Capes on Capes31 Alyssa, Pokemon & Vampire Diaries

Friday, October 28th

New 949 Mid-day girl Alyssa Joins us to talk learning SD Radio, Pokemon GO then gives us the skinny on Vampire Diaries

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Drinking more Exelixis. Nice is a special occasionally dynamic II. I would be war I candidate and have to be on hand for five hours after that yeah yeah deliberately taken up from here by the way it's on. That's good I don't want that now you know. Okay yeah. Episodes 31. 31 B yes white being weak a cup the week there linemen play well we did to us. Which is very well now it's the one that we split TO the you can digest and people enjoyed that by the way guys I putted better the lives via. That's gonna happen this week you're gonna get yet is it the interview with Elliott this extravaganza yeah an imminent. And west world we're joined by cosa by the way I. Let that you are newest TV we know we're so badly in the country now. Continuously for nine point nine family and he added Ali from Cleveland holds about yourself. OK sell you hit he had a big thing right there on the front nine Cleveland right now in well written that the tonight definitely yeah. There's nothing gone on in Cleveland in Allen knocked them. But seriously it's. Pretty it time and there but I just got here and the weather is a lot better I don't have to Wear when a jacket which rules I have a cat named pancake. I was born in South Dakota how many people can say they've been there. And that's I think emerald demand fun fact that it. Marriage is for eleven years that are still kicking and somehow anywhere in the right now. No you know I was wearing them that Ireland LA bella here's all I know that and they could be in fifth grade if they Wear person. So tell us. A little bit about you're late your background in radio liked what what why Jesus why is that radio and. That's just keep her final question because the answer is actually even more fun at the eyes so I went into broadcasting. And so obviously is either TV hearing you know and I just got no experienced and I we wanted to elect I don't wanna get paid. I don't I don't. It's making money on the infuriated animal called he had served and then it. Good night to Scott I know mysterious kind of wanted to get out so I was like radio in his hand and I. An uphill loving it rock and all that. So weird to be guys make an argument all the time on the show about. You know you to meet its own contents of the Yemeni its own thing and then the matter of your peers and you two met here it is. Quote unquote a millennial who has a big decision to ought to be on TV were made an hour or maybe years ago aren't. But in a category Graeme thought the way it is my argument of like who cares what TV swim. Everybody else is going to accept this not just viewed with a lot of jobs like I am always amazed when a friend of sunlight I'll have to see where. I just lit if I had my. Why and what why would you ever Google how to somehow control over you I work two jobs here in San Diego that insists that we Wear pants everyday. Working at. An event Senator Biden beach we had to Wear pants every day and I think could be jeans and now it's like I. I really you guys are really like I Wear flip flop I think I don't know every black line down one pair. That dress pants that are way twice a year yeah it exists on that doubt us now like any any excuse I can't tell you really. They're like we need so an address. And a samurai costume and the uncles were all for ten hours that night. Do I have to Wear pants can yeah Irish are homeless and rapidly and I. And I read this ever happened to get out of your confines of your dress him and deal. A levee and back area. So length and issues for the first year in the front here. I'm going announces a little chilly. I will say that like I at least tried to be stylish and other jobs and now I'd like to get down on my own. I really dissident wearing my grandfather's closes in on like two years now a law not intent of mr. gong really cannot good. That's our job like heroin is unique in that sense that like nobody cares and Timberlake I would say you meet at Torrey resident flip flop owners like. It's guaranteed we also learn it's like someone writers and it site. Where they don't like probably story Cuba for a flops it's ABA it's mostly everywhere but the mountains where there's. Item act public ghastly. This is back I'm conduct timely did go I don't know anything like that because the spotlight now no shorts no sandals yeah there was Eisner's personal okay no Bragg it's not happening now right. At that your son can viewing them as actually like north park became what it is these guys. Downtown was the scene where you had to be nice and peavy was too young. Should be perfect for you though products I got my late twenties when I was your age Brian Feeney is not for me like I'm. There's certainly. 2345. Here peavy going. Way too old. A tool everybody here looks at me like oh man get on here looks like. And like I'm like crazy to be here eighty adhere ignored part was that spot when I was like 25 point six. That light. It's not downtown Auburn machine but it but big party like I viewed peavy but it's like everyone in the early twenties you have a thousand years ago so now it's kind of that I that you. You go to San Diego and years and now covered by the beach and that same execution beat you should do what you need to do I ever we need that experience. And whether it's PV OB a mission be to find your niche yet and you do that and then and his appointment in vitro like I need it. Yeah. It is obediently and she'll broad those African children each day my car and yeah. You. Get to sleep under my comment granular over. And he graduates in north fired. And then or not north park south aren't hometown any of those areas. In need it's little different definitely takes a little bit of money there. You know. I think I haven't done pretty fast that man like peavy right now and Harry feel pretty old well you know I still play let's fist pump again it's it's pretty brow it's like I really like the places Adobe that a entombed cargo as you know. I can what you fist pump island is from Kitna did the little TG TL pulled TP 2012 GPL you have to explain that one didn't him laundry he never watch and shark c'mon. Mike didn't I don't do that but geez you know I like that line and getting him honor and that can pick until too much of that from. Check out check out the mission beach because it gets very looks start small the other ones but it's like it's not quite as frat. As PP. And it's our fist pump and it's not quite as happy as OB it's right in the middle Arthur's team but that's that's rhetoric committee golfer Bubba go playing. Yes are not out yet a well yeah but I Alyssa is big it's a moment ago which you and I were very big in June I'm actually it is sweeping why the ship bigger and that's about it too much space and I don't play it. But I know I'm pretty sure you can just log back in you can't write it'll be out there trader. That's the thing I have to plan it. I absolutely. A drowsiness I'll even. I stopped grinning when I'm his arm back and a high and it just because I was catch and PG and needles every tee second in the dining out or not crazy you're on there's like all of the light water ones. That I was like I wasn't getting there are signs like oh my gosh and getting Ali's off until c'mon I've never seen before. Sell it this summer there's actually report San Diego was one of the best cities and for how long ago when one of my top seven just because of what's available it's not. Aunts my aunt who lost sixty pounds and I'm sure involved engine to the cheap credit but mongo like gentlemen Joseph can coach him while you. Ten under I didn't like air I. Hello all bench press did you hook found. You know a great he's telling my group of Pomona it's implement cost sixty pounds. I only got we need to choose but I lost sixty I got into those are fun and easier I sell not only gallon of Coronado. I saw lion at like on my sightings last night I was already in bed and I was like waiting there waiting waiting waiting to my bed and actually hot spot for took a model yeah down is sound. He might pick it up line it is not the only place where indicated that he's no match. Does it no we warned you about skiing yeah Internet. Usually an I was like I sat there for five minutes is waiting Housley c'mon c'mon and you are not remaining out of debt right now. The worst it was awful. And I caught a lot of Oakmont and also. On the caught in had to kill my first cockroach onto her. Public well. It is rather than these. I don't doesn't like for you shooting in Cleveland win a moment ago like just exploded my what was it like there it. Like it was crazy especially because I was still living in my college town. So everybody it was the summer and with a few locker room. And it was just people just locking out people were out until like 3:4 in the morning I lived violate one of the really hot places with poke stops me. And there was people that just sit there until seriously 4 in the morning just playing and it's not a area normally he would just locked Irene and strangers and they go I kinda gathers charm in that way. Like and it is so friendly. Nicholas Sparks line and go for walks and a big straps remained. At. In Maryland as an end to another guy is volume grammys it's part same situation when we both like yeah they're both at the stop. Obviously setting it like that not a you know you know you do and I know as you do and I like it. Here today here Jerry and I got really into it and and my girlfriend just Kennedy to LeRoy like poke among those dates are just gonna I would probably is just that it ironic that now. I'm on how it's awesome but I'm I had some incredible charters just clean money. I bought one just because. Alienated music because they don't offer me night. We would be here enlighten you and you might be getting a rock and her baby sitting down and we would neither one of us our phones out he would go. Oh my god is charming dinner nearby Mike hunt and I knew when it was me and Tom that pogo we are still worked so we just look now. So we looked and how we found out it was literally. On the other side of the park I doubt there. And he was like we you eat it like oh you know gadget from us and how might absolutely be a mission like absolutely. I grabbed his own locked up their cottage came back. Britain and worried about it no ideal yeah no I love coming into work because Jeremy would drop looters how are out there and it is rather like. Boozer let yeah. I'll eat out when I sit there I can hit teen focused out this is heading and that's Judea and not hands as the best houses. This not it's really tightly did. Old policy. Older and my adult choir lower or not I don't the zoo zoo which is how hard and mission beach of course bell park and and that's where the one guy. I mean yeah they all there might. He was doing like different spots but I got a spot he would just. Farm for hours and my name is equally he's live streaming rights. One following. That was showing where he was walking and in the other we're showing him catching them in another development he was of the functioning at blocking he was also talking to you. And he was like checking his chat room and his listeners his viewers where chatty and light. It was so cool because I could literally see you re exactly realize that if I want you to drive up there behind me five. And at one point they were in my neighborhood. And I got up at like 1140. Left here wind picked up Jessica issues that show. And we were dry ice as a drive by where he's act is at this restaurant firehouse. She's that you won the winner might not I really don't we skyscrapers or go home. But he had pop lures and other people or is it catching public mind suggest driving down the block our phones like exploded like. It is so I actually got all and it tweet us and so cool to remain neighborhood McGrath robotic hotly three things. He's he should have come it was a let those things apply ice cream milk Edward Abington and companies like yeah looking but I restaurants. Of the game goes on. Eric and Aaron blew up than two weeks later it was comic con like. The map a win here in downtown not your phone can work at that time. But it did it remind our trust with Wi-Fi it's fair. They are just like you know the allure is everywhere every single corner going out flailing like thousands of confetti everywhere. Is that the fact of like the that the footprints being taken away trying to kill little little if I mean that's I. That's really wanna stop playing and when I got really really really great she. When ill feeling impossible to catch a picky that was like a twelve. And yes I would spend like. You know like four balls trying to catch a PGM like I'm not dealing man's leg and that's how Elena died army Ana and me coming to new places sort of what like made it come. I'm again on July explorers yeah I think it's highly there for me lately I collect Disneyland I want to pull out pull it out just that says it's great fronting vote on comments do that audience everything. When I go back to Disneyland audible alarm pull out from. Give me give them carry it out and really I didn't feel right at the same thing weighing it. They took away the ability like use like third party maps services can that was open it's because he was broken at night. He took that away and the games they broke and then they fix the game and it still broke and it might. It too long yeah took too long and it was going to be a hike saying in like yeah one my friends actually said they're like you know by October took among those can be put c'mon gone and he was like. So right what happened before that Panasonic a chat for like all my friends and I Aron a group chat specifically for us among now. I think about that is that this team is never actually going away. It almost feels like here's what it feels like is light. It would in his might not even legitimately went FaceBook was coming on and there is MySpace and like your friends are going to face there was this initial search. And it was like I got to get off FaceBook or was gonna face but then it died in MySpace. Had like a resurgence for like a and all saddened that the balloon popped and everybody thought we are on paceman but for a month. It felt like all the FaceBook thing as a bad. Had eaten nobody's what you were not switching from MySpace like the new plan and I everyone's wish to Google+ for like those five day all hot and honestly it's a Ali I invite I guess. I. Oh my god this is he's one of those things it's just it just feels like. Yet I'm speaking out and trades side and came into the game that's coming. They've given me so that's been coming like for ever you know our. I'm Jenny excuses for them and it does feel like you can walk away from the game and it'll always be there Ito does come back from the things that you do to get me back. That trial if I don't I'm not a part of the day off Hillary now and it. Just that alone but it only link trades may be or maybe. You can now battle people by just. Being next in other that's I think this week that you are a little more highly potent you know I was eighteen and I overlooked it I watched a few episodes like this is for me. Definitely got into the trading card game. Not my thing which you may not I don't guardian and not know this is I'm eighteen this is our one on anywhere it would take into it in the past this is it first came out I was like this isn't going to be from hi I'm old and I'm obsessed of those companies you talked about this now within a month ago released how much you're excited about. The public gains and and I never played. And it's you're one of our listeners gives me a ably pants and a copy of a global ago but it never playing in the swingers all and I loved it. Don't tell me on I was gone but anyway I got you yeah. This game will be with a twenty years from slate literally will be on and I would say Coca mind in some form yet we'll still be here will it be that long ago. Has summer to do it just like line he'll attention spans a team because my boyfriend was like he was into it to the point where like we were almost getting argue it. Argument because he get out of betting go down the parking lot because you'd see. Something pop up that you want and buy it like for his birthday hot spot yeah. If it hit it to him hugging game boy advance slight color ever and then at three yes. No it it was like old school oh. The flip will honor the dead guy too literally and just like the 209 someone and then I went and got I think out. Pogo mine that Chris I think it was crystal I and other tiny crystal somewhere. Because I heard that was like about trying to get beaten but I like I think he played it like twice. And then he was like oh. Are antsy item and how it always has it's anyone game. And I played Philip but man it was like for me it was like that's old school RPG is like any sort of identity and accepted the fact that it's a really. Well they gaining holidays first RB DB has as. All the basic elements that hook you almost and I realized that was hooked like. I fight like this I'm enjoying this more than I am now because if I wanna just catch Obama there are. Am and there's certainly different I mean because one's gonna walk around it plaza and I played parked c'mon guys are Pokemon. It was online and ease him out website meaning you can't say. So whenever I closes browser I'm done. This is that it job and wrote my eleven hours shipped out and I can't all live and leave it over the bar. You know what we do anything you. Housekeeping. We got radio I think is when the Simpson to three. Do it gets nose you know. Top Brooke mongo a very organically and my dad won't. The minute we are less wrong line and then we'll do that. Which is still as president partners yet owned and that it was proven them right there is out let's do I was at housekeeping. So. Takes movies is 61749. If you want a chance to win. Big upcoming movies from cultures are gone now it's an area at mission value as a senator like next week Doctor Strange. And that's recipes and we're gonna find them and coming up later in November Disney's. Alana and yeah I think I starting Monday I think you and I will. Host Doctor Strange screening based in Indianapolis next for yeah make arrangements Mondays the 31 Lou it was up before. That's horrible to be done as he does treaties and yes yeah. I don't mean and I don't know I mean unless the marvel movies era dove into the L I was aren't now I haven't nobody a couple of people that are late. His Jeremy yeah he's not there's he as he wants a washing them. We're excited and it looks at its agreement I was that excited. Up close and started to get excited he's elevating the minute I'm out I'm have you. Yeah had a horrible movies it's afterwards it's like I'm ready for another marvelous day we will have had a mart blue in in the meantime we had like two bad. X-Men fans suicides on movies and I before or since have an annual I it's you know it's is that. But it was a rough one for me it wasn't bad at its Leland lunch too hyped up like in that and I soundtrack was like. Better than in his dealings at agree. And like that was the weren't that. Far enough algerians said the amendment estimates are that now I mean that there is some good stuff on the contract we have a little bit PE. As ambassadors. Who is believed. Zuckerberg paid okay. Oh yeah. And I got again the night without looking anywhere can mean aim at rebirth and that's on that. Under an hour I had on the track tracks. Elaborate ridiculous and I don't. I think it's like tied I'll sign with at least well lane I guess logic. And then at the masters action Nasr is an and that in dragons that's right it's like so yeah law and we had. The grudge match twice Jeremy and I want to that's not an open to work stint where there's sometimes that Jeremy entirely did you much and decide we want this on and I'm telling them that became like Salt Lake might just calls it. Is that your song you're listening to collect votes on one song you know two weeks been like a spotlight is that was on reaping huge night seriously. That's a map for her mama monster. And yet he wants to die and they and were also taking part in November as this is the last podcast of our whom report in November is coming up in we celebrate most member. Because they're very lets us out there and in an end of November yeah if you want to come and join the black cast. Doing a hundred dollars us for that yet. That start the bidding that it's fifty box sits on the list as the second you back I write what you should go first. Hey it's good box and you actually have one whole month. Before the bidding takes place so we look routing is our podcast of the next few weeks and about her is all about. Artist friend Steve West here there is the issue is survivor of prostate cancer and low number. Res photos Indonesians she battled prostate cancer and other and raise awareness for other men's health issues so it's not just one thing it's going to be dealing. It's how we go big on breast cancer awareness and you know this is this is our decaying and have a member if you'd like to be part of the show. You can donate in the monitored and don't aides that the books good backs. I think we'll get it we get multiple bids fifty or higher. We'll have you on is he is picking values and I don't I view BR thank you to clinics are. Click on now and we call on money there are some of those going on with the F posting letters of alternative. Late eight job in 2000 and served 5000 whatever it is legs you can count on him you can go on him. It's Freddie couples you will see what happens Greg was making fun is because on what you eat it's also good news none. And Greg said and mean what you may be as a winner for audio when it. But a fairly definitively that it is dramatic and now we don't like charity credit because look bad yeah. Sell. It to try to validate yourself to describe it picks prostate cancer. Read a book that kind of stuff to do it on now I like zealot dominant fail to think that you have a whole month and by gosh I had that you know relative. Don't think your inbox here your nephews and a look cool for the riot for men's penises. And all that yet. About analyze. Big image that. I can't find him immunity is shattered our name that says Hayden case means that we do is have sent. 32 why we debated with the episode was obviously unit that never happens. So that's on our show of course we Taiwan geeky stuff and not just. Like I mean you're in Q a couple of shows what's your big show us. That. Don't be ashamed now my best friend makes fun of me so bad because he thought I watch like the worst shell they all have the best friend than he's. Our own diet. I am really in CEO vampire diaries. And now I have no shame they. That when. Nominate him my story I didn't really trying to indices and it's hard for me. It's American or story is cautioning him that though like I'll give the train every year because some seasons are great. And some are just because the whole new story every time just. This season as a nieman a story it's like a different it's like to be held now at the TV shelf within a TV show with that makes sense. Inflation celebrity ghost stories. But it's American horror story. Completely flipped the format alone each episode is kind of its own story. Now it's one consecutive story but it's like you know you go and like he. Like dramatic reenactment. Of the flash it's an article that hasn't been very good. I've heard that he gets better but I am only like halfway through it my name out here trying to kind of silver and I had eight out of an hour and a little. Do that how do you do with that moving out here and getting up and running with watching your shows like how are you connected and it didn't. Online you catch them yeah I have apple TV's giant fan I I have enough flex out Hulu tonight graduated 80%. Yet I pass and I money. I got Internet like the second day I was in my apartment and they are like we'll be kit come setting up for you than a week an honest like no give me the stuff yet again I'll do okay. I like it I know it I'll get I get my water running EL RO I mean make Internet today yeah I talk about it like. And even. Five years ago you would the first thing when a band setting up your cable. Nash your Internet but when yeah. You know cable phone Internet and Mike. Without these late just he and I think about moving out in the next six months in mind. Might might logistical thing was how indymac running how fast because that's that's it is my yeah. That's even get up higher around like and you have that as an option out here on router yet again to say I Iran. Breezy here again they'll throw. Yeah I was it was perfect I like the start to hop back in my show is actually did end up getting cable I have a phone mine. It was cheaper to out of foam I don't think I want this it's lest it I'm unmarried and probably can't lie and attic I don't think it's it's free for awhile it's like on the. He's got butter on it was like I literally don't leave it is I'd rather spend five dollars and yeah anywhere else a more books and and that and health. But actually just cut a starlet top and back in in my shows that in the past like two weeks selling them. A little more behind that I wanted to be but it's OK to them in San Diego so generic question where you like I'm like Netflix shows like. House cars daredevil or just random let's play how do you where's Frazier finally what are you into doing like you're gonna fire Netflix nearly make of this new shows coming up. Generally speaking like I'm more about comedy written for. I wouldn't say drama but like making a murder I would like now out and de Rama. Good yeah good stranger things not set out to get so Susan still gusto and. And new contract I'm on vacation no regrets he has got things street thinks that's a show a few weeks offseason tale about a guy but that's a hundred. That's shown our wheel house speaker eyes. They all the movies they're reference art like everyone so lets it with me when we say gives McCain something smoking just superheroes ultimately. The girl on every movie and music on the planet that I get strange things like scratch so many pitches like I was like. Just massage went brain every now and on and off them. It was nice because it wasn't like hamburgers and there yeah. It wasn't like IG which I feel like this as I've kind of an anti lately have been like a little bit more had done it is dark was it yeah. That dark day heroes one began. Eat them for now yeah Blake. I have a theory about when I watch that TV and movies and stuff and when I read. They gave them a sort of digesting a story I. The stuff that I enjoy is the stuff there's a clear cut hero. And maybe an anti hero whatever I I'm the god I want a resolution and I'm not a guy like. That's not for movies nowadays it's getting everything and and henin yeah I think a lot of the same idea and it same thing I. Late shows that are really hard. Amount amount if you use that as a dramatic breaking bad I know is a really great job of calories and so guys. So does it and maybe the greatest of all time that people doing bad things. Bad people out let me and one of the things meet the Walking Dead works on is that the ones that we think of our heroes and that you agree job of let me just like him. And that's the that's a big thing for that character to do it US Britain I mean that's I tried really hard to watch it I could not I. And now that sent dozens to do gore. Just he had just like you can't give me no story. You're just you're just gory with no story I'll they say are pointless story it was it was those extra it's not yeah I was not born yet at that point in. I thought about how where were you want to know how my how long ago. I would probably two years ago I watched the first C then I I we're looking for in Asia watch. And I watch a season of that that's more red towels so much stuff out there yet and I end up watching lost and that's where I guess that's kind of what I kept went for the number it was lost. You know. Does that wage in the meantime I'll numbers for the main topic of last world people are comparing it to lost reeling and she reaches this level line. What your interest in the show might rule has its big mysteries of the big questions are now at night. It forms as and it we will we'll talk about polygamy a thing I'm so so so don't doubt that right next season right. It's a last season and that's why it's better than me so much about spoiler alerts with the rule on sprint. Naples spoilers below and let us put you want and that's usually the show is all spoilers I say. A warning like some common 321. This and they get you can't turn the volume down yet. And drops employers added on that yet but yes no spoilers for vampire diaries was it hard. OK so I will go ahead and give the disclaimer that I am not completely caught up but the worst part is that I know what's going on and still make. Basically you what tasks are to be in the media right. Yes it's hard to have our job and how is sort of silence bubble yes I was bubble we have I know it's not when you've probably plus 44 laureates and the day. You're gonna stumble on some articles in wineries. Exactly and that's and that's exactly happened I mean I just started watching Michelle and I saw. Yeah well I mean I don't Brad comes back for the final season I'm like well where the hell did she got it it's like I don't say it. It felt she was gone. Yeah I actually like what's going on right now I'm in season six and they're about to be in their final seal and toothless piece story to the I was about vampire OK what's a little more and so basically take. But he twilight. Take the awkwardness Saturday and make everyone a little more beautiful and a little more popular. With the Debbie Allen guardians. That's kind of how it starts at least basically it's a small town in Virginia. These two vampires that have been vampires since the eighteen. Hundreds I think. They come back live in this town and then people start dying and if you have. The umpire blood your system and you die because vampires so more people are becoming vampires. And essentially where iMac in the shell just about everybody's an am tired now. Bombed by it's no longer are all I will say it's a very stressful showed a lot it's not stressful it just like goes in circles. Because the upset that I just finished. Like hey it's revisiting topics that it that were visited three seasons ago and it's like sell there's this it's yeah I. When your vampire on the show you can turn off your humanity basically not your feelings. And then somebody has to work to get them back on. And sell one character like sap and like the main one main character as it turned his knee humanity often like season for. Mean they finally worked off season in a bath time. Now I can see the effect that it does god turn op again and I'm like are really gotten here again. And then there's also cured of vampire is on which was brought up in like season five. And then somebody ended up taking and it's gone analyses and six now it's back in on display only god your. Or supernatural. And it sounds. Like the roller coaster that is super natural it really does this has been around like 29 years while she's going strong stand. Yeah I like everybody told me that one they show us full heartbreak and tune that it like. It just it's exhausting because it just keeps visiting the same thing over and over again that Asia right yes Gatwick but do you still watches so what is that that that pulls the UN. When they do well they you like you did see I got this happens now. That I like a sucker for early nineties teen Levys and it's basically an eighteen is an ninety's teen is being articulate about the movie not the show. Like back then nine I never watched Buffy or. It was an he's an area and I mean. With a good movies good. Now look like a little area via. There's a lot of like there's a lot of romance and a lot of humor air movement and an entire summer holder play us. He plays as one of the vampires there's two Brothers. And he's like dubbed bad brother. Ian Allen he's like a bad boy brother and that but he had a turns gladly grant that in the series he's kind of a he's definitely a good guy. But he still has like a temper which is Canada's name. Damon. So the show me where I mean where there's a little less said they're the he and again this is good. Yes I'm so totally into it though I'd definitely lived before like the romance plot lines more than anything else now. That's definitely what I see you there and I. Finally this week ran into the situation that college. I was like. Walking Dead now a lot of fine. I watch is an ivory the only person that's at hand in the dogs years ago I was I this was coming played it Larry it you know and it was gory night. You know it is what it is. I know it was a blacklist I didn't watch it a little Italy and I you know like I literally yeah they got lost right. The lock is now she wants is a net loss is an elderly. Who was the most. The brother he was average other area Izturis rather. I don't know I'm not on fundamentalist none of fundamentalists with a black likely is it that the guy who has like the bad guy who lost. No thanks sunny with a different bad guys know this is the one with. All tried what's his name yeah he is on. Yeah it was evident if you you keep talking why do you quit and he was loaned us. Kiki a lot like. No I enjoy the show was because I am I I love watching it chews the scenery. It's fantastic but everything else about light. I mean. Actresses got the main actors got pregnant in real life. So she got pregnant in the show had a baby that she died but now here's the new season she'd really diet she figured that's it should dedicate. But now her real dad who may not be around that has kidnapped the child as well normally I don't. I don't care anymore like and it's an app it's so late. It's like murder of that we type show these really old for criminals and stuff like. Ultimately I'm just like I don't care league there's nothing here for me and I thought and the FBI. Or just dom and I'm normally like this about me but that's like shows that's a bad. And even watching and I'm like you've answered you're testing me write your life changed later years later it aptly Hamas what was it what was his character. You know it's now known for. Shark tank. He's have has gotten a lot of things that dissipated and allows them. Inside it just an object in Austin Boston Legal right yeah. He's literally almost. Newsom announced you are. Tunes I'd say though he sang like a character got pregnant in real life and they put in the Shelton. Not to touch that they had Catholic unavoidable but I hate it when personal life story lines get in the way of like actual television show a story lines and I'm like giant publicity regardless the right yeah that's actually half of the vampire diaries will. Blake when I think Enid O Brad lefty came back she is being main characters like the show is about her it has always been about her. And sells like. Her and he and summer holder dated for I think like three years and broke up he got married and then all the sudden she's out you know lakes so obviously personal story lines got away there. And like ferry me as a viewer and apparently that's not cool that's knuckle. Because it doesn't really leave you with a lot closure which is why it's like oh she's coming back down like Tim writes come on back like a good position to start. On the one hand. It's it's almost like a lot and incidentally I wanna historian ought to be entertaining to gripe that they went as our show jumped the shark. And then when do we realize and that's what I if you lately in the black lists and maybe that's where you are with camcorders and Blake. Bishop gave up ideologue coming out and I didn't give up and I'm lying. Come a time Doug Myer released a gray area outside and like I'm going to finish it. You know I guess I'd I mean I confused Michael Emerson RO LA SU Michael Roberts as last thing and is the Odyssey yes you know. The list are but Liz the black lab persons eventual. Okay I'm not crazy dollar and putting the interest that president there they flat land it's. And it will say it does is it like as like nerd like McNerney at all but come I'm kinda the same thing like very recently went. I forget his name the care felt it's hot there. Oh yeah because it is. Nina yeah offscreen he came in and around each as well Alina job one of our biggest things in the year's comic con and it comic con it's not just. Geek pop culture it's TV CN all these shows ever on Internet and it's so funny it's. What was the one show. Number. Back Alan how you of the we will give you live well and those islands I really I'm really outlined in the in two and a half months that I just. Burned out may have really it borders we but it but it's it's overcome opera and that some capacity Halloween weekend which is like to as Amazon nine. There is presented to do nothing for a look like yeah I. Four hours after I'm gonna take mode or trigger treating Catholic cynic can usually larger adrenal here's saliva and I've done what you look moments Gonzales now then why can I take pictures of treating. It's obviously she's not gonna eat it. Oddly that candy. But. It would what I got concerned that god nearly it's okay which you have to dress up to. So I think that that appearance. I have heard yeah Tony she. These about it for costumes she's got like at tiger and a prince. Entitlement costs and better. Odds of a guy. AC and it for pictures in public outcry. I usually keep the back across an image from because you never now when you're gonna gonna cost him party. It's it's on the roster you know it's got to have respect. You are now you're operating yes I do this this has been with me long for a work for re radio six he can't put that record. He and a little girl that lives behind this media a year and a half maybe two years old and today I had ray was outside raise our property. I'm almost a year old and Rios outside and I was in making up a copy of the kitchen. And I hear the neighbor coming out and I looked out and make sure that ray was it and now like spasm out of whatever and a way to term actually copied her little blurred out. He. He was like oh my god help. The he would. Although a little bit and I. I might just let it happen lately trying to run out Saturday at us like that it absolutely Tex just is it absolutely does manage those are my. And sharing Hayden. Well in the moment. And I'm so. We're gonna look what the surely going to win what's the big what do you want to happen for their partners he wants it. Instead I just want closure at the Nazis and I guess what's clues you don't give Lemond content. Closer to me and stuff like what happened so there's characters that like it seems like every season there's kind of like Cheney senate characters there's like a staples five that stay around. And then there's like in new problems that come about which means new characters and by the end of the season their kind of gone. The guests are syndrome exactly. And that there's actually spin off of the vampire diaries how the originals. Oh yeah. That's right now with actually a very good season in a very good story line it was like the original middle hires and need it given the original vampires they created all the rest of the vampires and like the world and if they diet. All the vampires back. Other well and late vampire mythology stuff you can dive back in Libya were real draw on later this valley if you wanted to write and rice that there's vampire Newton's. Is done. So I basically like I want them to come like a back she used the shelling gimme some closure with relationships that are never closed. On that like. I think there's like two of the people let's stay around on stick and staff then and Carolina are their names their like to look the main characters have to remain in the whole time. By the word. Blake and dating two of the originals that Lilly is up and laughed at the end of the season. And I did hear though that'd be original does not canceled. On but they're taking a break for 2016. So I assume that that's to come back for the vampire and I. That's an interesting though if so does that feels like it canceled its own elaborate but it UK did but I want to end my head yes the same time slot. Want to bring him back. CW the bill that you're willing to stay in oval ring a bell Atlantic casino BL contact it shows that's not the blogs. Now you know and so we rely on ABC shows and arrow. Super girl lives and tomorrow the house of what's on the screen that associated emphasis it entitlement. We'll save at her differently. But and this telling you got let go let it go out there to bring in some teen style. For like when I was taking out yet what like what. Does sometimes well as on. Not sad as badly as everybody W as it was that'd be yeah. And BP as a precursor for CW Lleyton if Buffy was thought it would be on the CW I don't know Angel CW WP and you PM mixing right. They can mind synergy Saturday. I don't know if you are trying to watch the 100 dollars and that's a shell on and if you know Ali. Out of our fans watched the once again it doesn't want to got a debt to intimacy on our back got on stricken toxic a lot of different that's plot. I'm definitely going 400 at the 44 with had a 100 the 100 in what area of 4300. Daily living up in spades and then there running out of oxygen to they have to come back down to earth but it hasn't been livable for a lifetime. On her in years it's like KO Wally trying to react that's all they really Wally and the evil. That that happens like acting it's tough. It's in my head and why it's like it's borderline like so Bob bread daytime TV is not export reliant like a college television stations drama. I say all the DC shows that we large flash can be the hardest and the most enjoyable. The hardest because they leaned down most into the teen. Now I'm an arrow. I don't know your lives up aero commander in an area is that they've leaned way Moran I guess they flashlight when they leanings that's not unlike. You know they don't on this and I see her because of the ones that I know you watch again it's that. Let's handling the least. Because there's only care except for life. So that hole ha re hot girl thing last year but even that would in my it would ending because of some of the characters that the guy you can't say on some of that lost night's. Ensemble cast. There's there's word the civil about it as where's the narrow does that then flash an aero definitely does worse than flash yeah do you want to lose and I down now. An album wasn't a lot with lots of CW show no love the navy league pac man property into action. Yeah JG it I imagine it's been about. He had now I feel like I I truthfully feel because this kind of add it doesn't feel like lots because the acting is not nearly as yet there in the vampire diaries. But there's no good ending just like there was no good ending for a lot certain because in the show vampires can't die. Silly and you can on our plate he can't there's not going to be a good ending no matter what. I thought and laws and anti lock like it was it was destined to fail like how we ever gonna live on the road is one and I'm wondering I didn't think I'd. How are you there and this yup. I was meticulous outside I was working an ABC affiliate when it aired on an art emails flooded like we had something to do it it. How could you do what we don't make the show managers and. The same time how many how many seasons can you have about and still being stuck is. And but he got to go back kind that's. Think you when you get the. Variant of loss they what they try to tell you is that the entire as purgatory McDonald's hired the entire journey was the point yet. And but for a lot of us when we get that legal. Well you we we we. A bright blue is I like you do. Let's do this app that had about a dude came with a G. Whatever JJ Abrams you're going deep within me to anybody I was there I was there I bought every book I've eaten but I look at I had a roommate who is like. The end of glossy just like. Let's. Pretty she seems like wow I watched the other day. I finally bring what are what it. Limited and that didn't sixth and then I only canes started watching and apps in season six. The organization happens beyond yeah I'm working gonna watch it. So I put so much stock into it but I do a lot of people who is increasingly hit it pops up as FaceBook every now every year in this. In let's face it memories are getting really resent it but you're right your. No need to grab it grabs my hall light diatribe at my whole life. Plus here's and here's why law it was borderline it's not like here's why it working here's why you may not understood today. And I am a whole blog posts and might that popped up for me like last year I think it's been ten years or since is that lightly. As I would I can't try and tell her to think in the shell but it was another ABC network show. And desperate outsized no man I. This is this gonna kill me record companies on that you know I can only think of like one scene it was a fictional one. You know I think you'll like one scene where people like sitting at kitchen table so that's not helping me at all. Quiet but for now at their you're listening and you can guess this show. Yeah you can guess 'cause. It thinking you got my straight I don't know if you are really in a lot senior member can I I've heard people Chinese debate comes every second of it sought because everything. And that there was a show that I was watching. Media is once upon a time and that's the only thing that I can think of but they have like Apollo canny card is and they have this like when is like the clock clock chicken or whatever LA. And I'm like how is this guy yeah. Well yeah. Once upon a time to leave so watch that for awhile I will Salem if you're a fan and does diving into a universe. It's satisfy his back. Beyond is that there's a lot of very questionable story. It was everything and there's. I can't got a cult Beatles and I really wanted to see launched as I can anti property much all the old hat and an even liked the show on NBC this year that the insurance one that didn't launch. Maybe that's coming later I with Vanessa Hudgens and we are tonight. Shows like that have been right around and like once upon a time which just happens to be one like. ABC negotiated with the tables guy and it felt thrilled and they rely. Well great his story is about fables that live in the real world and I do stuff. This alleged yeah well. That's literally you know. Time and probably their domestic him a public domain. Right thank you elect Peter and I and I even get robbed me implying is get the rights that apple is certain. Minister properties like not all of them listening and I mean he interprets certain Robin educated view. I don't the Disney Atlantic Australia yet exactly. And out of you guys went instantly 'cause I am all of our entire time as well. Mom but I was all about it what I can beat you watch it on Netflix it was a lot easier watch then like Ike I caught Aaron last season she didn't have to watch it week to week. And then my interest was so dime like it was a sky and I couldn't like it took me very very very long to actually watch them on Julio. Because I just wasn't interested anymore. You know let them when I can't watch them consecutively and just lost interest Libya that is a Segway for us the search original pool west world and here's why.