I have been wanting to bring this podcast to life like for ever over the home. As as we transition between our shows us. We ought to step the last two and a half years as. I'm handing the afternoon showed to hand me in the evenings will sit here for 45 minutes. All fair in gush about video games what are you playing lead going on line but when we have time if through. And what's great is that we're launching this podcast at the same time that. We're finally having every game turn him. The same if I. They they gave us a road and they give us the green light that we are running 900 miles an hour. Sick on casino we're doing a tech in seven tournaments. On Saturday September 30 along with our friends from game sink gaming sinner. If it wasn't for them I don't really beautiful desire to know there's a way it's. They have been such. An enormous help in getting us off the ground we had to find the right partner and and luckily we did. Because that we looked around for awhile and he feels like this event is coming in together so the last minute but it's not at anabolic. It feels like well we've been working on this thing forever we have so much time we have so much time. We have two and a half weeks. And c'mon you're a guy with. So that's gonna be exciting I think were to have its when he people competing. In second seven Andy grand prize being the trip for two to Seattle for GE two which is against teams and electronics. It's at the Seattle this is big convention and LC an underdog of card. Two games stops and that's kind of cool now you've there is the casual slight in this as well if you just wanna go. This Kwan and play video games when the purchaser or drink some beer. And hosts the that he did the twenty person tournament. And there in their big theater I'm gonna be. In the game day sports lounge with a couple of pickup games in a lot of craft Beers so I'm just saying he if you don't want to compete. You can go watch the competition and then you come drink beer in the bar with a median you can you know. You need to cool me in fighting games because honestly I don't think I played. Fighting games. In regular in his sense I would say. Gotta wanna say it's it's been since mortal combat three rule wow yeah. Yes. Three in the and our kids that was heavily into that and I think around the same time as it's taken to. And here we are hosting a tech and seven turn him and I might. Tech is seven. What is deep into the Laura take it to you I love tech in the night if IC fan art order. You know there's a comic book for tech and I'm there's it's that I might wanna check it out but not. What happened since I can do is like what it's like oh I don't try to bone up on the lower since then and my my fear character from the original tankan was it was always Cain I loved game. And the tiger yes he's got to jaguar mask he's he's a gentle arm he's ready to door whereas a jaguar mask. And if apparently there there was a couple of different guys who have been king in that in the war of the game and I didn't honestly does just meet. Glancing over Ed because I wanted to avoid what they know something about it because I haven't been in this game. Since the original. And I don't look like complete tool even though I am I think it's really hilarious that army day gal Alyssa is a huge benefit. Really huge lake rerouted to do and we checked out the PlayStation truck where they had a talk about that a few minutes by. We kind of video talking about they are gonna go inside or whatever whatever else promoting that second sevens tournament and she's like hey and I was like who's your character which is she's like and a opposable tell them tell them you know don't sell to me sell the audience how much of an and a fan are you. And she away not to cut its huge over the top wrestling promo and the funny thing that we just dying as she's like plot twist. And a there's still a list of how many how many pabst blue ribbons where she enter after you would not an early in our day in south. Let's that is absolutely awesome well I am I'm deathly contemplating. Being attacked in seven MIPS four so I can now I can not look like it'll knew when I sit down and start playing pickup games with people and I think it's a really great time for fighting games as well you guys. The latest Mortal Kombat game. Came outlast your little comment X. And I think they're still releasing stuff for you know of injustice to. But as you know there's a superhero won it definitely has been sitting in the news a lot injustice to nets got a decent. A community around any you've got. Coming up this week you marvel is Capcom infineon which is all the marvel characters and all the Capcom characters and cash mean then the latest street fighter game was street fighters. Keep out. Late last year so that's out there she is so if you kind of fighting games there's a lot out there. That's a great time it. NC I've been so deep in the ad in an all world it now that they're not fighting games I und I'm digging getting into the fighting games community I'm. And I'm gonna bone up and by the time September 30 comes around I'll I'll have some a better understanding of the fighting in community in San Diego. Because since we started to talk about this. People have been coming out of the woodwork all my dash calling us lower on the air I just talked to somebody who was a local rocket league team. Yemen dude you got your dignity. Half where. How about the podcast hey I I we have I've context where I can look you I people who you should talk to you and the other half were. Not critiques of the event but just like. Gosh you know you should be I'd love did you Donna rapidly or if you had done XY and Z. And part of the reason we're doing tech and seven which is an awesome game is out and had leads in over and lot of software that so we hear he and we wanted to do this year and 17 time this was where we work and we were able to do this like they let us do that it's there telling him yeah. So we are excited to Jeremy and I would love to host. Tournaments work. Rocket league especially since the C Diego based on destiny to at some point summoning indeed on the phone nominee gets an a yeah SE two somewhere and it is going to be battle rolling out CN and that's and that's what's great is that we have all these great ideas and I am where the critiques were giving. It's great because it's like you're just. Your word literally just starting in the early excited for more so pinky are excited to. You're excited but you bring you more excited yes yes. I love hearing backed proposal we just released a low. And they're like wait winner you they start and now this is the first element from here or they keep this going every single week. So a a couple of questions for you guys what are you playing. The we'd love to hear back for you hit us up on our social media it's it's out of 949 ST. We do have a feast but for casual gamers podcast would go to the radio station. And you know tell us what danger playing talked to us all the time in Allen. Tag a senior post if you're gonna be live streaming in. You know one of my favorite like she was allowed to watch for fighting teams is. Fair not fair Linux caliber that's he does different ones. True talent he's a British dying. He was quite a lot of injustice to this year he's not playing a lot of fighting and lately but I I love the streaming communities so we'd love to. If you're a tech in seven streamer and we can check you out before the contest please let us. Yes let let me watch you in your moves just in case you have to show up it's a quorum or if you're a San Diego streamer. You know we wanna help build this community so please talk to us. And yeah I want to start you Jeremy real quick before you sign up for their first week. Adventures and dad gaming. A weekly you talk about is beginning you've had a chance to play destined to I don't waited all my girlfriend Jessica is like. Hey how come you're not playing destiny to she seeing commercials on football games and I'm Blake has your member I have no budget. Let's. But you've got to you've had your chance to play. Kinda. Dude I I kinda. I am I still haven't done the raid because my Mike clan is it does to their light meet their budget dad's. And Marines who had just they they don't have. I'm all the time in the world Dibona of their characters I casual viewers yeah I think I might be the highest level like character in my or power level care Terry and Mike planet like that who 95 or something like that itself. Well we're we're slowly building up debt but the game almighty god everything that. Destiny one promised. Delivered indeed tonight I'll say it doesn't have its flaws because. Were all kind of adjusting to this new loop system that they've put in which is more token based and now everything is fixed roles and there's no vendors so it's kind of like our NG on top of but you know it's there's so much in game activities and when you land in a zone. You can and follow the quest or you could follow an adventurer you when he gets sidetracked you can run to what they call a lot sectors and then. There's public events happening on top of big story events at the same time because everybody shares this world you know one of the things that destiny sold in the very beginning that was so sexy was the fact that. You could be playing. And then. Without even knowing it somebody you know when your friends list could show up at that same time we were playing and fight this boss with you. Now that was never realized except for a couple of times in the tower where I was I was going to a vendor and I'd see him play games every light and that. And but as the best of my life streaming and I had never met Jeremy is online character before. So I a by deep fault I was ignoring a dancing cat and dog group in front coming up. And then Jeremy call I was like streaming and Gerry called myself and I was streaming and I told me stream. I know I wonder why he's calling I'll let it go to voice because I'd rather keep streaming slightly go to voicemail living your life. I'm watching your stream of amber and you look at a it's fun times the you know that. That feeling is kind of what's been delivered on destiny too I mean I just there there's more sense of community I never feel like I'm alone in the world. I feel like that there's just there's there's so much more to do in this story is. Is such an infinitely small part of what the game is utterly wrong. The story is gorgeous day this story they delivered on so much more cohesiveness. Then destiny one. Ever had but what you get past the story it's like are at the world opens up you hit the the power level cap that you can you do all these other quests and you can. Get all this other lewd and it's become one of those things where. You know what are you going to do next right up I've got this exotic. But I really like these she haters so you know your your almost your trip wasn't grinding for. What you look like as a character. I hate that I get might change the leading Beijing on time. I hated dad in the Star Wars game. Use our words of the Old Republic that was a PC. Because I really wanna look like historic river and it was like oh you had to go on these raids to get this piece of armor and he has won this when he als I know why. No just let me go to the store and buy disorder Bremer it doesn't have to have. Like Herbert I just let me look how I wanna look at how I sometimes wanting to be. That the funny thing is one of the biggest of one of the biggest problems the community had with the game and get out was the fact that they were the shooters in. You would get the globe who she hater or you get chatter whiter yet whatever and then you could anytime he wants which initiator and announced sure now. Indeed two shooters are considerable. And it cost eight. But ton of glimmer. To scornful where your shooters so if if I'm if I'm putting on like a legendary she later it costs like. 141000. Glamour to put that she later on my ships like it have initiator and be right. But put the summit shift but I'm when reporter so now I need to go grind strikes for awhile and I need to go. Grind this class so bad because that's. That's an economy so is there trying to keep playing the game has hit that there is lots of different economies because yeah it's planet has its own economy token. Each set each gaming system has its own economy took in the ray has its own economy token trials of the nine has its own economy Duggan and it's just like. But the only good part about that is why your character show the same will pool so I ask if I'm pulling tokens and among warlock and I don't necessarily want vanguard here from our warlock. I can go jump over to my tightening in cash as tokens. Ivan. Putting off thinking about destiny to. Because there's a whole thought process of polish your first character going to be enemy ice heightened always quote yeah that was mine as well actually I think emerald hunter the first game and has underlying but I did she died it was cool you wanna be hipster I don't know maybe it maybe but warlock was the last one. I ended up loving warlock the most later down the line. And I loved titans still to this day and night but now I'm like. Do do I care what race my character is because I think I made a huge win. One of the blue skinned aliens and one of the Lola is an idea woken and then the robot Eto'o and so I was like well. Do I wanna make you look at his army built an adult the ones that thought process can that I'm still playing X county and I love it now. I'm really trying to say how far can things Oz ex con to you. And we get paid on Friday and I think that's my budgeted paycheck to get this me too but light. I'm just not in her I'm just like it's there. And I think one of my favorite memories is especially when destiny one. Is coming back to the continent playing I had missed out you in our body sketched out about sketch he loved destiny was so Inouye. So what I came back after a couple months and that got all the contents. It was great to go through would you guys like he was like I'll hit ski that's right. Your experiences for the first half is so easily so excited. Some like are excited for. Playing destiny cute playing with you guys and having that moment where you're like Alter his ass is arguably the experience and superstar. I look forward to tanking for you yeah. Load up my titan and pay freedom hold out of the bags on the group quake you mentioned appears for a clinic Abu yeah. What of you didn't tell us about what they had the the PS for truck was out there which I wasn't expecting and it was great BK is. Yes sir I was excited about it you he was like it was Coke some video in. You know we can make an early content for casual gamers podcast so. Charlie and Alyssa and Matty and I. We kind of video out frying and we just talked about could do and hey this is the PlayStation tracked. The only winning side it was super cool they had. And I'll be the shell which is from a San Diego Sony companies a shot at the San Diego so they had and will be the show. They had. The new marvel vs Capcom infinite all these different you can go play the game teacher hands line. And it was each one was set ups like this one was MLB the show at this one was. Barbara's camp commented. And then they had this other section. You've got to demo the new Spiderman game. Which PlayStation is coming out it's Sony exclusive to PlayStation. I don't even know if it comes out next year late there's not there's even a release date necessary. What you might even come around 2019 like this game is still being worked on I was so surprised to seat. You can not only demo it but they had I think it was. It was an ACC Bynum confusing event it was their Sony had sent the PlayStation VR headset. And you can play Spider-Man first person. They have this big monitor so you could watch that person playing. And he was walking around is on top of like a bridge that you know one of the New York bridges and he was shooting out the web is so. I don't like any you could you look to bring you can see the idea that headset armies do in his hands he's got the two. The two warrants in the ladylike and then you return your heads like she's teaching him how to use it sounds like. That's really cool that's super awesome. I got eyes argued that the visual you pain that I try to put myself and in that situation if I had that at home right I mean not in my kids out yeah. These swing it around the arena to see them what does VR goggles. Just in VR in the home experience because. I can't live stream rate now at my current home set up and I can't make. Until summer break in the middle of the house and I'm just a big distraction and everything else is big distraction. And so I wonder what that would be like to even have the art like I couldn't. That the living room would light. People walking around like hey I'm cup I'm. I'm fighting Nazis in World War II right now you can't be walking through my worst in my. First. A couple like you need an isolation capital of the yard below. Every now to rightly that's kind of the slippery slope of light. Ready player line like going to that whole world. I don't mean playing that though that the brings a whole new angle line B yeah I mean yes. It is it separating you from reality at that point the VR that I've done and I've done at demos at. It teach you a little bit out of where you are. And I just I can't imagine when you began on especially playing like Spiderman you are very action. And the Dow had to kind of hold you in place like hey. You know you're playing an action game is is a demo we we can't have you killing yourself. So. Is this is like wind do we first came out and uncle were bowling and throwing their remote. Their TV screen there and Graham snuck in that through the house. A hundred is the but that was super cool and that was on a can do now music fast on the PlayStation track though you know you you mentioned that. Friday's pay today and end year looking to pick up some games. And you're not thinking of destiny there's some new releases what are they marvel hers cap commented it's coming out are all platforms. You know sometimes of these new fighting games I don't wanna be that stick in the mud I don't know necessarily if you wanna buy things on release. They sometimes I think have to work the bugs out. But if you're super excited to play a marvel character like Wolverine verses. Mega man this is this is Umar owners can't comment finance. That would super cool. And this week venom. Has come to marvel heroes on console finally been waiting for that when average. Looking forward to other characters but every time a new character gets released I'm super excited. And the folks a gazillion hooked me up with the venom so I'm gonna be. During a review for that guy will show him off as we've done some other marvel heroes staff under the keeps on his banner. It's not gonna move to the casual gamers podcast isn't anything out now you can bring that here because I'm curious I got into. You got me into that game I did I get deep into Florida cycle will wind and he to slow down a little bit because that was a game I act like how I can't stop playing ex con to right now I couldn't stop playing marvel heroes from. When it released. And beta. Like in early June all the way through. Probably ray before when a vacation an artist and I needed a break I needed to walk away and he sure was great came back. They had the defender stuff going and then they released a lecture. And I was like I'm just I'm just not there now they made a bunch of updates so venom great place for me to come dive back and check out game. See some of the changes they made you know it's always follow tomorrow heroes house I think it'll always be there just come back to it. It it's easy to jump in and jump out of and another one of those games it's easy to get lost with. That one more thing I'll just do one more mission I'm just gonna get one more level up I'm just gonna do one part character. Yeah a large for me because I platinum that was like for economic. So I think as mites officially my third PlayStation platinum trophy but that was the first one that I grind grind that out I was like. I EU had earned like 25 million experience for your legendary item to get fully leveled up or whatever. And I just did it I'd it was more than twenty I mean I just grounded out I just kept going and going. That was the game I was like just one more turn I gotta I gotta finish and one more care original sixty Abbott. Several journal I don't own now I have venom I have every character that handles sixty. I'm envious of your time that yes as a solid solid part of my summer. And it's a break for like a couple weeks now. Ex con to you and that might. My Jeremy character is now a shark suitor in this play through the I've been degraded ear I doubt specialist and an array character a rigid they keep an engine eleven and it isn't but now you're a sniper graduation and guide you you're doomed if anybody see me. Forty first person shooters when a sniper arrival of the my hands I'm she walls and look at the end and she's gay and then again and man. So yeah casual gamers podcast. Be back next week with. God knows what I think I'm going to introduce my three year old and to be world of splits in two yes and I also wanna talk about at some point. The different game companies in San Diego only some of the folks have their home here. And I I would love to do that to her with I TW publishing for their alleged in a corner kick started a lot so looks a lot of things on the plate are right next week lots of things yes.