Capes on Capes - Wonder Woman Review

Wednesday, June 21st

We watched Wonder Woman and loved it!  What did you guys think?  The first DCUO movie that is both critcally and commercially loved.

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You ready I'm ready are you ready. I've been when I've I've been nodding the whole show and use bit so I can connect to let me fill time so we have a hot guy yeah. I think he's so enrollment yes would you think I first. Loved it yeah I loved it and not just because of the hole. Hoopla of DC movies haven't been good in here we go and alma guys that. That was a factor vote solid on top of China just a good movie had. For simply removing it balanced. The intensity the sense of urgency. With the comedy maybe better than any severe movie I've seen. About a lot of heart. Yeah forget did that we you're saying not that comedy. You know I mean at the comedy added they're part I think it adds character and and part of it was. I don't wanna say it's circumstance but it's like. You took this is secretary salt jail she was very very funny Julie Davis is turning and she's patties I don't know what she was or rename. I forget her name into the assistant but she was a lot of that he's seen her shot of the day you've seen her in in the BBC version of the office in the Pam can always say yes. We ate she was she's lied yet she's a redhead in the winner and she's blonde and her boobs were always commenting that vein. Sold her and you see that again meanwhile regular shopper Chris pines assistant. And she was the leverage is another win the and your office the other republics got to she's. Tim in the Dow and never came in just the Saturn minerals like that doesn't selling the BBC office were yeah couple. But he got all the characters Chris pine as he saw what they were all great the guys who play. The rest of the squad I don't know what else call that they're all fantastic character you know I've got us when we introduced him. I thought like out here we go. Nine not that that's out of marts at and a bit of that talent OK I northern on this and because it's been done are gonna put crew together this person this person this person. And it it was that but it worked like yet within ten minutes of my item in weirdly enough it was a back pursuing suicides. But yeah this rag tag rebellion against orders audience CNN live audio gap. But you you had US so in the Soviet opportunity for comedy at literally every turn because you have this. We're taking Wonder Woman who's this lovely like out of place characters social find anything funny and they used it just the right amount I had to go get an. Ice-T during. The sex it's the talk of sex scenes I missed I missed some pilots there that was funny get into mind missing that to get its heat we're both we're both. It's okay I'll get to us and yeah I think Jessica and I were right we were so fry going and it's insanity and Mike we struggled to be able to stay awake apparently to Dartmouth mediator chilling out on a Saturday. Not conducive to staying awake so I get as a nice tees on the weekend. Power through and I think that affected just a little bit fishy. She didn't like the first half of the movie necessarily she thought it was a little too slow to build. Obviously loved it and what was your favorite scene. The crossing the no man's land no man's land for the that was that was so cool that he heard the background on this. I'd like and I don't want to cut you have didn't want anyone intimately not cut not in the Libya. Or they got some they wanna not to happen so the director patty Jenkins I give her so much credit. Yeah so much credit. Because when we talk about it sometimes comes down to one person making the difference on things yeah she went the other way around. He's a you know as it passed the house passed out but they are like it's not a the world we don't get it well an issue wind story boarded herself. Yeah I hike your needs rolling out how this world and sense. Boil alert. As she was gone up there I was thinking that cousins still work there is no like it's not like there's people hit never there's no one there. He's guilty the trenches on the Iraq but when cheese and spoiler which you gotta shield up an. Every guy and I'd like hundreds of guns I'll go to her just plowed through unlike. I'm thinking wow. I mean we you talk let's million times like win they make a Wolverine movie. And you can't just jump into the clock is mussina before I is that it is not cool it's just you with every movie needed takes the next level. So. Ed is there's you it's something as I never see again. You and I are fans and I think you know Wonder Woman enough yeah you news though there's no way these guys are stuck there that's the challenge yeah. Looking made it look amazing yes and for me that scene right there. Breezy entire movie full certainly brings the movie home because. She's being told no. Which keep moving no you can't go laughter Ares I know you can't go with a sword no you can't go to the front no you can't go into this room it's meant only. No you can't have a say in things no you can't Wear that now now now you know now and then she finally makes the stand. And unload about the movie and I. If this was a mail in that scene. They would be if I'm not I don't army to be weird about I don't know I don't answer guy she was a male and it seemed they would be seen as was Oscar worthy performance right now. Because I feel like and I got goes a little bit of feel biased because that scene when she decides. No I'm not turning away. Is the moment I'm not throwing away this is the moment. That not only am I Wonder Woman but this is the moment that I'm not going to just not beat this is telling her. This is the war and were undecided they're not cited nobody's in between this is at it right there. Yeah aren't strictly music and that will this is what war is she's like now. And that's the moment Rob Blake. That movie in need so much for me because. And I'm I know for women business uphold the constitution and I wanna get into that. But just as as a person and no one ever told me no like I will fight like I eat. Late my bosses will tell you I will cut off my nose to spite my face Bible even some thing. And like my momma sort of instill that in me like I will fight for things that I believe and. And it was that moment of light you're now number there is no more no I'm doing next and that was at moments like yes yes. She's committed or not. The whole movie was committed to that point I was like well up until that point and I see she had been telling you know we have keeps give ground yet that I almost thought the good life he said made sense yes. And and they got you to Placer UConn FL like well home maybe you should go that way right. And by her stepping up and doing that. It really gutted like no this isn't this is Wonder Woman yeah like she'd she has no boundaries and the battle that is soon after that not distrust in line. Really should elect no I don't think you grass how powerful she is well and I. As far as her power is that you too many to be shown that scene really brings home as far as yeah her her power set. And and then later I mean Jesus what happened. At choreography is amazing. But just fact that like. If she was a person not a superhero movement and made that decision of like no she didn't know I really just cut. Yeah steps out could have done. But what she was it ever end of the point is that she gets halfway across when everyone else's like. But we're going to weaken followed her way to get push and wait we have to be here and ever changing as she's every step she was taking. I mean culturally in society and even in that war in the single. Every step she's taking it's proving to there to them. Everything's changing. Lleyton if she can get up and get. Fifty feet weekly twenty feet into genius every few weeks it's sixty feet yeah and also available leaked the and a whole troop rally in the swarm over an honor aside like they stormed the town in like. Obama both look at like better brother Hank mean. I'll go deep with your band Brothers but. It's after the battle of the bulge when they've survived. Being in the tree line and Andy. They survived another storm that sound an end the one that one commander breaks because he's never a good commander in just sort of got there on whatever lock yet. And when he breaks and the other commander. Runs through that town to link the couple innings and you know that that really happened you know yeah the spears. Tenet and he becomes captain because that that spears was really crazy enough to link the two squads in light. They mentioned in the scene in band of Brothers and they silence of the out the crazy thing is the Germans were like. This guy's really running that they are Larry clearly is really running room and I love the scenery goes it wasn't crazy that he may. Crazy that he came back. And make her shirt up and so again but take that literally seen a play it's band of Brothers that is like that scene where it's lighten holy (%expletive) I'm going with that guy. Anywhere he does and she could have been cut. Down and you know it to and and I shall we talk but this last week but. When they announced today that kind of what went on minutes lightly going to be about yes they said it can be drawn World War I. My first reaction I think a lot of people's reaction was. All of our line. On dual port till it's got a great Villa and it's Lennar in America like an hour yell what are you look at America but. And also and whether it was planned or not. To showcase Wonder Woman you know the old roller to you Steve are part and you shoot guns. Yes they do the trench lines but it created this stage of this middle and ongoing and let's hear superhero at what you know you got a superhero. And imagine once you get close it's this is bayonet. Wars is less long time ago asking a world without gassing in the hood nasty disease and doing events and as you want if you want to portray. What would Haiti's due to turn in the world dark. Well one it's a lot darker it it's not. I think that's and you know we talk about the scene is called no man's land then and only a woman crossed that you know there's a lot of man. Oh I have got that hasn't got there. And there's a lot of play one well post it on Twitter as her response and she posted in all caps and Mike. Holy (%expletive) I now understand male entitlement I just watched a woman kick ass on the big screen for ninety minutes in and I feel like I can on the world. OK I was late. Kinda and like not only that leg and I I guess is gonna save the woman was pitched. 300 they let you like they can do that yeah it was like it's. Representation issues drag because I guess is gals a comic. Because the Ryder aim director David earning it and she actually quotes greeted that with yes I'm like holy book and (%expletive) and like this movie means along and it means a lot because it's win yes rose RA if you think if you're real showbiz beyond that you listen to our podcast is. It doesn't come through and you must but I just mean that light. It's like we talk about who directs a movie matters who stars and imagine we talked and I understand. The cultural identity appropriation and we talk about ghost in the shell and and Scarlett Johansson as the leading as learning understands. That I understand it. This means so this means so much to have. A female director and a female star and a number one box office movie dominating means something it does it means that. A guy in a boardroom can't say you can't. Yes and you know anything about eight you didn't half. To have FEMA director. You see the Dracula another drag it's something we talk about that ended and then today the movies we come those who can want to bring you the best story can deliver the matter is what I want but it. Eaton was the right call too this is a movie about a woman going through the role of the the path that the super hero goes go through their guns bunch times. So let's go a 100% what does let's have a woman. Guide that story and it worked out great have you seen that the Wonder Woman animated movie it's good. No one was Alan. It's late last say here's one of the DC released I'm pretty sure I have I will say this the ice Springsteen's battering the enemy during the reasoning live action and I love that part of what's. And I would love a dozen or the many jokes that just critics who have. That is a princely used to be very proud of lets you clear your guys I'm not so good she Indy. And the animated movie it's an ice cream vendor like in Central Park or doing whatever it apart and indeed seen. She. You she goes the vendor and add this little girl spills her ice cream and then she tells the banner by sore point he has to give to ice creams over. And well I did yeah. Yes let's just say. Think that's the beginning of a Justice League movie isn't. Only Ottawa had at least one line that's not hers the one or that they want you they're they're kind of like slut shaming her four. Wearing her outfit. That's the bidding it's they just the war it's a easily lock solid and I am not happy yet and very again. And bring it back at the beginning. One on them scare yes now because initially they thought likely knew everything came a British accent it sounds grand and whatever. But gal got it who's Israeli cannot do a British accent and it's there until they figure all right. You're all Israelis aren't hundreds of pages occurred to her was at those schools or end up sounding great lie and. Apparently gal was pregnant this movie which I I keep saying everyone stop getting marvels such a hard time. About Scarlett Johansson and she was pregnant on the movie that everybody thought would be her breakthrough movie you know it and that that's the jet headed over all of those good goes. Well there goes the there does the scarlet theory might not really because ever want to carry it for this yet. That it Anez says someone whose wife is not a second some people they just get big in the ballet someday. It's just different and. It was gal pregnant like yeah are you denying early in the wild wing which she bringing their means and how pregnant was she right out a lot of end and even issues linemen some. And load if again no awesome single. It adds a little bit more look allure to it all I think the thing that I loved most Saturday morning before I even saw it was on Twitter seeing. The mean pop up and saw this one gal posted on Twitter where she took. That she took. Am Robin Wright's image from princess Brighton in the red dress on the back on the horse here from the eighties a young Robin Wright. Next you. Queen and Tia or an agreement and general and Hume we or whatever Eric. With couple leather on the back over man with a bow yes I'd live long enough to see your prince has become generals and an outlay. Home lending EB. Proper angle. Yeah bingo. So I just. The new season house of cards came out this flatly he Landis I like Saddam that was an OK season not hear talk about Robin Wright character is great amazing. At the wrong woman like a stronger character maybe than Kevin Spacey in it. And because of the carriage you play in this movie I was like all right as far as I'm concerned this is the prequel. Robin Wright in that movie and wave alarmist Syria do though is seeking another scare as well as metal edges of our economic hasn't justly. Yes I guess you're not dead I saw that I haven't made it easy they just shot. They didn't show funeral but did admit she didn't do that. Closed eyes. He'd planned out she was and dads now she's gonna die off camera this week. Died off camera Deanna. I want you never really you never early data that I think I watched some thing and I've never seen a teaser before I watched you may them on Roman. That somebody to kind of died on camera but who knows maybe them a scare as a Lazarus pit. Is the as it does yeah I would love to cheetah now they have they have confirmed they will do our own yet I mean that's your main villain. Of it she's a villain should Cher I mean. Look I know herb mainly more so from the animated series. And in the animated movies inject so in the and the movies that's the one I know well. That's tough one to do that. You can't deal mug if you like you got that it was up I will say I added elements of the gold is beaten I'm I found the gift of term. Holding the shield up in no man's land and take all the bullets yeah. And I wrote I'm not on our FaceBook and on mine I wrote I'm. She was told it was no man's land the director was told she couldn't have seen an enemy and then I quoted. I quoted the head of the senate when he scolded that Elizabeth Warren said nevertheless she persisted. And it's so I'd meet and it sounds like I told there is no man's land Betsey and me in the Nanjing and you can't have that unity. Nevertheless she persisted until we got this amazing scene of the scenes in movies out which he vehemently the main civilians and there or not. I mean besides Ares quarrels and. Out there I think it's it's as you say that because and rip that's the one complaint people feel kind of a week villain. I thought it was good onto the glass battles fund yeah I've not. Even though he just kind of showed by the end. He he had a presence in the movie because walls. You know it can be in real but you have this thing going on I'll talk on the fight I need to find Haiti's. Any interest pines like eating them and only thing you really and community this is both is warm hearted man is what cause these yeah. Ares and I think yet Ares and saint Haiti's. But when it finally happened I thought is still pretty good and I wasn't nearly the complained that people are giving it a regular senators for the got to say something. I did love I love it or not played them. Ghastly act and I as that twist was pretty obvious to me just because I can't. Help not knowing who he is isn't he was professor blueprint in the Arab armies ICM and I know he's done Murrow. You know tonight I see him and I'm late in nine a throwaway characters yet and my guess. And it didn't surprise me to see him again and I went out OK I immediately. And others it. What especially when that though when the battle that you think is generally at Augusta quick it's not going to be that battles great and let's go I'm gonna get show like yet you think a powerful like you can fly announcement. Oh yeah I can fly in net and of course her son. Not. His neck RF DC for bill I. And there was the it's sort of the movie but Wayne key. Blocks her. And says this isn't the god Taylor. Yet the soreness yeah I think it's hard disk considered dry ice burlap Yemeni like yeah when he basically is why this isn't the guy particular you are and why that he's. Armenia. She used to guide a literally I'm really excited for more down you know.